Alright! about to start a new cycle on T1 PRO

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  1. Nice job, Alice!

  2. GOod luck bean.

    Haha bean is telling the truth guys. I know him from another board and he was able to put on 8 lbs of lbm naturally with only creatine in his firt week. Now that he is closer to that original weight weight comes on fast again with some aid

    Hey bean i just ordered some fina hehehe. HOpefully they won't ask for cow receipts. That stuff is so damn expensive and all so i only ordered enough for 3 weeks worth(4 grams) and im gonna put 8 grams of 4-AD in it too. What im gonna do is take week off then im gonna start ONE+ for aweek to get the weight back i lost from the 1 week break and also to et the 4-AD and stuff in my system. Then im gonna start the fina transdermal with the PH gel from herre with the DMSO added. Im going for ABOUT 175 mg of fina transdermally with 40 percent absorption that will be around 70mg of fina which is a very good amount.

  3. wow... wearing a t-shirt i haven't worn in two weeks... i'm almost too big for it (fits very tight, girlfriend likes it tho)

    getting stupid crazy libido increases... girlfriend likes that too

    weight is hovering around 157-158lbs... getting close to the magic number of 160... i think 175 is doable in 5 more weeks
    this is just the first week lol


  5. eating like a mofo and a half!

  6. heh; weighed myself this morning


  7. wow; this two compound exercise thing per bodypart is KILLER... but it works on this stuff i think i'd be dead without it

    my shoulder, tri, and lat focus has paid off some... i had stopped working out completely for 3.5 weeks... and my bench had dropped from a 170max to around 135max...

    last monday it had bumped up to around 145 or so... and now by the calculators its gone up to 165... and my sticking point is not 2 inches off my chest anymore; its about 6 inches off my chest... which i'm assuming is delts... still catching those up; i rarely worked them before anyway (i know, shame shame)

    anyway; my curls have gone up about 10lbs over what i was maxxing at before in my previous cycle (mainly because of this new workout)
    i'm doing two supersets for biceps hehe; utterly destroying them; in fact its hard to lift the glass to drink the grape juice and quick digesting protein

    anyway; workout was killer today; i wonder how fast i can cycle off of it with 6-oxo to be ready for more? couple threads i've read have told me 4-6 weeks and i'm golden... so i dunno; i'll have to see...

    no side effects thus far except mild acne and burning/iritation when i apply within 5 min of showering (skin is really hot i guess)

  8. If you only do a 4 or 5 week cycle( i recommend 4 with 1-test usually) then with 6-OXO at high dosages for a few days then moderate for AT LEAST 2 1/2 more weeks youll have your test production almost 100 percent in 4-5 weeks total. It probably takes a while even with 6-OXO for awhile to be 100 percent but youll be close enough.


    Shoulder presses have gone up a whopping 45lbs max (at least that anyway) that just goes to show how much I DIDN'T work them before.

    i don't think i've really had a strength increase like that in such a short time...

    back on my last cycle, on the few times i did shoulder presses, my max was around 85lbs with about 2-3 reps...

    just did 3 sets at 115 at average of 8-9 reps per set... WOW
    yes i know its weak as hell; but i never worked em before and remember i'm a little dude at 160lbs at 6'2

    though i couldn't do my dips after that; so i'm switching up triceps exercises to occur in Session 3 and back exercises to occur in session 4... (back and shoulders prolly go together better anyways)

  10. grrr

    weight has been going up and down all week

    peaked at 162lbs... sitting at 160lbs right now

  11. congrats on all the weight and strenth increases...sounds awesome....hope to see you pack on some more pounds.

  12. DE bench day... all presses are up...

    on DE i do explosive reps... like 3/0/.5

    anyway; i go to until failure; which i set up to happen at 10reps or so... great pump and it helps me with bar momentum to increase my press strength

    anyway; DE press is up another 10lbs from last week... doing explosive reps which wear me out faster and i still do 10 reps at 135lbs... and then i do it for two more sets at 9 reps... yup thats the same weight i was doing for a work set this monday

    inclines and declines are up too by about 15lbs across the board...

    started doing skullcrushers for the first time today... i like them MUCH better than bardips... and i like being completely wasted at like 8 reps... i just feel that the skullcrushers work my triceps WAY more than bardips too; so i'm just gonna use those (also doesn't make my shoulders hurt, and the negative reps kickass)

    anyway; strength is up; weight isn't up much at all tho

  13. hey bean so doing bar dips after your pullups and doing the wrist curls after your chest day is what really helped the arms this time??? that is if your still doing the routine you posted earlier in the beginning of this thread. If not what has been making your arms grow like crazy??? I need some mass on my arms badly.

