# of days you should train

  1. # of days you should train

    How many days a week is best for a natural bodybuilder to train?

  2. 3x/week works for me.

    diet and rest/recovery play an important role.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jakellpet View Post
    3x/week works for me.

    diet and rest/recovery play an important role.

    I may occasionly bump it up to 4x a week if i'm on varsity holidays or during periods of low stress and plenty of free time. (M,T,w,T,F,s,s)

    it also depends on the type of split you're doing.
    e.g upper/lower or full body or 1 muscle group a week.

  4. 3 works for me as well
    tho recently ive gone the monday-tuesday thurs-fri approach with legs going in a 2nd time... squat!

  5. Depends on different factors:

    How much sleep you get
    How intense you are lifting
    How you are feeding your muscles

    Personally I lift 3 days on then 1 day off. It is just a matter of knowing YOUR body, and this comes with time in the gym. There is a fine line you have to reach between undertraining and overtraining, thats the goal.

  6. I do 1 to 2 body parts every 5 days. I used to go 5x a week witch worked but now I go about 6-7 times a week if I feel rested enough but 1-2 body parts gets you a 5 day spilt.

  7. I workout 5x a week but thats just me..

  8. 5x/week but it's a total body, depletion workout. Prepping for 3x/week Sheiko.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25


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