training while on legal narcotics

  1. training while on legal narcotics

    i have been diagnoised with a herniated disk and am on oxycodone. I know i am limited on what i can do, but what effect does the narcotic play.

    1. protein synthesis
    2. recovery
    3. growth

    also, i know i have to heal up, but is deadlifting totally out of the picture for the rest of my life, or do i have a chance. im hoping to get the ok too do decompresssion therapy, but thats a big if. all i know is i dont want surgery.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by bigironkiller View Post
    also, i know i have to heal up, but is deadlifting totally out of the picture for the rest of my life, or do i have a chance.
    It depends; personally, I can no longer squat, deadlift, or even leg press. I have a herniated disc around L4/L5. If it is at a different loction than mine, then its possible. I wouldn't get my hopes up though. It would have to be 100% healed and even then you might end up with the same injury a couple years down the line. I do not mean to discourage you; I just want to be real with you. In my case, I continued to squat and deadlift only to make my back problems worse. Good luck on the road to recovery.

  3. but as to the narcotic effect on protein synthesis, recovery and growth, does anyone know..

  4. I know my script says it causes a loss of strength, I can vouch for that.

  5. anyone else care to chime in... im switching my focus on strength to extreme definition.... i will strengthen my lower back the best i can but i want to get thru the initial pain and get it healed up the best i can.... will probobly take up golfing, as i really enjoyed it in highschool and was pretty good....still hoping for decompression therapy, but i dont know if doctor will ok it.

  6. herniated my C5/C6/C7 about 4 months back and I'm just now getting going again.

    I'd get off the PKs once the major pain subsides, and make sure you find a good physical therapist. You need some pain/symptoms for feedback on to help correct anything you might be doing wrong with posture and lifting form.

    As for deadlifts, I don't know. I love them myself, but just not sure if I can manage them anymore. Plan on trying very light weight in month or so.

    Best advice I can give: be optimistic but cautious.

  7. well, im prescribed to take 4/day, but im getting by with 1 maybe 2/day. i also take ibeprofin for the pain...

  8. bigironkiller.... this will answer a couple of your questions. yes you can still work out on oxy. my g/f did that for a couple years. in fact you should work out on it simply because of how much the oxycodone will decimate your appetite if you don't. you may not be as strong, but you will get cut pretty quick, and get that "on top of the world" feeling. at least my g/f did - she lost 3% body fat in about 4 months. of course that now puts her at 8% body fat, which isn't really healthy. oxy is also really really addictive. do not tell your friends that you have it - one bad mention that their friend "person x" has it, and you can get robbed quicker than sin. oxycodone is found in percocet (which is cut with asprin, so beware of that) while oxycontin is pure opiate. anyways, hope that helps with the little bit i got...

    oh, i should say she was on 200mg per day (5x40's) and ended up on 600mg per day (15x40's). addiction can be really bad with these. and when you're heavily addicted or it "kicks in" its hard to get your appetite back. above everything else, even the gym, do not get addicted to them. if you feel you are, ask your doctor to switch you over to dilaudid or fentynol - while still powerful, it switches you over to a different version of opiate that your body is not used to, which keeps your tolerance low. the more of a tolerance you have (in my opinion) the less appetite i think you will find that you have.

  9. There is some interaction or relation with GH and ACTH, but i think that your energy levels and motivation are the most important. How do you know if you've recovered? Do you get sore? Appetite?

  10. I'm curious, to all you guys who said you had a herniated disc, did you get it from some complication while working out? bad movement or something? I really don't know much about it as you can tell.


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