BigVrunga starts his T1cycle...

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  1. Another aid...

    Originally posted by BigVrunga
    [Ive found that standard anti-diareahh pills containing L-Loperamide fix this up completely. When digestive problems flare up, Ill take 1pill per 1/2 serving of NLarge2, and my gut settles right down.
    BigVrunga [/B]
    Digestive Enzymes like Wobenzyme etc will help also...

  2. Originally posted by BigVrunga
    Thanks scotty2...maybe Ill hold off on the Formasin unless I notice any nipple soreness/puffyness. I got that on Anabol-X and it scared the crap out of me.

    Wow, if you got nipple soreness from anabolx ( 19nor - 5aa ) you must be incredibly predisposed to gyno my friend.

  3. Wow, if you got nipple soreness from anabolx ( 19nor - 5aa ) you must be incredibly predisposed to gyno my friend.
    I dont know if I am or not...that I was taking 750mg 4ad/day (megabol-x)too (orally, however). They did get sore. There were actually a lot of reports of nipple soreness/puffyness on that cycle(the bigcat stack)...a lot of people were taking viratase to take care of it at the time...

    I think these tender nips of mine might be because I got some T1 on them.

    Im watching though - if they get worse or start getting puffy, Im going to start on the Formasin that I have and order some liquid nolva.

  4. Up to 4000cals a day, and Im keeping it really clean. I have also upped the dosage of T1 to 5 squirts a day. Im taking Uni-Liver and Creatine, and ontop of the water retention from those the bloat from the 4AD is starting to kick in. Its uncomfortable. Ive started Formasin at 2caps/day. This is a low dose, and should help reduce some of the bloating without affecting total lean gains.

    They werent kidding about the increased recovery on this muscles just arent getting sore...and at the gym it seems I can just keep going and going. I can see why GVT is a favorable technique while on cycle - trying to get the necessary intensity in with a partner is difficult. You have to be really focused.

    Its been a week today and Im definately impressed,especially since things are just getting going...

    Ordering some liquid-nolva for post cycle to stack with the 6-oxo.

  5. Digestive Relief

    Originally posted by BigVrunga
    I know what you're talking about...too much protien in my system (liquid whey sources like NLarge2, specifically) give me the ****s like no tomorrow Ive found that standard anti-diareahh pills containing L-Loperamide fix this up completely. When digestive problems flare up, Ill take 1pill per 1/2 serving of NLarge2, and my gut settles right down.

    Thanks for the reply,
    For the last 6 or 7 years, I used to go through a Sam's Club size box of L-Loperamide a month, but about four months ago I found a combination that's a lot more natural and healthier. I take 1 tablespoon of psyllium husks with my morning shake, and 1 tablespoon of psyllium husks with my bedtime shake. Additionally, I take one digestive enzyme capsule with shakes and sometimes with meals.

    As far as cost goes:
    - I use Fitness Lab's Psyllium Husks and it costs me $4.59 per month.
    - Lindberg's Complete Digestant and it costs me $13.00 to $19.50 per month depending on how many I take a day.
    Both products are available at or their in-person store Lindberg Nutrition (Torance, CA). Trader Joe's also has similar products (for less money) that I plan to try when my current stock runs out.


  6. Hey Todd - Thanks so much for the info! Im actually still using the same little box of L-Loperamide I bought last summer,as the runs from protien dont flare up too much anymore...but I would definately prefer a more natural route.

    Thats a great post man, I really appreciate it. Karma for that one!

    Thanks again,

  7. Did chest today - lifts are up almost 20lbs! This is the first chest day since I started the T1. I have also gained another 3lbs, making it a total of 8lbs gained in 8days.
    I was starting to look leaner, until the 4AD kicked in... The water smoothed me out a bit.

    My brother is also using T1 right along with me, and is seeing similar gains.


  8. We started at the same time, BV. Well, the 18th for me. I am right at 7lbs gained right now.

    "I was starting to look leaner, until the 4AD kicked in... The water smoothed me out a bit."

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

  9. Hey Poolman - about the water retention...I know its beneficial, but at times it gets too much. I bought some formasin to use as an on cycle-anti-e. I had never used it, but let me tell you this stuff works and it works REAL WELL. I took 2 formasin, and 4 hours later the water retention was gone. I took another 2 the same time the next day, and the 'perky nips' also subsided.
    Its working great to control the estrogen, I would definately recommend it. Im only going to use it when the e-sides become uncomfortable.

    One thing thats cool - I woke up the next morning with the bloat gone, and I weighed the same as I did 2 days before when I felt like a baloon

    What's your diet look like? What weight are you going for?

    Good luck bro!


