Triazole & Activate Extreme Review

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  1. this stack sounds great!

    are you still taking a pre-workout with this?
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  2. Yes I am. My favorite preworkout is Assault + 4.5gm of GPLC. Good energy and great pumps.

  3. BUMP-

    How does the activate/triazole stack compare to activate/stoked stack?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jeanlolonnais View Post

    How does the activate/triazole stack compare to activate/stoked stack?
    From my experience, Activate Xtreme works better with Triazole. I really liked the Stoked/Activate Xtreme combo, but it's definitely better with Triazole.

    Hopefully some other will have tried this also and can comment.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BBB View Post
    I still am skeptical about creatine hcl. Hcl is present in the stomach in large amounts. So I'm not sure how adding more hcl improve bioavailability. Thus far no one has been able to explain this to me to my satisfaction, even creatine hcl suppliers.
    Ha! my first post here, in response to this! anywho, since the creatine is already prepared in the salt hcl form, the chemical reaction between the hcl acid in your stomach and the creatine does not need to take place, so the creatine hcl skips that chemical reaction and is absorbed into your blood stream that much quicker.
    In other news, currently on my first week of daa, triazole, Dopabean, and creatine stacked. can already feel it workin!



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