Alright! about to start a new cycle on T1 PRO

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  1. check this out about protien consumption




  2. cool article... tho nothing that pertains to the negation of protein synthesis because of aspirin, ibuprofen, etc...

    these are proven facts done in studies; they both hamper or completely eliminate protein synthesis in the body when taken in decent portions (ie. an ECA stack carries more than the normal dosage of aspirin)

  3. Done with the 6-oxo as of Saturday of last week...

    damn that stuff works GREAT!!! balls grow back (didn't realize they had shrunk at all) sex drive stayed high... and i still gained a bit of muscle while on it...

    definitely can see the lack of androgens in my workout now; and how tired my body is... after the 3rd set on the heavy compounds i am huffing and puffing big time... so now i'm taking a 1 or 2 week break

    after water weight loss and a couple lbs of weight gain; i got to 164lbs...

    so the total cycle summary:

    250mg/day 1-test
    425mg/day of 4-ad
    6 week cycle
    3 week of 6-oxo 300mg/day post cycle

    total gains: went from 145lbs to 168lbs
    net gains: went from 145lbs to 164lbs...

    overall i gained 23lbs and kept 19lbs after the water weight dropped and going on postcycle

    bench press jumped around 45lbs
    squat jumped around 75lbs
    deadlift jumped around 95lbs

    thanks BDC for this great stuff!
    stay tuned for a new thread outlining my fina cycle; this time with bf measurements and size measurements



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