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  1. Fitday Entry For Today

    Took the day off from afternoon cardio session

    9:45pm Training - Arms

    EZ Bar Preacher Curl
    115 x 11 (inner grip)
    115 x 10 (outer grip)
    115 x 9 (inner grip)
    115 x 9 (outer grip)

    Machine Preacher Curl (close grip)
    2-1-4 count

    Cybex Machine High Preacher Curl
    2-1-4 count
    10,10,10(drop set)

    Close Grip Bench Press
    225 x 10
    225 x 10
    225 x 9

    Rope Press Down
    2-1-4 count
    12,10,10(drop set)

    Reverse Curl
    85 x 12
    85 x 12
    85 x 12

    Tricep Machine

    Hanging Leg Raise

    Elliptical - 18 minutes

    I tried to mix things up today and start using some machines and TUT techniques for arms. I have to say, I got an awesome pump. The best yet since Ive been using these products. Strength was up - the CG bench presses felt very easy.
    I also notice that I look noticately leaner than I did a week ago, and yet I havent lost any weight. THAT is a good sign. Its been about 2 weeks now, and it feels like this stuff is really starting to kick in...libido is up (seems like no negative impact from the ATD), strength is up, recovery time has been enhanced (especially considering all the late nights Ive been having), and with the addition of the CET the pumps are starting to get crazy.

    Only negative side to report is that unless Im taking 1tbsp of psyllium husk every day, its kinda tough to go to the bathroom and Im drinking plenty of water and eating a lot of fiberous foods. Could just be me though - might just need a good cleanse.

    The addition of ephedrine has definitely made an impact on the rate of fat this week has been the best so far in that regard. After my final set of preacher curls I flexed my arm, and I could clearly see the brachialis muscle. It was pretty cool - its been hidden under layers of chunk far too long!

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  2. In 11 days, the lady and I are going on a 5 day vacation. I had planned on running these products up until then and stopping - but now I feel like I'd be shortchanging their effects and stopping too early.

    So, while on vacation I plan to adhere to my diet as best as possible (staying at a friend's house who lifts so it will be pretty easy), and remain on Cissus and Camph. Ill pick things back up and may run for another 4 weeks depending on how things are going.

    Id really be interested to see if longer-term use of the PF/Symmetry results in any kind of HPTA shutdown, even though at this point the boys actually seem a bit larger than usual.


  3. Fitday Entry For Saturday

    Training - Legs/Shoulders/Abs

    135 x 15 (warm up)
    225 x 12 (warm up)
    325 x 11
    335 x 10
    355 x 8
    405 x 7 (3/4 reps)
    315 x 5

    Military Press
    145 x 10
    145 x 10
    155 x 10

    Smith Machine Lunges
    135 x 12 (R) 135 x 12 (L)
    155 x 12 (R) 155 x 12 (L)
    155 x 12 (R) 155 x 12 (L)

    Hanging Leg Raises

    Cable Crunch + Hanging Twisting Leg Raises (superset)
    15 + 20 (10 reps per side)
    12 + 20 (10 reps per side)

    Elliptical - 20 minutes

    The weights felt a little lighter today, but endurance didnt seem to be as intense. After the 405 partials on the squat, I just died after 5 reps at 315. It felt light enough, but I just ran out of gas I did get to the gym late and had to get all the training done in about 45 minutes so I could hit up cardio, so that could have been it. No big strength increases, but Ill tell you today (Monday) my legs are killing me! Some serious DOM action. Ive got to go run in about 2 hours so that's going to be a real treat


  4. Fitday Entry for Today:

    38 minutes
    jogging @ 5.7 mph

    Frisky Radio Shoutcast download (progressive house)

    The DOMS in my legs from Saturday's workout was/is really painful. When I started on the treadmill, my legs felt like 2 bags of cement and my lower back was in a little pain. I started out at a brisk walk, and brought it up to 5.5mph. It hurt bad for a good 18 minutes or so - I was ready to quit at 20. Then I thought about how much I hate the fat on my lower abs, and visualized what I really wanted to look like - it was enough to push me to 35 minutes and go over 3 miles total distance. Turning the music up and trying to zone out worked well, too - by 25 minutes the aches and pains were dulled from the endorphin release and increased bloodflow.

    Ive slipped in a couple cheat meals here and there, probably more than I ought to. Tracking all the mac. ratios helps out because you can ensure you dont blow it for the day...but still. People at the office keep ordering pizza...Ive jut got to learn to just say no

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  5. Had tonight slated for chest but ended up falling asleep on the couch with my girl No complaints, Ill take it as gift and get a nice 10 hours of sleep tonight!!

