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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys, much appreciated!!

    Yesterday, I took the day off. It was day 3 with 4-5 hours of sleep and I just couldnt take it anymore So I went to bed at ~9:30 pm, slept hard until about 8:00am. Amazing how different i feel after a good night's rest I am literally ready to tear **** up but I have to sit at my desk for another our or two before I can go run

    I also barely made 2000 cals before I went to bed, but I suppose one low day isnt going ot hurt.

    So this morning, I wake up and look in the mirror, and damn if I dont see some definite results at the end of my first week! My muscles do look 'fuller', and there has been some definite fat loss. Down to ~215lbs. I definitely think Ive made more progress toward my goals since starting the Herbal Bonanaza stack, although keep in mind Im also upping the cardio by 5 minutes per session ever week.

    Also worth of mentioning, after 2 C2 Im not getting the 'rush' that I would when I'd take it sporadically. Obviously, my system is getting used to the continuous daily dosage. I may up it to 3 caps each morning starting next week.

    CreEthylThunder, CissusRX, and Camphobolic all arrived yesterday. Ephedrine will be here today.

    At then end of this month Ill be going on vacation for ~5 days, but as soon as I return Ill be right back at it. I should be less than 10% by then, I hope.


  2. Fitday Entry for 3/2/2006:

    30 minutes cardio
    jogging @ 5.7mph

    None! My f*cking batteries were dead!

    Training (10:30PM)

    Military Press
    145 x 12
    150 x 12
    160 x 9

    Lateral Raise
    25s x 12
    30s x 12
    35s x 10
    30s x 10

    Reverese Pec Dec:
    110 x 12
    110 x 12
    120 x 10

    Hanging Leg Raise + Cable Crunch
    20 + 15
    18 + 12
    15 + 12

    Hanging Twisted Leg Raise
    12R, 12L
    12R, 12L
    12R, 12L


    A project I was working on last night ran overtime, and i only had 30 minutes to workout. So I did Shoulders/Abs, and this will give me more time for Back today and Arms on Saturday.

    Although seemlingly weak and paltry, the military press is actually up ~10 lbs from two weeks ago. Ive probably whined about it on the forum before, but I came down with a nasty case of shoulder impingement a while back and I just starting doing seated military presses again after about a 2 year layoff. As long as I warm up and stretch my shoulders, the workouts have been going great! I just cant work into the 'pain zone' without my rotator cuffs starting to burn, in a not-so-good way. So its all relatively high reps for delts, but they seem to be coming along OK. I wouldnt doubt if weak front delts are what's holding back my flat BB bench press.

    Anyway, everythng's here now and I started the Ephedrine this morning, dosed 12.5mg with 2 caps of C2. Woah. I think I will be taking bioman's advice and going with 1/4 of a pill 2x per day. Ive also started Hawthorn berry in a preemptive strike against any BP woes from the stims. Granted, PowerFULL usually drops my BP ~10mm/HG but with all the stuff Im taking you never know. Ill be checking it every other day while Im using the ephedrine. Right now, sitting at my desk RHR is at 60BPM, which is right about normal.

    Also, last night was also a 5-hour sleeper. Bad,bad,bad. My problem is that when I do get 8-10 hours of sleep, Im so full of energy that I just CANT go to sleep. Then Ill crash over the next 2-3 days sleeping 4-6 hours a night, and then have to make it up with a big nap on the weekend. Im getting a lot of sh*t done, but I just really need my sleep damnit!


  3. Cardio
    Jogging - ~6.0mph, 34min

    As I Lay Dying - Shadows Are Security

    I took 3 caps of the new cutter and 1/4 tab of Ephedrine, along with 24g of WheyProtien (in water) about an hour before heading down to the gym to run. Despite the lack of sleep, I felt like a machine. Just kept plugging away, even after 3 miles I didnt even feel tired, just invigorated. 6mg of Ephedrine is definitely the dose to start with! Thanks bioman

    The fat is really dropping - there was no one down there so I took the opportunity to have a little pose down in front of all the mirrors Serratus are becoming visible, as well as the 'fingers' in the deltoids. Still have a good bit of chunk around the middle, but the love handles have gone down noticably. Im pretty tired, if I can't make it to the gym tonight Ill have to do arms/back/cardio tomorrow which will be ok, as its saturday. Either way, putting me at ~4 hrs of high-intensity weight training and ~3 hours of mid-intensity cardio for the week.