    Thats good your adding in wrist curls. I saw excellent results from doing them at least once a week in different ways. Sometimes as drop sets, sometimes as slow negative tempo, sometimes fast,.

  14. My workout now is a tad different

    i moved triceps workouts to my DE bench day and moved my back exercises to work with shoulder day...

    bardips actually hurt me some i think... skull crushers work out my tri's MUCH more, i'm already working the hell out of my shoulders and chest, the bardips hit those too; and if i do them on the same day as shoulders; i can hardly do them because shoulders have a big impact on propping yourself up and the first few inches of descent in the ROM

    the key to MY arms at least is two exercises of supersets working on the biceps and two really tough exercises on the tri's and direct and indirect focused exercises on the wrists, my session 1 and session 3 REALLY work the arms the most... i found that when on PHs, that high volume in the form of more exercises works well...
    notice in session one that i have 13 sets of exercises that hit the chest.... and 8 supersets that hit the biceps hard

    in my session 3 i do my DE benches to work on my bar speed and base strength, and then the 8 sets that focus directly on the triceps...

    Session 1
    -Flat bench, 4sets 4-6 reps
    -Incline bench, 3 sets 4-6 reps, 1 burnout set 8-10 reps
    -Bicep Curls, 4 supersets 4-6 reps, w/ reverse curl as superset
    -Flat flyes, 4 sets 4-8 reps, 1 burnout set 8-10
    -Chinups(or reverse-grip latbar pulldown), 4 supersets 6-8reps, w/ reverse curl as superset

    Session 3
    -DE flat bench, 3 sets, 10-12reps
    -DE incline bench, 3 sets, 10-12reps
    -DE decline bench, 3 sets, 10-12reps
    -Skullcrushers, 4 sets 6-8 reps, 1 burnout set 8-10
    -Triceps pulldowns, 3 sets 6-8 reps, 1 burnout set 8-10

  15. thanks. Im thinking of adding another workout the day before back day where im gonna do shoulder, tricep isolations, bicep isolations, such as close grip benches on machine, front raises, tricep kickbacks, hammer curls, farmers walk etc.

    I did that one time and it helped i think get some extra growth on my arms that had been stalling for a whileand also my chest and shoulders. I figure with fina i can afford to do it the whole cycle

  16. Originally posted by pjorstad
    thanks. Im thinking of adding another workout the day before back day where im gonna do shoulder, tricep isolations, bicep isolations, such as close grip benches on machine, front raises, tricep kickbacks, hammer curls, farmers walk etc.

    I did that one time and it helped i think get some extra growth on my arms that had been stalling for a whileand also my chest and shoulders. I figure with fina i can afford to do it the whole cycle
    its definitely working; my arms are bigger than before...

    also got a dumbell that takes olympic plates for christmas just one; but its good for switching hands when doing curls n stuff... definitely gave my biceps hell today... they were so pumped i could barely pull my forearm past 90deg... prolly like 85deg...

    also chest is getting very strong... this little bit of powerlifting research i've done has really helped... the DE days help with my base strength and help on my explosion off the chest...

    working my lats, shoulders, triceps, and chest hard each week is increasing my bench a lot...

    did first set of 145 for 7 and then 150 for 6... not much... but the 1rm calculators i've been using are now saying my total max is around 180-185lbs... my goal of 200 nears... i've just gotta start going HEAVY on these next two weeks...

    arms are now 13.25" unflexed
    and a hair over 14" flexed at 90deg
    and around 14.5" flexed at full out (god that hurts)

  17. I think what im gonna do is add extra bicep isolations after my chest workout and add extra tricep and shoulder work after my back day. I like your setup because if i add in another work day then its gonna be close to back day or close to chest day its hard to fit it in nicely.

    Im so tempted to throw out leg excercises all together because im so damn bottom heavy and i figure that would cause my upper body to grow more because my body wouldn't have to worry about my legs growing so less stress on the system, but am i wrong? Anyone have opinions on this??? The only reason why im not ready to try it yet is i think being bottom heavy helps me preserve gains because doing leg work helps stimulates test production and i feel if i dont do it during cycle ill get "rusty".

  18. yeah throwing out leg exercises is bad...

    you've still got to shock your body to make it grow... you'll make much bigger overall gains when you do squats and deadlifts...
    your body won't row as much BECAUSE of less stress on the system...

    as for my 4 day workout... i was supposed to keep workouts under 75minutes... in order to do this i had to split the 3 days into 4 because of my increased amount of volume and exercises on the same bodypart...

