Superdrol cycle begins today

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    I think I am experiencing this but inreverse. I went from a mediocre diet to a good bulking diet starting on the first day of my current 3 week superdrol cycle. I am on day 16 and I am only up 6 lbs. I contribute this to doing a cycle back in february (which was my first cycle ever), not eating enough before my cycle, and also changing my routine the day of my cycle as well. Now that I know better if I run another cycle, which won't be any time soon, I will be better prepared.
    Now that I have learned so much from this site I am going to try and natural bulk the rest of the summer, but very gradual so I don't put on extra fat, and then do a super huge bulk this winter followed by a nice cut for spring.

    Dont' get discouraged 6lbs in approx 2 weeks is still good you live an learn on cycles some cycles of mine have been great some have been bad. my last cycle i had a new compound in and had to cut it short because of the sides. Just learn from this study and lay out a plan. I changed my current cycle probablly 15-20 times dosages, length, training style etc. But you have plenty of time just get the most out of this do a good PCT and come back more prepared than ever for your winter bulk

  2. Weight is now 190. The gains seem to be accelerating. My BP is up a bit, I am starting to get headaches.

  3. I started a clone superdrol cycle last night. Only side I noticed was crazy back pumps last night when I was working a code!!! It was horrible, I didnt want to stop CPR so I had to fight through it. 3g of taurine should fix that right? BTW I ate two bannanas yesterday and I didnt even workout.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ArnoldIsMyIdol
    Weight is now 190. The gains seem to be accelerating. My BP is up a bit, I am starting to get headaches.
    Unfortunately, this happens to some like me. Are the headaches real bad or just like tension headaches? Keep an eye on your BP and don't let it get out of hand. My headaches appeared on my second week and went away on my third week. Hang in there but do keep an eye on your BP. Are you doing any cardio?


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