    Thats nearly double my normal activity level. Along with the meticulous care to diet (check out those fitday graphs!!). So its no wonder Im dropping fat at an increased rate. I really do think the supplements are helping though...only negative I can see is that they seem to really be pulling the water out of me. Ive upped my intake to 2+ gallons starting today.


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  4. BV you must be very sensitive to stims, I spit on 6 mg of eph. no but for real I which my receptors would go back to the days of Xenadrine RFA-1 when 6 caps a day made me drop 60lbs of fat...

  5. BV you must be very sensitive to stims, I spit on 6 mg of eph. no but for real I which my receptors would go back to the days of Xenadrine RFA-1 when 6 caps a day made me drop 60lbs of fat...
    I really am. I do love my coffee, but 2-3 cups a day is more than enough. I also like to take breaks and cut the caffiene cold turkey for a few weeks at a time, just to let my CNS return to normal every so often.


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Apowerz6
    BV you must be very sensitive to stims, I spit on 6 mg of eph. no but for real I which my receptors would go back to the days of Xenadrine RFA-1 when 6 caps a day made me drop 60lbs of fat...
    Yeah I'm with you there brotha!! Ahhh, the good old days when I was still fresh...LOL!!!

  7. Fitday Entry for today:

    Back And Arms

    Bent Over BB Row
    225 x 10
    235 x 10
    245 x 8
    225 x 9

    Wide Grip Chins
    (BW + 35lbs) x 8
    BW x 12
    BW x 10
    BW x 10

    Standing EZ Bar Curls
    135 x 10
    140 x 8
    140 x 7 + 115 x 9 + 35lb DB's x 8 (drop set)

    Hammer Curl
    55s x 10
    55s x 10
    55s x 10

    One DB Extensions (behind the head)
    100 x 12
    110 x 10
    110 x 9

    V-bar press down (machine)
    8 x 12
    9 x 12
    10 x 10
    10 x 8 + 6 x 8 (drop set)

    Reverse Curl
    85 x 12
    85 x 12
    85 x 12

    10 min elliptical (ran out of time!)

    As I Lay Dying - Shadows Are Security <--One awesome ****ing album!!


    Weights werent up on the bicep exercises, but I did the rows and chins before hand so that's understandable. They werent down, either. The Bent over BB rows felt smooth and relatively easy at the weights I used, and on my 2nd day of CET the pumps are starting to take off. The 110DB dumbell on the extensions went smooth as well, all in all a great workout with some great pumps, the best yet! Im sure that, with the addition of the CET, the workouts will really take off this coming week.

    A bit of cheat day for me as well, as the lady and I hit the Chinese Buffet up the street I didnt overly splurge on anything, stuck mainly to veggies and lean meats but I did throw a few pieces of General Tso's on there. How could I not?

    My impressions of the PowerFULL/Symmetry only week are that its definitely effective, and that I can definitely feel an anabolic 'presence', albeit mild. Its only been about 9 days on the stack so far and Im progressing as I expected. Impressed, but not blown away at this point. The effects are about on par with the PF/Cissus/CET/Rebound stack I ran before, perhaps a bit stronger at 9 days in.

    Im running ~15 miles a week, eating 500 cals below maitenence, and Im losing fat and strength is creeping up...this herbal cornocopia of anabolic pleansantries is definitely working.

    Im leaving the 22nd of this month for a 5 day vacation, and Im not going to bring my supplement cabinet with me, I should have about a week left by then so Ill pick it up when I return.

    Im also throwing around the idea of training for 2-3 weeks with just an EC stack and Cissus, and then running the DS NHA stack to see how it compares with this.

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  8. 2 things...dropping the stims over the weekend made me hungry as hell!! (hungry as normal, anyway.

    and 2...

