Q- Tips Results 19 Nor

  1. Q- Tips Results 19 Nor

    I guess its time to post my results im a little behind my little brother

    I took 500 4AD-40 days
    500 19nor 40 days

    Wouldn't racamend it thought to many sprays.But i got big fast
    I went from 172 all the way to 194.But with alot of water

    i got some pick to prove the water!!!!
    trash away !!
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  2. BACK
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  3. ARM
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  4. Thats all i got >But the funny thing is im about 182 now after 6 weeks so its back on the spray time for me.

  5. wow!! thats with water weight? physique is incredible

    no trash here...keep up the awesome job!

  6. It's amazing what a little computer enhancement can do.. hehehehe. talk toya...
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  7. ya ain't that bloated man, lookin real good! (never been a nip-ring guy myself, but eh... yeah, the physique is all good )

  8. Nice, job, bro. Quite impressive. If that's what a lot of water looks like to you, may I be cursed with that bloat.

  9. The differences are very noticable. What kind of diet are you on that you gained 22 lbs. and stayed lean? Keep up the good work. You're success is motivating.

  10. i was eateting about 5000 cals per day adn alot of water per day.I didnt care what i ate any thing and everthing

  11. Sorry bro, didn't see this before, look like a ripped mofo! Good job man!


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