    Here's a pic from tonight, un pumped right after a nice nap

    Compare it to the pics on page 1, the fat loss is definitely evident. The fat around the lower abs is of course the slowest to move, but if I move it around I can actually see the outline of the lower abs coming through. Can even see some veins coming through on the left bicep there!

    Attached Images Attached Images  
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  6. whats up with my browser every link to open a pic or PDF it downloads... any idea?

    Anyways nice log man, looking good!

  7. Fitday Entry for Today:

    Jogging - 40min @ ~6.0 mph

    S H I T !!!! Got home from work around 8pm, I was feeling pretty tired so I just laid on the bed with my girlfriend...bam!! Its now 1am and of course the gym is closed!! Today was chest day damnit!! Oh well, obviously my body is kicking my ass for too many weeks of not enough sleep...I have to say after bumping up my cardio to 40min its really kicking my ass

    Also, I need to cut back on the stims. I know Im only taking small doses, but I bumped the ephedrine to 12.5mg 2x/day and this after noon when the am dose was waning I felt like I was coming down after a hard night of partying...not good!

    I really like the effect its having on fatloss, but Im going to taper the caffeine/E down because I wont be using them on vacation and I dont want to crash.

    Anyway, first workout Ive missed all month - tomorrow will have to be a chest/back superset extravaganza!!! Woohoo!!

    Im going back to bed!!!


  8. Fitday Entry for Today:

    26 minutes - jogging @ 6.2mph

    Wow do I feel like total crap today! I dropped the stims cold turkey and, well, I think my body was expecting its morning dose of C2 and Ephedrine. I was going to take the day off from my afternoon cardio session, but I ended up taking 1 cap of the new USP cutter and 6.5mg of Ephedrine and within 30 minutes felt amped up enough to run. Didnt have too much stamina though...I called it quits at 26 minutes...I just felt like a big piece of overtired crap!! And...Im starting to get shin splints wooohooo!! I havent had these since highschool! Definitely means I need to back down from the treadmill a bit...maybe use the elliptical or the stairmaster for the next few days.

    Chest/Back tonight...

  9. 9pm
    Training - Chest/Back

    Bench Press + Bent Over Row (superset)
    225 x 12 + 225 x 10
    235 x 10 + 225 x 10
    235 x 8 + 225 x 8

    Wide Grip Chins (very wide)
    (BW+25lbs) x 7
    (BW+10lbs) x 10
    BW x 12

    DB Incline Bench Press
    95s x 11
    95s x 9

    Weighted Dips
    BW + 20
    (BW + 90) x 10
    (BW + 90) x 6 + (BW + 45) x 7 drop set

    DB Curls
    (70s x 8) + (50s x 10) + (30s x 10) strip set
    I used straps on the 70s

    Standing Calf Press
    (Stack + 140lbs) x 15
    (Stack + 160lbs) x 12
    (Stack + 160lbs) x 10


    Really, really tired today. Strength was holding about even at the beginning of the workout. About halfway into it I picked up speed and felt the power a little bit. Even after the rows and chins I was able to knock of strict standing DB curls with 70's (albeit w/straps). The 60's felt like paperweights (w/o straps)

    I need to catch up on some sleep, Im getting a sore throat...and you know what that means!


    you dig that nifty echo effect? lol.

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  10. Well, I still didnt get to bed till 3am and today I am paying dearly for it. Im purposely staying away from the stims so I'll be tired enough to get to bed early...I am freakin' exhausted.

    No cardio or weights for me today...going to keep it clean and low cals and go to bed as soon as possible

    Weighed in last night:
    BF - 10.7% (average of 3 readings on the FatTrak2 calipers)

    Down about 4lbs and almost 1%BF (give or take a few tenths...hard to tell with the calipers). And Im a little stronger than I was 4 weeks ago. Pretty cool. Now if I dont blow it all over vacation next week Ill be all set

    Hopefully the weather will get nicer soon and I can start doing some morning cardio as well.