    Woke up Sunday morning to see some nipple puffiness which was none too pleasant. Ive upped the ReboundXT to 50mg/day. Interestingly, its not an itchyness/soreness that would normally accompany an estrogen issue. They just look a little puffy but the nipple itself looks slightly bigger and 'erect' (man thats too graphic). I remember SuperSoldier reporting a rise in Prolactin with PowerFULL use, I wonder if this is the cause.


  9. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    ...this herbal cornocopia of anabolic pleansantries is definitely working.

  10. well, at least I know something is going on..same thing happened with PowerFULL, I was hoping 25mg ATD was enough to stave it off - obviously isnt.

  11. 5pm - Cardio
    30 min - jogging @ ~6.3mph

    As I Lay Dying - Shadows Are Security

    Cardio endurance is up significantly. The last ~8 minutes or so I was plugging along at 7mph without a hitch, and it felt like I could have gone another 20 minutes without a problem. Im upping the mid-day cardio to 35 minutes this week, just made it down to the gym a little late so I had to cut it short today.

    Tonight - chest and MORE CARDIO!! Woohoo!!

    Looking in the mirrors, it looks like Ive lost more fat since friday. Could be other 25mg of ATD drying me out too though - but definitely notice slightly better definition. The lower abs are still covered, however. FatTrak2 calipers are reading in between 10.5 and 11.2%, Im assuming I'm in the high 10's by the looks of it.

    I did legs last monday, but Im moving them to Friday so I dont have to suffer through my first 10 minutes of cardio for the next 5 days, Ill do some light squat sets tonight just to keep them stimulated.

    Also - moving the ATD up to 50mg/day Im going to run out before the cycle is over. Im thinking of maybe using 600mg/6-OXO perday instead...I hate how Rebound slays my libidio.


  12. Damn nice log man, keep up the good work!

  13. Thanks brutha!! Slow but sure, slow but sure

    Fitday Entry:

    35 min - jogging @ 6.5mph

    All That Remains - This Darkened Heart

    9:30 PM
    Training - Chest

    Flat BB Bench Press
    135 x 15 (wu)
    225 x 12
    245 x 9
    275 x 3
    300 x 1 + 225 x 6 + 185 x 7 + 155 x 10 (drop set)

    Incline DB Press
    90s x 11
    95s x 8
    100s x 5

    Weighted Dips
    (Bodyweight) x 20
    (BW + 90) x 12
    (BW + 90) x 8
    (BW + 45) x 12

    Pec Dec Flyes
    110 x 12
    120 x 10
    130 x 8
    120 x 8

    Elliptical - 10 minutes


    Strength was up slightly, but endurance was up considerably. I worked out with a friend last night, and by the time we got to incline DB's he pretty tired but I was feeling like I was just getting started. I was impressed that the big dropset at the end of the flat bench didnt sabotage my incline presses and weighted dips...the incline DB's were actually up 2-3 reps from last week. I was also able to handle the 100's on the final set, make it a solid 5lb gain.

    Chest is so frustrating for me, as my strength fluctuated wildly compared to other muscle groups. When I was at my heaviest, I could bench 300 x 6 and then go hit a set of 110's x 7 on the incline press. Now I struggle to get 300 up for one or two and after 100's x 7 would be possible on a good day. I'm keeping my rep ranges around 12 10 8 or 10 8 6 to focus on hypertrophy and stave off injury now, when I get all this fat off Ill start strength training again. Hopefully Ill get my bench back and be nice and cut.

    Oh, here's an amusing tale for you:

    I usually train solo, as many of you know sometimes its tough to stay motivated week after week with no one to push you. I have devised the Nemesis System to help alleviate some of the monotony of solo training. Allow me to explain:

    I look for someone in the gym I dont know who is about my size or bigger, who is there consistently at the same time I am. This person becomes my Nemesis. As he trains harder, I train harder - trying to outlift him in my mind...just for extra motivation. I usually dont make an effort to make any contact with the Nemesis, because if he turns out to be a cool guy then Im up a friend and out a Nemesis and training late in the day, a good Nemesis is hard to find.

    So anyway, a couple months ago I find the perfect Nemesis. A couple inches taller than me, lower bodyfat, bigger, etc. Last night we both happened to be working chest and I was out lifting him on every set thinking "muhahaha! Take that Nemesis!" in the back of my mind.