  19. You don't have to take 3 minute rests you know. Ive taken 2 minute rests and sometimes 90 second rests. The only reason why anthony has it liike that was because it increases test production but on gear that is no reason to do it. The other reason was to build up strength but because gear makes you recover faster and hence also need less rest between sets i would do the standard 2 minute rests. Like you i took 3 minute rests on most of the excercises except maybe when i added in extra stuff but i feel 3 minutes is too long when your on because you recover faster due to incrased oxygen uptake, blood volume, etc etc. This will alow you to do more volume in the same amount of time so you can get 4 workouts in 3 days and still stay under 75 minutes.

    What ive decided is im gonna do 2 minute rests for everything so that will allow me to add in some arm isolation excercises. I won't be starting my cycle for a few weeks.

    Ill ask the leg question again somewhere where everyone in the forum can read. I specifically meant just not working them during cycle but then start working them off the cycle again. I would think it wouldn't hurt since the main goal when natural is increased test production from doing leg work.

  20. Bean this has to be one of the better cycle threads I have seen you update it with great frequency and with furvor and passion. Hope you keep it up and get where you want to be.

  21. I think the main goal to doing leg workouts is to stress your body as a whole; this is the core reason compound free weight exercises work and machine-based isolation exercises by themselves do not...

    thx DarCSA

    did my shoulder/back tonight... doing 125x5-7 on 4 sets on the shoulder press... not as much strength increase as i would have liked BUT then again i didn't work my shoulders in a direct exercise at all last week...

    PJ, i've been doing 2.5-3min rests on the BIG compound exercises like my flat bench, shoulder presses, squats, and on big supersets like for the biceps, etc

    but on smaller, more isolated exercises, or on the second compound exercise for a certain muscle group (like 3 sets of flyes after benches) or on resilient muscles like calves and forearms i'm resting around 1.5 to 2min...

    all in all; i feel the plan i've come up with is very well thought out for someone with these kinds of supplements i think it'd be overtraining if i did it off-cycle

  22. For me its hard to schedule things so i can get to the gym 4 times a week so im gonna cut the rest times for compounds to 2 minutes and for the isolations to 90 seconds so i can get extra arm work in to equal almost 4 workouts and still do it in the same amount of time as 3 workouts.

    I asked the question about reducing rest time while ON at ill let you know if they say that you SHOULDN"T do it. If they say its ok then i wont respond here. I would think it would be ok to reduce resttime, it seems like such a waste resting a lot while on.

  23. now weighing in at 165lbs

  24. Great looking cycle and workout Bean!! Keep up the good results.
    I agree i does feel like a waste to rest to much between sets while on. I get into the workout like a animal at times and usually don't rest enough at times,all i want to do is lift the weights.Keep up the great work and keep us updated bro.

  25. stupid chi-town locked my thread. Oh well im gonna cut my rest down to 2 minutes on all excercises. so i can work my biceps and triceps and shoulders 2 times a week.

    Heres what i have planned out for my upcoming fina cycle.

    After chest workout im gonna do foremans walk for 3 sets and each set is gonna be supersetted with hammer curls(12 - 8 reps) Then im gonna do wrist curls and extensions with dumbells after all this with DROP sets.

    I figure since wrists are the smallest muscle i can work them the hardest(hence work them good all 3 excercises and hit themreally hard at the end)

    After back workout im gonna do close grip benches on the machine where im gonna use the inner handle as to allow most of my arm to get the workout as to not allow my chest to get too much work as ill be training it fully 3 days later, so basically it will be mostly working triceps but shoulders and chest a little too. Ill be supersetting that of 3 sets with 3 sets of tricep kickbacks with dumbells. Then after all that im gonna do 3 sets of front raises to get some extra shoulder workout. Im trying to avoid as much extra chest work as possible as my goal is to only work the shoulders and triceps which can handle more volume since they are smaller then chest.

  26. your workout looks good; but frankly i wouldn't worry about hitting the chest too much... you'd be on a fina cycle; i think your chest can handle it

    i'm doing TWO chest days a week and i'm getting bigger and bigger every week

  27. not gonna argue with the scale

    says 167lbs

    used 125lbs as my DE weight on the flats today...
    did 15 reps on the first set just to see what i could do; could have done more if i did normal ROM sets

    gonna start trying to max out come monday tho...

  28. Have you worked your chest and arms only once a weekwhenyou were on a 1-test cycle??? If so have you noticed adifferencein the rate of growth between working them more often???