  11. FitDay Entry For Today:

    Stairs, 20 minutes

    Training Arms/Abs

    Preacher Curl
    115 x 12
    115 x 10
    115 x 8

    CG Bench Press
    225 x 11
    235 x 9
    245 x 8

    Lying Tricep Extension (EZ Bar)
    120 x 11
    120 x 10 + 10 reps cg bench
    120 x 7 + 10 reps cg bench

    Reverse Curl
    85 x 12 (slow)
    85 x 12 (slow)
    85 x 12 (slow)

    Fast Hang Clean & Presses + Hanging Leg Raise (super set)
    135 x 10 + 20
    135 x 9 + 15
    135 x 7 + 12

    Well,well,well...The wonders of sleep Short, but great workout today. Strength either even or up 5-10lbs on all lifts. Im starting to see the veins coming out on my arms in places Ive never seen them before, and its pretty cool. About 5 days to go until the 30 day mark, and I must say Im pretty impressed with how great ive felt this month. Fat is down, strength is up, I actually look *bigger* than I did a month ago and Im down a few lbs. Nice! Slowly bringing the stims back online, but Ill discontinue them again on tuesday right before I go on vacation.

    I didnt have time to do any cardio tonight so I figured I'd throw some fast hang clean&presses in there to get the heart pumping. That was pretty light weight, but after arms I was whipped and it really felt great to have my heart pounding so hard. I may start incorporating some HIIT cardio the next 8 weeks, been reading some good things...

    props to dimmenuendo:
    weights than cardio to lose fat?

    One negative to report, and I mentioned this above: (Sensitive viewers may not want to continue...)

    Constipation. That's right, the past few days have been awful. No s*it (pun intended!):O I mean, a diet full of whole grains and 2-3 servings of psyliium husk per day, on top of 1.5-2gal of fluids - and I was straining on the bowl so bad I thought I blew a seam. And I usually NEVER have GI issues so this was kind of unsettling - after bulking for 4 years straight you get used to your daily meetings with the porcelin prince

    Anyway, I didnt take anything (no pills, just a multi and some vitamin C) yesterday and today and this morning, all was well. Maybe its just too many gelcaps, or something in the herbals is pulling water out of the intestine...who knows! Ill try to get to the bowels of it though. (<--)

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  12. Great results thus far BV.

  13. Nice work, starting to see 'dem abs..You should log TST BV so I can decide if I want to buy

  14. Fitday Entry For Today:

    30 minutes - jogging @ 6.2mph
    5 minutes - walking @ 3.8mph


    Man! Forgot my Mp3 player today and that kinda sucked Got through the cardio anyway though. I'm really starting to notice myself getting leaner now...for instance the fat on my lower abs is at least in the 'shape' of a set of lower abs
    Also, it seems like after a month straight of hard dieting and heavy training, I seem to have finally ignighted the 'metabolic furnace' that I read so much about...allow me to explain:

    About 5 weeks ago I started dieting, and figured I needed a refeed so I ate ~3100 cals one weekend. Pretty much all clean too, but over the next two days it looked like I'd smoothed out a bit. This weekend, I went up to visit my folks and my Mom cooked this kick ass Corned Beef Dinner for St.Patrick's day. Of course, you never say no to an Italian Mother's cooking so I chowed down like nobody's business. After leaving my parents around midnight, I was starving and a good 1.5 hours from home so my girl and I hit Denny's (!!!). I went straight for the Moons Over MyHammy with a big side of seasoned fries AND an order of chicken tenders.

    And I ate ALL of it too, figuring if I was going to blow my diet for the day I may as well do it up proper. Anyway, today (2 days later), I'm still looking quite lean - the best yet I think.

    Now that was the first 'cheat' day Ive had all month too, but its cool to see that my body has obviously entered 'fat burning mode'...looking very forward to the next 8 weeks!!

    Also - since discontinuing the PowerFULL/Symmetry/Rebound my GI issue has corrected itself.


  15. Missed the gym tonight. I didnt feel that the ATD suppressed my libido at all this time around, but since Ive dropped it, its been through the freakin' roof. I mean 3rd week on TD 4AD through the roof My lady had on the right pair of pants when I got home from work and well, what can I say

    Have one more day of training before vacation, so Ive gotta make it a good one. Im planning to do squats + chins tomorrow afternoon before my cardio session and then chest/delts/arms in the evening.


    Kind of tough to make out any kind of detail with the poor cell-phone quality (apologies, Im working on that), but still you can see a difference from the pics taken on 2/25 - not even a full month ago:



    Even with the blurriness, you can see a definite improvement in abdominal definition and the reduction of fat around the middle. I think I can get the lower abs out in another 4-5 weeks...

    Right now, I am only using Cissus/Camph/CET. Im going to stay with Cissus/Camph throughout vacation, and try to get a training session or two in, even if its just sprints in the parking lot before breakfast. Ill finish up the full stack (about 10-12 more days) when I get back on 2/28.

