Triazole vs. Reversitol V1

  1. Question Triazole vs. Reversitol V1

    Looking to do 4 OR 5 week's of Protodrol.Did it last year with no issue's. Alway's looking for improvement's.My test booster was Bioforge at the time to. Was thinking of your Triazole and activate stack.Can you please give me some of your imput. Thank's.

  2. I've used Triazole and Activate Xtreme for PCT coming off of Proto with no issues.

  3. How long was your cycle and your dosage?Thank's.

  4. I started at 50mgs then bumped to 75 after the first week. Last week was 100mgs. 5 weeks long.

  5. Nice. Thank's for your imput.



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