    Im gonna do fina only, with NO testosterone/4-AD and it will be 233 mg transdermally(the bdc ph gel with dmso forumula). Well see how it compares to1-test, im sure it won't be a wholelot different but im sure the quality will be better hence more actual TRUE lbm gains .I believe that a lot of time lbm is actually intramuscular fat that we cant detect with fat calipers or with the mirror and hence something like fina i believe will allow more muscle hardness and hence more muscle maturity, but well see.

    I think i might instead of doing close grip benches on the machine do bar dips and then superset with tricep kickbacks after my back workout. I won't be doing bar dips on chest day since im pretty much following the outline of AE's week 25 outline. Even though im bored of bar dips(been doing them for many weeks now) because ill be doing them before any chest excercises on a seperate day that might spur growth. Also you were doing something like that before. Im thinking of going 8-6 reps for bardips and 12-8 reps for the supersets as to stimulate maximum muscle growth but to not go into strength range and stimulate the nervous system. Same idea for my bicep work on chest day. What do you think for those kind of rep ranges??? TOo high or just about right?

  29. on my triceps i like to train for a mix of strength and hypertrophy; so i do the 6-8rep range on the skullcrushers...

    IMO bardips won't come near the exhausting feeling you get after 4 sets of skullcrushers... i can't begin to describe to you how much it works the triceps if you do the reps in their correct form...

    Yeah i've worked my chest and arms only once a week on a 1-test cycle; it was on the previous ONE and Androspray cycle that i did... max pressing got up to about 1reps of 160... and that was after 6 weeks...

    speaking of which, i started working toward a 1 rep max today... first set was 3 of 155... felt like i was just getting warmed up...
    then did 3 reps of 165 on the next set... after that since i didn't have a partner to help; i just went for hypertrophy by loading on 145lbs and doing 6 reps and then 5 reps... i felt like i could have done maybe 2 of 175
    so its easy to see i am far far stronger than i was... this is mainly due to me doing the compounds PLUS focusing on the helper muscles...
    ie. doing heavy isolation work on the chest, the triceps, and the lats... and doing heavy (4-6 reps) shoulder presses...
    after all this my bench press has jumped up about 15-20lbs higher than what it was after 6 weeks... i've just now started the 5th week in this cycle... and after this week; i'm gonna kill it... gonna go on 6-oxo for 4 weeks; and rest for 2 before i go on a cycle of fina and 4-ad
    my second chest day is all three types of bench presses; but working for bar speed and form/control with 65% of my 1rm

    if you'd be up for it; i'd like you do try my routine on your fina cycle i'll type it up fully on the next post... its the same post-workout stuff like very sugary drink; coupled with a serving of protein... then a big meal 1hr later, etc...
    its worked WONDERS for me...

  30. Session 1:
    Flat bench, 1 warmup, 4 sets, 4-6reps -- 2.5min rest
    Incline bench, 1 warmup, 3 sets, 4-6reps, 1 burnout 8-12 -- 2.5min rest
    Bicep curls, 1 warmup, 4 supersets with reverse EZ-curl -- 3min rest
    Flat flyes, 3 sets, 6-8 reps -- 1.5min rest
    Weighted Close-grip chinups (hard bicep focus), 1 warmup, 3 supersets w/ reverse EZ-curl

    Session 2:
    Squats, 1 warmup, 5 sets, work towards 3rep max -- 3min rest
    Stiff-legged deadlifts, 1warmup, 4 sets, 6-8reps -- 2.5min rest
    Leg-presses, 3 sets, 6-8reps -- 1.5min rest
    Behind-back wrist curls, 2 sets to failure -- 3min rest
    Hamstring Curls, 3 sets 6-8 reps -- 1.5min rest
    Calf Raises, Stripset of 5x5

    Session 3 (DE bench day, explosive reps at 65-70% of 1rm):
    Flat bench (2/0/.5), 1warmup, 3 sets 8-10 reps -- 2min rest
    Incline bench (2/0/.5), 3 sets 8-10 reps -- 2min rest
    Decline bench (2/0/.5), 3 sets 8-10 reps -- 2min rest
    Skullcrushers, 4 sets 6-8reps -- 2.5min rest
    Close-grip flat-bench, 3 sets 6-8 reps -- 1.5min rest

    Session 4:
    Shoulder presses, 1 warmup, 4 sets 4-6reps, 1 burnout -- 2.5min
    Bent-over rows, 1 warmup, 4 sets 4-6reps, 1 burnout -- 2.5min
    Standing Delt raises, 1 warmup, 4 sets 4-6 reps -- 2.5min
    Standing Rows, 3 sets 6-8reps -- 1.5min
    Lat-bar pulldown (lat-focus), 4 sets, 6-8reps -- 1.5min

    Weighted crunches like Negative Roman Situps are a given


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