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  16. Back from vacation, back to work Taking one more day off from the gym, coming back strong tomorrow...back on the diet though. I didnt gain/lose any weight over vacation which is surprising because I partied like a rock star


  17. Definitely far more definition in your pecs, you can tell even more because you got rid of that whole Austin Powers setup you had....hehe

  18. Waistline much reduced man. GREAT work. Looking forward to the rest.

  19. Two days back from vaca and not one update?! I need my fix bro! I can't take the suspence. BTW, lookin good man.
    Recent log:

  20. LOL

    Thanks for the kind words guys Got a 2.5 mile run in yesterday, but still havent been to the gym yet since I got back on Tuesday!!

    Just been real busy catching up on things and whatnot, but Im headed back tomorrow and will be back at it full force by Monday.

    And get this - tomorrow afternoon LOU FERRIGNO is going to be doing a meet and greet at one of the Gold's Gym's in my area that just got rebuilt!! Seriously!! There's 3 Gold's in my area, I dont go to the one he's going to be at but I get in free 'cause Im a member!! How cool is that?? Tomorrow Im gonna meet The Incredible freakin' Hulk in person!!

    Monday I will also resume the mega-herbal combo and finish it out - I should have about 10-14 days of the stuff left.


  21. Awesome! See if you can talk him into doing a log on this site!

    Just don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry!
    Recent log:

  22. Damn...feeling guilty about missing the gym tonight, I decided to start up a regimen that I had planned for next week: All-out sprints in the big church parking lot across the street from my apartment

    It has to be at least 50-60yards across, and I bolted like a madman up and down it for a good 8 times. (short breathers with my arms over my head to help expand lung capacity in between each set)

    So it was 12am on a beautiful spring evening and here I am running my ass off, it felt great!! I have to admit, I havent done any training like this since high school, and damn I know what Ive been missing.

    Im actually going to start doing these in the AM before work, should be a great way to start the day!

    And BTW, I know Im just preaching to the choir here but I have to say bodybuilders we often neglect cardiovascular training. What an enourmous freakin' mistake.


  23. FWIW, I just started taking a cardio kickboxing class at my gym and sheesh! I thought I was in good shape untill she had me jumpin rope and kicking and squatting and punching and jumping rope again and kicking and squatting and punching .... and to top it all off, she makes us train abs at the end! I can't just not do em when all the ladies in there are crankin em out!

    Anyhoo, deff a big bump on the cardio training getting neglected comment. Makes me feel like a million bucks. Nothin like a restin HR of 52. (when stim free of couse)
    Recent log:

  24. Back on track today! No afternoon cardio (pile of work to do a mile high) but Ill use today as my off day and hit up 30 min post workout.

    It turns out Im going to be testing AX's new Hyperdrol product, so rather than pick up the USP cycle today, Im going to save it and start the Hyperdrol after PCT products arrive. Its an herbal product, and I havent used anything other than a multi/Cissus for about 10 days - I figure Im in a good position to compare the herbal anabolic products from both companies.

    BTW - I missed Lou Ferrigno, but I did get to see what they're turing my gym into...absolute craziness! Leather seats on all the Hammer Strength machines, a cardio 'theater', flat screen TV's infront of the URINALS in the mens room, flat screen TV's attached to every cardio machine (that isn tin the cardio theater).

    And by cardio theater I mean just that - its a movie theater with cardio machines instead of seats!

    The only improvement I can actually make use of is the new boxing area, as I havent hit the speed bag in a while I miss it a lot.


  25. Back to the gym last night strength was actually up a bit. Got 225 x 15 on the flat Bench, only 5 reps off from my all time best of 20 reps. (when i was on 1-test to boot)

    Workout went great, 20 minutes cardio PWO.

    Also checked BP the other day: 121/72 and that's without any supplements...perhaps all the cardio has brought it down a bit.


  26. Off day today, I had an afterwork social gathering I wanted to attend.

    Here's a back shot from this evening:

    And one from a year ago when I was ~235-240:

    I dont miss the 20lbs of chunk, but I do miss the 18.25" arms Funny though, my bicep curls are up nearly 20lbs.

    Working back tomorrow, arms/delts on Thursday, and Legs on Friday, with calves and abs inbetween.

    About another 8 weeks to go, I reckon. Im going to slowly bring cals to maintence after that, focusing on my weak points in strength and size (shoulders, bench press, forearms). Around mid-summer it will be time to finally start making gains again...big, lean gains


  27. hey guys, i can't believe my eyes, but why do u need steroids? i've seen all your pics and such, you can do the same without steroids, you are risking alot of health problems,hard training can produce the same results! you can label yourself a drug user..hope your proud of that....good luck

  28. hey guys, i can't believe my eyes, but why do u need steroids? i've seen all your pics and such, you can do the same without steroids, you are risking alot of health problems,hard training can produce the same results! you can label yourself a drug user..hope your proud of that....good luck

    Bro the products Im using in this log are all-natural!!! Im NOT using steroids. Jeez!

