First a little background:

29 years of age
202lbs (Start)
14-15% BF
11 years training
Classic Ectomorph

Prior cycle experience:
1-AD (Gained & kept 5lbs).
Mag-10 (gained 10lbs, lost 10lbs).
Last cycle 2 years ago.

This cycle:
Halo-50 as directed
Orastan-E 1 tab 3 times a day
Celery Seed
Milk Thistle
Flax Oil

Alpha Male
Celery Seed
Milk Thistle
Flax Oil

I am 4 days from the end of the cycle, so if anyone has something to add to PCT, please feel free.

Cycle Experience:

Week 1:

Gained 5lbs in 7 days. Thicker traps, shoulders and quads. By day 4, BP started to kick, felt like someone was sitting on my chest. Increased celery seed from 2 to 3 times per day and by day 7 pain was gone, although shortness of breathe is a side experienced throughout cycle. Decent strength increases in all major compound lifts.

Week 2:

Weigh gain slow even though appetite went through the roof. Gained 3lbs while strength continued to increase. Abs looking tighter and pumps strong. Broke personal records in bench, squat, deads and weighted chins. Sore but recovering fast. Abs continue to appear tighter, so BF% should be dropping.

Week 3:

Hit the groove during week 3. Strength was up again along with amazing pumps. Gained 6lbs during this week and people are really starting to notice. Lower back pumps are beginning to kick in along with quad pumps from walking up stairs etc. Lower back pumps are more annoying than painful but continue to stretch and not sit for long periods of time...seemed to help.

Week 4:

I am 3 days into week 4 with my weight now up another 2lbs, hope for 1 more pound by the end of the week!!! Starting PCT today hope to keep most of the gains. Lower back pumps a bit worse, but its almost over. Strength is up again but joints starting to feel the pain of this new strength.


Starting weight: 202
Finish weight: 218
BF%: "Lower than start"

BP increase.
Shortness of breath.
Lower back pumps.
Hairline fine.
Very small amounts of acne on back, chest, shoulders.