red yeast rice

  1. red yeast rice

    I'm seeing that many people who are using superdrol are taking RYR along with milk thistle etc. My research indicates that RYR is potentially harsh on the liver. Is the milk thistle enough to offset the combined pressure that superdrol and RYR places on the liver. Or is the stress that RYR places on the liver overstated in the reseach I looked at.

  2. ryr is going to help with cholesterol as sd has an effect on it.

  3. I understand that it helps with cholesterol. But does it stress the liver to any ignificant degree?

  4. It does stress the liver a little. If I remember right statins deplete your liver of a necessary enzyme, CoQ10. Get the version of RYR with CoQ10 and you pretty much negate this.

  5. Red Yeast Rice is awesome, but it's only going to be effective post cycle. Policosanol may be effective on cycle to some degree though I don't have any bloodwork to confirm this
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  6. That's the thing..we have lots of lipid support supps that will work post cycle but I seriously doubt there will be anything that can counteract something like SD's choleostatic effects on cycle.

    CEM had some kind of liver enzyme that supposedly could help this but I've yet to see any feedback.

  7. How dangerous is it to have your cholesterol out of wack for four to six weeks. I know that this is a very general question that is not easily answered. I'm also curious if anyone can tell me how long it took them to get their cholesterol back in line using RYR.

  8.'s a very important question and we're just now starting to learn all of the effects of low cholesterol. Cardio-wise, nobody knows how much damage is occuring with these methyls and the resulting lipid crash. We only have anecdotal evidence and no long term studies. I worry about this because of what we don't know and because we're seeing career juicers like pro wrestlers dropping dead from heart problems. They're probably doing a lot of bad things to their hearts (constant ECA, coke, drinking, never ending cycles and heavy exertion) but something tells me methyls are a part of the picture.

    Psychologically, there's quite a few links to depression, anxiety, aggression and even suicide and it appears cholesterol plays some as-yet-unknown role in serotonin production. I'm a firm believer in this theory as I experienced some pretty awful sides on both m1T and SD.

    All in all, I think your liver is not at terrible risk if you keep the cycle short and add some liver support supps. It is of concern, but I worry more about the heart-mind connection.

  9. Yikes man.
    If that's the case Test E or maybe a dermal TNE would be better than the methyls in the long run.

    Sometimes this stuff just creeps me out. All my methyl cycles are only 3wks though. So I feel a little


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