    Well, The Nemesis ends up asking my friend for a spot and we all end up chatting for a bit...turns out not only to be a really nice guy but also the brother of a girl I used to work with at my previous job! And he went to highschool with my fiancee!

    So, while happy to make another friend in the gym, today I am somewhat forlorn that, just as I was surpassing The Nemesis on all lifts, he has become my Nemesis no longer. Victory is bittersweet I tell you, f*cking bittersweet.


    Here's a pic from last night, You can see more definition in the abdominals compared to the pics on page 1 of this thread:
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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  14. Fitday Entry for Today:

    30 min - jogging @ ~6.2mph

    Fat is definitely dropping, but slowly. I was starting to get frustrated and contemplated dropping to 2400 cals/day - but then I reread some of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle and realized Im right at where I should be. I guess these last few% are just going to be a real beeatch, but Im ready for it. I think, since Ive started up my cardio extravaganza ~4 weeks ago Im down about .5%BF - which is pretty good I guess. I keep focusing on the lower abdominal area and that's where its going to come off last, so sometimes I dont notice that my back/things/chest etc are quite a bit leaner than they were a month ago.

    Right now, Im at about the same BF% that I was when I started lifting seriously 5 years ago. Im 214lbs now, and when I was 25 I was 170. Considering my lowest BF% ever was probably my senior year of highschool at around 9.5% (also at 170lbs - a little too much partying in college), no wonder why this is going to be an uphill battle! I've never been at 8% bodyfat! Ill be damned if that's going to stop me now


  15. 9:45 pm
    Training - Back

    225 x 12 (warmup)
    315 x 12 (warmup)
    415 x 9
    415 x 8
    425 x 7

    Wide Grip Chins (real wide)
    10 (+10lbs)

    Bench Rows (upper grip)
    70lbs - 2-1-4 count
    70lbs - 2-1-4 count
    70lbs - 2-1-4 count

    Bent Over Lateral Raises
    30s x 12
    30s x 12
    30s x 10

    Seated Calf Raise
    150 x 12
    150 x 12
    150 x 12

    Elliptical 20 min

    InFlames,Still Remains, As I Lay Dying


    I didnt have the feeling of unending energy that I had yesterday. No change in strength, starting to feel the nice pumps from the CET. I have so much going on right now, that today it was tough to focus - especially earlier this afternoon on the treadmill. I went down during my lunch break, and for the first 10-15 minutes I just couldnt stop thinking about work, pending projects, etc. The techno mix I put on my Mp3 player is really mellow, and it wasnt cutting it. I couldnt get into it until the death metal came roaring through the headphones, and the stresses of the day were vaporized from my mind with every chugging power riff

    Im about 2 weeks into the herbal cycle now. Im dieting, so its hard to compare it as far as anabolic effectiveness goes...Im not losing any strength and most workouts strength and energy are actually up, so that's very good. Im definitely burning fat, but not as fast as I'd like, and Im running my freakin' ass off Im getting used to the fat burners so Ill be upping the dose of the C2 and ephedra soon. Im assuming its probably going to take me at least another 8-10 weeks to get to my goal of 8%


  16. Keep it up bro. This summer the girls jaws will be droppin!
    Recent log:

  17. Girlfriend commented on my abs this morning Couple people at work said "Damn man you're really getting leaner" I guess I'm just freaking on myself...funny how last year I would have heard 'man you're getting thinner!' and nearly had a nervous breakdown while trying to stuff in 4500 cals a day Ah, body dysmorphia.

    I traded a jug of Arginine and Lysine with Arternitatis for two canisters of Neurostim+C, which I fortified with some ALCAR and K-R-Ala that I had in my supplement cabinet.

    I mixed up a big jug of it and Im drinking a cup every couple of hours:P Ive also dropped my morning coffee to make up for the caffeine difference. (dont want to overdo it)

    Also upped the ephedrine to 1/2 tablet 2x per day.

    For the past couple of days Ive been hovering at ~2400 cals which is a little low, Ill be bringing that back up to 2600 and also hitting a 3100 calorie refeed this weekend.

