What to take after Activate Extreme with Triazole ?

  1. What to take after Activate Extreme with Triazole ?

    Just finishing up 8 week cycle of Activate Extreme and Triazole. I had great results with this cycle. I gained some muscle and lost a pant size and always pumperd 24/7.

    My question is what should I take next since the cycle is over. I have a few pounds to loose so I was thing about taking Lean Xtreme with crave?
    ANy help would be awesome!

  2. Lean Xtreme is a solid product. By 'crave' do you mean Craze? If so, it's a great pre-workout but won't do much for fat loss. You can try looking at a Bioforge as lots of users have had great success with it. Either solo or stacked with Lean Xtreme you should have good results.

    As you have used Triazole for 8 weeks you should steer clear of any estrogen reducing products for at least 4 weeks as these are best cycled every 8 weeks or so.

  3. Ok thank you for the feedback. I have actually taken bioforge a few months back solo and that stuff was good as well. So you dont think I would need a break from the test booster Activate Extreme and right to bioforge?

  4. i would give ur self a break between them
    4 weeks off would be a good idea.
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