SD/Tren/Test Cycle - Oh Yeah!

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  1. SD/Tren/Test Cycle - Oh Yeah!

    This is my third cycle. Have done two short SD cycles before with good results. I just finished my conversion this weekend (what a beatin) and did my first injection today. I've been on SD for a week and my lifts are up to about where they were before I stopped taking creatine about a month ago.

    SD 20 mg ED Weeks 1-3
    Test Prop 75 mg EOD Weeks 2-9
    Tren Ace 75 mg EOD Weeks 2-9

    Starting weight: 197
    Weight today: 205

    My PCT will consist of Nolva, RXT, Fenu, DHEA, ZMA, and maybe some Activate. I'll probably load back up on creatine just to keep my spirits up if I lose any strength/size during PCT. On cycle supps include the usual liver protection, RYR, cranberry extract (I know, not really for the kidneys), taurine, potassium, glucosamine, saw palmetto, EFA's, and a multi. My diet had been above par for the cutting cycle I was on but this last week it has gone to crap. Getting a handle on it from now on out. I'm gonna try to keep my carbs and fat a bit low and protein high. I understand that tren is a great cutter and I'd like to lose some more fat during this cycle. Body fat is around 18%.

    The Halloween parties should be great fun this year.

  2. A little info about my first injection:

    I warmed the two vials in hot water for about 5 minutes and then pulled .75 ml of each into the syringe. Had to switch the needle to the 1" 25g to do the pull then switched back to the 1.5" 23g to do the injection. I injected into my thigh. The needle is a bit intimidating but the insertion was virtually pain free. I injected slowly until I felt that dull, sinking pain, waited a few seconds and then continued. I massaged the area afterwards and a few minutes later my leg felt weak like the whole muscle area was affected. Definitely no power in the leg. An hour or so later I climbed the stairs and had good strength. This morning, while the leg is a bit sore, I feel like I could do squats and there is no redness or swelling in the leg.

    Overall I'm surprised as to the absence of pain in the procedure. From what I had read I was afraid that I would be having trouble walking and might have a big red spot on the leg to hide. I guess it could give me more trouble today and tomorrow but so far so good.
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  3. are things going good still?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by wildman536
    are things going good still?
    Soreness is about the same. Feels like a thigh bruise. No redness or swelling. I'm gonna do my delt in the morning so that should be fun.

    I had read that the body gets used to the injections and if that's the case then this will be a piece of cake.

  5. Sounds like a GREAT cycle man. Subscribed.

  6. yeah, keep this thread updated!!

  7. SD Day 13
    Tren/Test Day 4

    Weight 210 (197)
    Belly 97 cm (96 cm)

    Having trouble with sleep as usual (on cycle). I get to sleep fine but then wake up at around 3 AM after an aggressive dream and my mind is racing. This morning I couldn't get back to sleep so now I'm up. I'm also having trouble with fatigue at work. I find myself drifting to sleep in an instant. I normally get the post lunch "coma" and with all the eating that is part of it but the inadequate sleep and other changes in my body are draining me. Any suggestions on how to get a solid night's sleep would be appreciated.

    The SD pump is great. It's nice to feel big again especially after the cutting cycle. Injected into the left delt yesterday. It was a bit difficult reaching across my big chest (I wish) and doing the injection with one hand. I imagine that the glute will be even more difficult. Soreness in the delt is minimal and I'm ready for a big chest day.

  8. SD Day 14
    Tren/Test Day 5

    Weight 210 (197)
    Belly 97 cm (96 cm)

    Had a good chest workout yesterday. Added one or two reps on most exercises. I am having trouble with soreness in the right shoulder though. I'm doing DoggCrapp's shoulder stretch in hopes of relief. I'm also looking for another supplement that might help. If things don't improve I might have to go with less weight and a slow negative.

    Slept a little better last night. I also took a nap after work which helped. Injected the left glute this morning. So far I've had no indications that the Test or Tren has kicked in. I don't expect anything for maybe another week.

  9. you may have said but, is the soreness from the inj?? or Working the muscle??

  10. Quote Originally Posted by wildman536
    you may have said but, is the soreness from the inj?? or Working the muscle??
    I have some issues with the right shoulder and lifting heavy weight over the course of two SD cycles has taken it's toll.

    I injected into the left delt Wednesday morning and as of now the soreness is barely noticable.

  11. friggen prop!!lol.

  12. Had a decent Back and Biceps workout today. We've changed up our back/biceps routine somewhat over the past weeks and most of the exercises are subject to strictness to form as far as reps go so I can't definitively say that strength has increased but felt strong overall nonetheless.

    I'm traveling to the hometown for my parent's 50th anniversary this weekend. I'll pick up the log on Monday.

  13. do you take the weekends off?

  14. SD Day 18
    Tren/Test Day 9

    Weight 215 (197)
    Belly 98 cm (96 cm)

    Had a good chest workout yesterday. Bench is up 3 reps total (from two to five). Other lifts are increasing also. The shoulder pain was manageable. We did fewer total sets of chest exercises to help with the soreness and that seemed to help.

    Libido seems to be up and I'm also getting some oily skin. Still having trouble with sleep although the last two nights haven't been bad. I'm starting to see some night sweating.

    My training partner is doing this cycle also and is getting a bit itchy about waiting for the Tren to kick in. I told him from the start that it'd be two weeks before we'd see results. I'm pretty sure that he's going to be pleasantly surprised.