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  18. Fitday for today

    30 minutes - jogging @ ~6.0 mph
    5 minutes - walking @ 3.8 mph

    Off day, but hit a little delts, bi's and tri's for the heck of it:

    Lateral Raise + Rope PressDown + High Pulley Conc. Curl
    Giant Set
    slow reps
    25s x 12 + 120 x 10 + 60 x 12
    25s x 12 + 110 x 10 + 60 x 10
    25s x 12 + 110 x dropset + 60 x dropset


    As I Lay Dying , Still Remains


    Today Im absolutely exhausted. Lack of sleep + too many low calorie days in a row is a bad combination!! Ill make up for it tonight though - naking a nap in a minute and then going to bed before midnight.

    Upping the Ephedrine and starting the Neurostim in the same day may have been a bit premature...I was a bit overstimulated today. That jittery "im gonna loose it!" feeling I get from too much caffiene and being too tired.

    Cardio went well, but I didnt get a 2nd wind until I was almost 20 minutes in. Starting to notice some vascularity in my arms which is huge, as Im unfortunately the most un-vascular person I know

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    GREAT structure and Great Info, you should teach a lesson in logging:}

  20. Blood Pressure

    Blood pressure ~midway through the cycle:

    Took 4 readings:

    1.) 110/60
    2.) 154/54 (flexed my arm a bit by accident)
    3.) 119/59
    4.) 120/59

    Normally my BP reads 120 - 135 / 60 - 75, its definitely a little lower than normal(despite the recent addition of ephedrine, albeit a very low dose.) Usually the systolic floats in the high 120's. ),and I believe I can attribute this to PowerFULL. I started using Hawthorn as well, but only a few days ago and I doubt it would have kicked in that fast.

    Ill make checks over the next couple days just to be sure.


  21. Fitday Entry For Today

    Took the day off from afternoon cardio session

    9:45pm Training - Arms

    EZ Bar Preacher Curl
    115 x 11 (inner grip)
    115 x 10 (outer grip)
    115 x 9 (inner grip)
    115 x 9 (outer grip)

    Machine Preacher Curl (close grip)
    2-1-4 count

    Cybex Machine High Preacher Curl
    2-1-4 count
    10,10,10(drop set)

    Close Grip Bench Press
    225 x 10
    225 x 10
    225 x 9

    Rope Press Down
    2-1-4 count
    12,10,10(drop set)

    Reverse Curl
    85 x 12
    85 x 12
    85 x 12

    Tricep Machine

    Hanging Leg Raise

    Elliptical - 18 minutes

    I tried to mix things up today and start using some machines and TUT techniques for arms. I have to say, I got an awesome pump. The best yet since Ive been using these products. Strength was up - the CG bench presses felt very easy.
    I also notice that I look noticately leaner than I did a week ago, and yet I havent lost any weight. THAT is a good sign. Its been about 2 weeks now, and it feels like this stuff is really starting to kick in...libido is up (seems like no negative impact from the ATD), strength is up, recovery time has been enhanced (especially considering all the late nights Ive been having), and with the addition of the CET the pumps are starting to get crazy.

    Only negative side to report is that unless Im taking 1tbsp of psyllium husk every day, its kinda tough to go to the bathroom and Im drinking plenty of water and eating a lot of fiberous foods. Could just be me though - might just need a good cleanse.

    The addition of ephedrine has definitely made an impact on the rate of fat this week has been the best so far in that regard. After my final set of preacher curls I flexed my arm, and I could clearly see the brachialis muscle. It was pretty cool - its been hidden under layers of chunk far too long!

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  22. In 11 days, the lady and I are going on a 5 day vacation. I had planned on running these products up until then and stopping - but now I feel like I'd be shortchanging their effects and stopping too early.

    So, while on vacation I plan to adhere to my diet as best as possible (staying at a friend's house who lifts so it will be pretty easy), and remain on Cissus and Camph. Ill pick things back up and may run for another 4 weeks depending on how things are going.

    Id really be interested to see if longer-term use of the PF/Symmetry results in any kind of HPTA shutdown, even though at this point the boys actually seem a bit larger than usual.