  10. That's good to hear! My diet is around 4000 cal. Trying to get at least 200 of protein also. Mostly eggs, oatmeal, tuna, and chicken. My start weight was 160, and want to end around 175. I know that's not much being 6 foot, but 180 is about my total goal. I was a little heavier (168), but a kidney stone sidelined me a little while back.

    I really enjoyed the results the first week. I gained pretty good, very solid with little bloat. Looked ripped and lean (my BF is around 10%). Now I look a little soft. It's ok, I'll just add all the size I can while "on," then work at getting the water down. I also have to drink around 2.5 to 3 gallons of water a day (I have passed 6 kidney stones since I was 20....I'm 27 now). That probably doesn't help.

    I don't have access to formasin, so I'll have to cross my fingers. The nips haven't really gotten too puffy yet, but they are sensitive as hell. Hope my luck is good!

    How are you doing with the applications? I started the first 4 days or so alternating my shoulders and upper arm, then my stomach area. Now I am just applying it to my left shoulder and outside arm in the morning, then the right side for the evening. It's worked pretty good, and I am watching my skin like a hawk for anything odd (excessive dryness, etc.) The stomach was nice, but sucked when I took a shower. That **** just ran down with the water into my crotch. Penis and 1-test don't mix. Hehe, I've gotten it on my cheeks a couple of times too. And once on my forehead (no clue how), and that **** burned! Let me know what your routine is.

  11. Hey again poolman- has Formasin for like $24 a bottle! It is also supposed to exert a small anabolic effect, although I dont know if you'd even notice alongside the 1test and 4AD.

    What are you doing for post cycle?

    I apply to the chest and sides, and then wipe the excess on my inner bi's and on my legs. I always message it in really good. At night I start applying on the chest, and then move to the sides. Then switch for the 2nd application during the day. It burned like hell at first, but Im used to it, I dont really notice any kind of rash or anything.
    Id did get a bit on the schlong, I hear you there...
    Ive been rubbing some excess on my forearms to, hoping the dmso will help ease my sore tendons...(what a bitch that is...)

    How did you get so many kidney stones??

    Its kinda funny - we both started T1 at the same time and were the same age (Im 27 too)

    What other supps are you taking? That's great youve got your diet down - Im moving to 4500 calls/day starting tomorrow. Im trying to keep the ratio as close to 40/40/20 as I can...

    Routine looks like this:

    Monday - Bis/Tris
    Tuesday - Legs
    Wednesday - Off
    Thurday - Chest
    Friday - Shoulders
    Saturday - Back
    Sunday - Off

    Hitting abs hard everyday, trying to keep the midsection toned while Im gaining all this weight.
    Forearms every other day...
    Calves before workout every on day, 10 sets.

    8 sets for tris on chest day and 8 sets for bis on back day.

    This is supposed to let you work at double volume, and that appears to be the case 33 sets today with my partner in less than 1.5 hrs!

    Whats your routine look like?


  12. Took two days off - I havent really been sleeping enough, and I figured I could use one more day of rest after a solid week of training. And, Lo and Behold, I get on the scale after work and Im 219!! That's a 14lb gain, in 11days! At least 4lbs of this was estrogen bloat, however. I took two Formasin and Ill probably be back down to 213-214 in a little while.
    Upped cals to 4500 a day, I went out and bought a food scale and Im keeping it as clean as possible. Im handling the 400g of protien long as I stream it in evenly throughout the day, I have no digestive problems at all.
    What a difference bulking clean makes! A year ago, I figured a $.99 King Supreme from Burger King was a valid method of increasing caloric intake. I had the dimples on my ass to prove it too! This year, at the same weight, Im so much leaner, and so much stronger its astounding. I hit 230 last year at the peak of my bulking cycle, with a max Squat of 305 for 6. When I went to cut down, this dropped almost 40lbs.
    Now Im squatting 315 for 10 like nothing, with a much lower bodyfat %. Its 11days into T1, and I look friggin' huge!

    This stuff is great...


  13. Yes it is great BV! I'll reply more later when I have more time.

    By the way, I took 2 freaking days off also. Are we the same damn person? And I'm going to PM you about the Formasin (going to order tomorrow).

    [Edit] Out of curiousity, how are your joints feeling? Mine seem to have gone down hill some in the past few days.

  14. By the way, I took 2 freaking days off also. Are we the same damn person?
    I dont know man its kinda freaky!!

    About those joints - Im taking 2000mg Glucosamine and 2000mg MSM per day (1000mg each about 12hrs apart), as well as at least 10g of Flax Oil per day.

    I started that regimen about a week before I went on cycle, and my joints actually feel better now than they did before.

    You might also want to add some Chondroitin to the mix, but i cant seem to find it by itself, and its expensive. There's a thread around here called 'joint care cocktail' that explains how these substances work in more detail.

