How soon is too soon to incorporate PCT

  1. How soon is too soon to incorporate PCT

    Very succesful and enjoying cycle for a first-timer of Methasteron. Ran 10mg/20mg/30mg/20mg for 3.5 weeks. Gained 10+ lbs, Strength gains were amazing.

    My main concern since i only took 10 mg this morning, my nipples are beginning to be a bit sensitive to cold air and touch. I planned on doing 4 full weeks, but I won't mind at all to stop the Drol all together now. Is it safe to go ahead and run SERM today 5 hours after taking 10 mg of Methyl Masteron with its short half-life? or should i wait till tomorrow

    Also, for the duration of the cycle i've done no cardio specific training. How may i incorporate small amounts of cardio training to increase before Basic Marine Corps Training

    Any feedback would be much appreciated

  2. If you think you might be getting sensitivity, I would personally choose to start the nolvadex now as a precautionary measure.

    I also think you won't have a problem incorporating cardio in your pct. Just increase your calories to compensate for the added energy expenditure. Start with small amounts of cardio and increase only as you see you aren't losing muscle.

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