  23. Fitday Entry For Saturday

    Training - Legs/Shoulders/Abs

    135 x 15 (warm up)
    225 x 12 (warm up)
    325 x 11
    335 x 10
    355 x 8
    405 x 7 (3/4 reps)
    315 x 5

    Military Press
    145 x 10
    145 x 10
    155 x 10

    Smith Machine Lunges
    135 x 12 (R) 135 x 12 (L)
    155 x 12 (R) 155 x 12 (L)
    155 x 12 (R) 155 x 12 (L)

    Hanging Leg Raises

    Cable Crunch + Hanging Twisting Leg Raises (superset)
    15 + 20 (10 reps per side)
    12 + 20 (10 reps per side)

    Elliptical - 20 minutes

    The weights felt a little lighter today, but endurance didnt seem to be as intense. After the 405 partials on the squat, I just died after 5 reps at 315. It felt light enough, but I just ran out of gas I did get to the gym late and had to get all the training done in about 45 minutes so I could hit up cardio, so that could have been it. No big strength increases, but Ill tell you today (Monday) my legs are killing me! Some serious DOM action. Ive got to go run in about 2 hours so that's going to be a real treat


  24. Fitday Entry for Today:

    38 minutes
    jogging @ 5.7 mph

    Frisky Radio Shoutcast download (progressive house)

    The DOMS in my legs from Saturday's workout was/is really painful. When I started on the treadmill, my legs felt like 2 bags of cement and my lower back was in a little pain. I started out at a brisk walk, and brought it up to 5.5mph. It hurt bad for a good 18 minutes or so - I was ready to quit at 20. Then I thought about how much I hate the fat on my lower abs, and visualized what I really wanted to look like - it was enough to push me to 35 minutes and go over 3 miles total distance. Turning the music up and trying to zone out worked well, too - by 25 minutes the aches and pains were dulled from the endorphin release and increased bloodflow.

    Ive slipped in a couple cheat meals here and there, probably more than I ought to. Tracking all the mac. ratios helps out because you can ensure you dont blow it for the day...but still. People at the office keep ordering pizza...Ive jut got to learn to just say no

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  25. Had tonight slated for chest but ended up falling asleep on the couch with my girl No complaints, Ill take it as gift and get a nice 10 hours of sleep tonight!!

    Here's a pic from tonight, un pumped right after a nice nap

    Compare it to the pics on page 1, the fat loss is definitely evident. The fat around the lower abs is of course the slowest to move, but if I move it around I can actually see the outline of the lower abs coming through. Can even see some veins coming through on the left bicep there!

    Attached Images Attached Images  
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  26. whats up with my browser every link to open a pic or PDF it downloads... any idea?

    Anyways nice log man, looking good!

  27. Fitday Entry for Today:

    Jogging - 40min @ ~6.0 mph

    S H I T !!!! Got home from work around 8pm, I was feeling pretty tired so I just laid on the bed with my girlfriend...bam!! Its now 1am and of course the gym is closed!! Today was chest day damnit!! Oh well, obviously my body is kicking my ass for too many weeks of not enough sleep...I have to say after bumping up my cardio to 40min its really kicking my ass

    Also, I need to cut back on the stims. I know Im only taking small doses, but I bumped the ephedrine to 12.5mg 2x/day and this after noon when the am dose was waning I felt like I was coming down after a hard night of partying...not good!

    I really like the effect its having on fatloss, but Im going to taper the caffeine/E down because I wont be using them on vacation and I dont want to crash.

    Anyway, first workout Ive missed all month - tomorrow will have to be a chest/back superset extravaganza!!! Woohoo!!

    Im going back to bed!!!


  28. Fitday Entry for Today:

    26 minutes - jogging @ 6.2mph

    Wow do I feel like total crap today! I dropped the stims cold turkey and, well, I think my body was expecting its morning dose of C2 and Ephedrine. I was going to take the day off from my afternoon cardio session, but I ended up taking 1 cap of the new USP cutter and 6.5mg of Ephedrine and within 30 minutes felt amped up enough to run. Didnt have too much stamina though...I called it quits at 26 minutes...I just felt like a big piece of overtired crap!! And...Im starting to get shin splints wooohooo!! I havent had these since highschool! Definitely means I need to back down from the treadmill a bit...maybe use the elliptical or the stairmaster for the next few days.