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  29. Great workout tonight: Side Delts/Arms/abs

    Im really starting to see some vascularity in my arms when Im working out, and its really motivating. I have to be the most un-vascular person I know!!! My fiance has these bulging veins in her arms just standing relaxed (she works out too), and here I am Mr. Big Lifter smooth as a baby's ass lol.

    Starting the Hyperdrol next week, it will be interesting to see how it compares to the USP lineup, especially since its based on CissusQ.


  30. Starting Hyperdrol tomorrow, otherwise the stack will be the same: CET, E+C2.

    Figure its time to close this log up, here are my observations over the ~4 weeks that I ran this stack:

    Pros: Definite increase in pumps, intensity, and mood. Strength gains started to be realized around week 3. Compared to the PowerFull/Rebound/Cissus/CET stack I ran in December, I did not feel as 'anabolic' even with the inclusion of the Symmetry. Of course, in December I was eating above maintence cals and this time I was cutting hard.

    Cons: Seems like an anti-e is necessary while using PowerFULL, as this is the second time Ive used it and the second time Ive noticed some type of estrogen-related issues. However, these are mild and easily controlled with ATD. No increase in fat loss as claimed, fat loss seemed to increase in proportion with how strict I was with my diet and how many calories I burned through cardiovascular training. No real increase in vascularity, other than what I notice from a drop in BF%. Biggest detractor? Too many pills to swallow. All those gelcaps seemed to wreck havoc on my digestive tract,as I needed a fiber supplement for things to process correctly. Could just be me though, I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else exhibited similar issues eating so many pills.

    Individual Product Reviews:

    CissusRX (USPLabs)
    Again, proving itself as a very usefull addition to my supplement cabinet. Its combination of mild anabolic effect, increase in libido and percieved analgesic action make it a real gem. It does everything that it's claimed to do. A+

    CreEthylThunder(Omega Sports)
    The only CEE product Ive ever tried, and the only one I think I ever need to try. Awesome pumps, even while in a caloric defecit. It also is right in line with claims made by the manufacturer. A+

    PowerFULL (USPLabs)
    I still dont know what to think of PowerFULL. While others claim it the best thing since sliced toast - Im still not seeing the results that Id hoped for. I know it does something, as whenever its added I notice some estrogenic-related effects. Both stacks that included PowerFULL were quite anabolic in nature (for non-hormonal products) so it seemed like a good addition. When I ran it solo as a beta tester it did pretty much nothing for me. I may have to give a try again by itself to draw a decisive conclusion. For now, C+

    This is a new product from USP labs, and because I ran it stacked with other products I cant really make an honest judgement on it. This stack of products did feel great, but as to whether Symmetry really is 'Super Cissus' is, for me, yet to be seen. I still have ~half a bottle left + half a bottle of the beta - after the Hyperdrol log Im going to run it by itself, about 6 weeks from now. Jury's still out, so no grade yet.

    Not much to say here, simply the best preworkout stimulant Ive ever used. Excellent symmetry between all the ingredients. Moodlift, focus, energy, does everything its claimed to do. Solid A+.

    New 'mystery' cutter'
    USP is looking at this as a replacement for C2 and I have to say, it is a step above. They've bumped the concentration of the nootropics and you can feel it when it kicks in overtop the caffiene. I'd go so far to say that its a bit psychotropic in nature. Another A+.

    Final Thoughts:

    Running nearly 15-20 miles a week, -500 calorie caloric defecit, and I lost fat and got stronger. For the past week Ive been using CissusRX/Camphobolic at 4caps/day (each) and I definitely can feel the missing 'oomph' from the other products. Fat loss may have been slightly accellerated, but truth be told cutting naturally is hard, and takes a ton of effort. The supplements help, but much more in the area of retaining muscle than accelerating the loss of fat. Of course, this makes them quite valuable in their own right. Save your bottles of PP,SD, whatever and give these new 'herbal anabolics' some serious thought if you're in the game to get leaner. They definitely work, allowing you to save your valuable hormones for where they're used best: gaining muscle!!

    Remembering back to my 'mini-bulk' in Dec, Im looking very forward to trying this stack again, for a full 8 weeks with a good clean bulking diet. I expect that the results would be quite impressive.

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