Trying KetoInduce v2 not hitting ketosis

  1. Question Trying KetoInduce v2 not hitting ketosis

    Had a question,
    I've used it twice now, and don't seem to be hitting ketosis, the first time I waited until roughly 90 minutes post my last meal of the day to take it, and last night I actually waited about 2.5 hours.

    Using last night as the primary example, I took the KetoInduce around 11:30pm (finished last meal around 9pm, maybe a bit before), and used ketostix twice, first time around 8:00am and second around 9:00am this morning (still on an empty stomach). Unfortunately both times the color didn't change even slightly.

    So, two questions:

    1. Assuming I don't hit ketosis, then I'm not getting the benfit from the product, correct?
    2. Is there anything else I can do, and/or avoid?

    I'm going to hold off using anymore until I finish the last cycle of the nutrition plan I'm on (about 4 more weeks), which has me eating roughly 22% of my calories as carbs. When I finish this, I'm likely to give the Ultimate Diet v2 a shot for those that are familiar with it. Back when I was a young man in college I used the Dan Duchaine "BodyOpus" diet, and my understanding is that the Ultimate Diet 2.0 was inspired by it so I suspect it will have some similarities.

    Just wanted to see if there were any tips, and/or anything obvious I'm missing here.


  2. @dsade got your PM, but it looks like your mailbox is full and I can't reply I'll try again later, thanks!

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