    Also, the DMSO in the T1 might help if you run it around the affected area (like your shoulders...)

    Are you at risk for hairloss? Do you notice any hair problems with the T1?


  15. Just an update:

    13th day into the cycle, Im definately seeing some massive gains. This is almost scary The 'big gains' on 1test are supposed to come in the 3rd and 4th week - honestly if I stopped the cycle right now and kept what Ive gained, Id be happy.


  16. quick Q, on a cycle of 1-t pro, should you keep carbs up at all? or just focus on as much protein as possible? Just started... thx.

  17. JWest0926 -
    What I did was raise my total caloric intake by 1000 calls and keep the ratio the same. I try to stay as close to 40-40-20 (p/c/f) as possible. Usually itll get a little skewed, for instance most days Ill get ~350g of protien and 450g of carbs (on a 4000 calorie/day diet).
    Ive made awesome gains on this cycle, over 15lbs and I have a week to go, with very little visable fat gain.

  18. thks. id love to gain large w/little added fat. we will see. I'm not doing the formasin though, is this nec. a bad idea? ive got a bottle of 6-oxo for post cycle...

  19. Jwest0926 -
    A bottle of Formasin is only $25 - It works well and is definatley a worthwhile investment. If you are sensitive to estrogen, then you're going to want it if you get too bloated or your nipples start to hurt -

    Actually - a better idea would be to get a bottle of liquid nolva - youll have enough to stack with your 6-oxo for superior post-cycle recovery and plenty extra to use to keep the estrogen sides down.

    You only want to use the e-blocker when the estrogen sides get too much to handle...some estrogen is your system is great for strength/mass gains and helps combat some of the 1test sides as well.

    Another piece of advice- pound your abs daily (or 3 on 1 off). I worked abs like a freak on this cycle and even though Ive gained all that weight, they're still quite visable (lower abs arent - but hey - Im bulking damnit!)


  20. nice job boys.....yous gonna post some b4 and after shots?

  21. Thanks for the tips Vungra! I'll post results here! Real excited!

  22. hey hamper19 - I didnt take any before pics - but I may try to get some after shots up. Ive gained a whole stack of weight - 15+lbs already and Ive got a week to go...

    Im going to try to go hog wild this last week and hit 4500 cals/day and get another 5lbs...

    If I can hit a solid 225 and maintain it throughout post-cycle that would definately be cool!

    Thanks for the tips Vungra! I'll post results here! Real excited!
    You got it Jwest0926! Good luck man!


  23. Well, the cycle ends wednesday and I can say Im definately impressed with the results. My butt naked, 'after relieving myself' weight this morning was 224. At the inception of this cycle, my butt naked, 'after releiving myself' weight was around 206.

    I should clarify that so Im not misleading people - in previous threads, the weight I would post would be my 'on the gym scale with my shorts t-shirt and sneakers on' weight.

    From now on, all weights posted will be BNARM in the morning weight.

    So anyways- things have gone great this past month, strength is way up, weight is way up, bodyfat is a little higher, but definately not much. I still fit in the same pants after gaining nearly 20lbs.

    I havent taken any Formasin in a week either, trying to maximize weight gain for the cycle's end. I do notice a little bloating.

    I'll post a summary of the whole 4 weeks Wednesday night, and then start keeping a record for the post cycle in this same thread.

    Im getting my tax return soon, so I should be able to afford a camera, I really want to get some pics up. Man, do I ever need a tan though

  24. so whats your next plan dude, you gonna do a short cutting stint or what?....

    i like the BNARM acronym..pretty funny

    wtf man...smileys do not work for me....

    and yes i have them enabled

  25. Im going to run 6oxo/nolva for post for 4 weeks, keeping cals and poundage up, then start some light cardio to shave off a little of this excess chunk for another month. I have 3/4 bottle of T1 left, and should have about 1/2 of the liqua-nolva after a 4week post.
    I think Ill do a short 3week cycle to improve some of my lacking areas (biceps need more of a peak, forearms/quads/calves need more mass) and then naturally keep bulking after that until I hit the goals I set when I started lifting. Those were:

    19" arms
    315lb bench for 6
    350lb squat for 20
    500lb deadlift for 6
    100lb DB shoulder press for 6
    Right now, Im at:

    18" arms
    285lb bench for 6
    315lb squat for 12
    465lb deadlift for 2
    80lb DB shoulder press for 6

    So Ive got some work to do!

    After I hit those goals, and can hold on to them until I know that they're there to stay, Ill start to cut. I may do one more cycle for cutting to ensure that I hold on to the muscle...

    After that, its all natural for me. T1 was way too much fun, If I tried some 'real' gear I know that I couldnt give it up.



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