    Chest/Back tonight...

  29. 9pm
    Training - Chest/Back

    Bench Press + Bent Over Row (superset)
    225 x 12 + 225 x 10
    235 x 10 + 225 x 10
    235 x 8 + 225 x 8

    Wide Grip Chins (very wide)
    (BW+25lbs) x 7
    (BW+10lbs) x 10
    BW x 12

    DB Incline Bench Press
    95s x 11
    95s x 9

    Weighted Dips
    BW + 20
    (BW + 90) x 10
    (BW + 90) x 6 + (BW + 45) x 7 drop set

    DB Curls
    (70s x 8) + (50s x 10) + (30s x 10) strip set
    I used straps on the 70s

    Standing Calf Press
    (Stack + 140lbs) x 15
    (Stack + 160lbs) x 12
    (Stack + 160lbs) x 10


    Really, really tired today. Strength was holding about even at the beginning of the workout. About halfway into it I picked up speed and felt the power a little bit. Even after the rows and chins I was able to knock of strict standing DB curls with 70's (albeit w/straps). The 60's felt like paperweights (w/o straps)

    I need to catch up on some sleep, Im getting a sore throat...and you know what that means!


    you dig that nifty echo effect? lol.

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  30. Well, I still didnt get to bed till 3am and today I am paying dearly for it. Im purposely staying away from the stims so I'll be tired enough to get to bed early...I am freakin' exhausted.

    No cardio or weights for me today...going to keep it clean and low cals and go to bed as soon as possible

    Weighed in last night:
    BF - 10.7% (average of 3 readings on the FatTrak2 calipers)

    Down about 4lbs and almost 1%BF (give or take a few tenths...hard to tell with the calipers). And Im a little stronger than I was 4 weeks ago. Pretty cool. Now if I dont blow it all over vacation next week Ill be all set

    Hopefully the weather will get nicer soon and I can start doing some morning cardio as well.


  31. FitDay Entry For Today:

    Stairs, 20 minutes

    Training Arms/Abs

    Preacher Curl
    115 x 12
    115 x 10
    115 x 8

    CG Bench Press
    225 x 11
    235 x 9
    245 x 8

    Lying Tricep Extension (EZ Bar)
    120 x 11
    120 x 10 + 10 reps cg bench
    120 x 7 + 10 reps cg bench

    Reverse Curl
    85 x 12 (slow)
    85 x 12 (slow)
    85 x 12 (slow)

    Fast Hang Clean & Presses + Hanging Leg Raise (super set)
    135 x 10 + 20
    135 x 9 + 15
    135 x 7 + 12

    Well,well,well...The wonders of sleep Short, but great workout today. Strength either even or up 5-10lbs on all lifts. Im starting to see the veins coming out on my arms in places Ive never seen them before, and its pretty cool. About 5 days to go until the 30 day mark, and I must say Im pretty impressed with how great ive felt this month. Fat is down, strength is up, I actually look *bigger* than I did a month ago and Im down a few lbs. Nice! Slowly bringing the stims back online, but Ill discontinue them again on tuesday right before I go on vacation.

    I didnt have time to do any cardio tonight so I figured I'd throw some fast hang clean&presses in there to get the heart pumping. That was pretty light weight, but after arms I was whipped and it really felt great to have my heart pounding so hard. I may start incorporating some HIIT cardio the next 8 weeks, been reading some good things...

    props to dimmenuendo:
    weights than cardio to lose fat?

    One negative to report, and I mentioned this above: (Sensitive viewers may not want to continue...)

    Constipation. That's right, the past few days have been awful. No s*it (pun intended!):O I mean, a diet full of whole grains and 2-3 servings of psyliium husk per day, on top of 1.5-2gal of fluids - and I was straining on the bowl so bad I thought I blew a seam. And I usually NEVER have GI issues so this was kind of unsettling - after bulking for 4 years straight you get used to your daily meetings with the porcelin prince

    Anyway, I didnt take anything (no pills, just a multi and some vitamin C) yesterday and today and this morning, all was well. Maybe its just too many gelcaps, or something in the herbals is pulling water out of the intestine...who knows! Ill try to get to the bowels of it though. (<--)

    Last edited by BigVrunga; 03-17-2006 at 11:46 PM.