  15. the shoulder pain sucks!!!!! how many mgs of Prop are you doing as of now?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by wildman536
    yeah, keep this thread updated!!
    yes please do keep us updated. By the way what type of sides should one expect on SD

  17. Quote Originally Posted by wildman536
    the shoulder pain sucks!!!!! how many mgs of Prop are you doing as of now?
    I'm doing 75 mg of each EOD although this morning I did about 100 mg of Tren and 75 mg of Test Prop. Speaking of which - I injected into the right delt this morning and I don't know if it's related or not but I just got through with a back/biceps workout and the overall pump was more intense than anything I've experienced on SD alone. And, my right arm was much more pumped and felt like a big log attached to my shoulder. I even had some muscle on the top of my forearm popping out like it was about to bust open. Normally my right arm is 1/2" smaller than my left but today it was definitely bigger.

    Could the extraordinary pump have something to do with the injection in the delt? I haven't read anything about the pumps on Tren/Test or site related pumps other than that from the volume of the oil.

  18. i have no clue on if the inj area helps any but could be a factor somehow.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by asap nutrition
    By the way what type of sides should one expect on SD
    SD Sides:

    Good - Weight gain, strength increase, awesome pump.

    Bad - Lipids, high BP, sleeplessness, night sweating, liver stress, testicular atrophy, painful back pumps.

    Of course, this list is incomplete but these are the notables.

  20. SD Day 20
    Tren/Test Day 11

    Weight 216 (197)
    Belly 98 cm (96 cm)

    So I'm up 19 lbs in 20 days. Most of that is water and fat but hopefully I can convert it all (and a little more) to lean muscle in the next six weeks.

    Had a great chest workout today. Bench was up another 3 reps. Moved to the Flat DB and increased there also. Incline DB increased another two reps. I'm still having to limit my sets due to the shoulder pain. Sucks.

    I was so psych'd about the first workout I went straight to the gym after work and got in a good leg workout. It's been a few weeks since I've worked legs due to various reasons. If I can get the legs going I should be able to make quick gains. I'm 30 lbs below my previous high in the squat and I was only just getting started when I did that.

  21. Tren/Test Day 17

    Weight 215 (197)
    Belly 98 cm (96 cm)

    Well, I've attempted to post a couple of times over the last few days but site instabilities have thwarted me. I'm thinking maybe I've learned to copy my text before hitting the submit button now.

    Shoulder problems have really limited my chest workouts. I increased my bench by another rep on Monday but then couldn't even complete one set on the incline DB's. Feeling strong otherwise.

    I need to get my BP checked. I'm pretty sure that it's up. Libido is constant and high. I've upped the Tren to 100 mg EOD for the last three injections and I'm thinking about doing another 25-50 mg on the odd days. I'm pretty sure that the Test is working (libido) and I know that the SD did it's job, but I don't get the feeling that the Tren is having a big effect.

    Sleep has been fairly good. I think I have adjusted to the aggressive dreams and tossing and turning to the point that I still feel rested in the morning. I'm not having night sweats to any degree. I'm getting some acne but it's not really noticable.

  22. Tren, test and superdrol is one sweet combo. I loved it! The sweats were horrible, however. From the symptoms (sweats, sleep problems), I think the tren is working for ya. It's not going to rip the fat off like most think. I found it to be an excellent repartitioner and SUPER great for strength. What were you expecting from tren, especially this soon in?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Jblake
    What were you expecting from tren, especially this soon in?
    Well I've gone back and read some more and, although results aren't expected to show until two to four weeks, the appropriate dosage appears to be a balance between results and sides. Basskiller's Fina FAQ says that he found 150 mg EOD to be optimal and that at 75 mg EOD he "received some results, but nothing outstanding".

    At this point the sides are minimal for me and I'm willing to up the dosage just to see how my body reacts.

  24. Tren/Test Day 19

    Weight 214 (197)
    Belly 98 cm (96 cm)

    Worked chest yesterday. Sucked bad. I went with low weights but still had to get help to pull the bar off my chest during the second set due to the pain. I was able to do military press, dips, pec deck, and triceps no problem so it's not like I'm completely useless.

    We worked back and biceps today. Had no problems at all. I do still have a bit of tennis elbow from the pull-ups so I'm staying away from those. Felt strong all around but nothing to get excited about.

    I bumped the Tren up to 150 mg today and put a little extra Test in for the weekend. I'm gonna try to work legs tomorrow.

  25. Tren/Test Day 23

    Weight 216 (197)
    Belly 98 cm (96 cm)

    Had a decent chest/triceps workout yesterday. Finally got all my sets in. I found that on the flat bench I can do a half rep from the chest up without pain. And on the incline I do a half rep from the top down. I'm gonna try some Ibuprofen before Thursday's workout to see if that will help also. My workout partner is setting new highs on his bench. He's now doing 245 for about 8 reps. The last time I did a full heavy set on the bench I did 9 reps at 225.

    Had a good leg workout last night. I'm up to around where I was at my peak a few months ago. I should be able to make decent gains through the rest of the cycle.

    I think I might be losing a bit of fat. The belt is a tad looser and my belly measurement has gone down a bit. I need to kick in some cardio to accelerate the recomposition.

    I had some chills last night but it got into the forties so the house was pretty cold. Other than that the sides are still minimal. I injected into the bicep Sunday midday and hit a nerve on the way in. The muscle jumped and I'm sure a lot of fibers got cut up. Today is back/biceps day but I'm not sure if the arm is gonna hold up. I've got lot's of soreness still.
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