Havoc or Epistane?

  1. Havoc or Epistane?

    i know i'm beating a dead horse, but which do you prefer?

    Havoc or Epistane?


  2. Well from an observers point of view, Havoc. I have no personal knowledge - no use. However, a couple of buddies have used both and the big comments always come from the Havoc users.

    Again, I don't par-take so take it for what it is worth.

  3. i had friends who use epi and they both said it was great. But you should read the logs and reviews we have on this site of both these products for a better understanding.

  4. thanks for the info!!!

    it's so hard to distinguish a difference between the 2.

    i think it's b/c most users used one or the other. it's hard to find people that have used both during separate cycles.

  5. from what i read they are basically both the same in a way. thats why they just choose one or the other. no matter what your still going to get great results with it.

  6. THEY are simlar compunds


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