  32. Great results thus far BV.

  33. Nice work, starting to see 'dem abs..You should log TST BV so I can decide if I want to buy

  34. Fitday Entry For Today:

    30 minutes - jogging @ 6.2mph
    5 minutes - walking @ 3.8mph


    Man! Forgot my Mp3 player today and that kinda sucked Got through the cardio anyway though. I'm really starting to notice myself getting leaner now...for instance the fat on my lower abs is at least in the 'shape' of a set of lower abs
    Also, it seems like after a month straight of hard dieting and heavy training, I seem to have finally ignighted the 'metabolic furnace' that I read so much about...allow me to explain:

    About 5 weeks ago I started dieting, and figured I needed a refeed so I ate ~3100 cals one weekend. Pretty much all clean too, but over the next two days it looked like I'd smoothed out a bit. This weekend, I went up to visit my folks and my Mom cooked this kick ass Corned Beef Dinner for St.Patrick's day. Of course, you never say no to an Italian Mother's cooking so I chowed down like nobody's business. After leaving my parents around midnight, I was starving and a good 1.5 hours from home so my girl and I hit Denny's (!!!). I went straight for the Moons Over MyHammy with a big side of seasoned fries AND an order of chicken tenders.

    And I ate ALL of it too, figuring if I was going to blow my diet for the day I may as well do it up proper. Anyway, today (2 days later), I'm still looking quite lean - the best yet I think.

    Now that was the first 'cheat' day Ive had all month too, but its cool to see that my body has obviously entered 'fat burning mode'...looking very forward to the next 8 weeks!!

    Also - since discontinuing the PowerFULL/Symmetry/Rebound my GI issue has corrected itself.


  35. Missed the gym tonight. I didnt feel that the ATD suppressed my libido at all this time around, but since Ive dropped it, its been through the freakin' roof. I mean 3rd week on TD 4AD through the roof My lady had on the right pair of pants when I got home from work and well, what can I say

    Have one more day of training before vacation, so Ive gotta make it a good one. Im planning to do squats + chins tomorrow afternoon before my cardio session and then chest/delts/arms in the evening.


    Kind of tough to make out any kind of detail with the poor cell-phone quality (apologies, Im working on that), but still you can see a difference from the pics taken on 2/25 - not even a full month ago:



    Even with the blurriness, you can see a definite improvement in abdominal definition and the reduction of fat around the middle. I think I can get the lower abs out in another 4-5 weeks...

    Right now, I am only using Cissus/Camph/CET. Im going to stay with Cissus/Camph throughout vacation, and try to get a training session or two in, even if its just sprints in the parking lot before breakfast. Ill finish up the full stack (about 10-12 more days) when I get back on 2/28.

    Last edited by BigVrunga; 03-21-2006 at 01:29 AM.

  36. Back from vacation, back to work Taking one more day off from the gym, coming back strong tomorrow...back on the diet though. I didnt gain/lose any weight over vacation which is surprising because I partied like a rock star


  37. Definitely far more definition in your pecs, you can tell even more because you got rid of that whole Austin Powers setup you had....hehe

  38. Waistline much reduced man. GREAT work. Looking forward to the rest.

  39. Two days back from vaca and not one update?! I need my fix bro! I can't take the suspence. BTW, lookin good man.
    Recent log:

  40. LOL

    Thanks for the kind words guys Got a 2.5 mile run in yesterday, but still havent been to the gym yet since I got back on Tuesday!!

    Just been real busy catching up on things and whatnot, but Im headed back tomorrow and will be back at it full force by Monday.

    And get this - tomorrow afternoon LOU FERRIGNO is going to be doing a meet and greet at one of the Gold's Gym's in my area that just got rebuilt!! Seriously!! There's 3 Gold's in my area, I dont go to the one he's going to be at but I get in free 'cause Im a member!! How cool is that?? Tomorrow Im gonna meet The Incredible freakin' Hulk in person!!

    Monday I will also resume the mega-herbal combo and finish it out - I should have about 10-14 days of the stuff left.



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