Superdrol/Mag-10 Cycle

  1. Superdrol/Mag-10 Cycle

    This will be my first log and will be as follows starting Sept 26:
    Wk 1-2: Mag10 (Destroyer version) 10 caps ed.
    Wk 3: Mag10 5 caps ed/Superdrol 1 cap ed.
    Wk 4-5/6: Superdrol 2 caps ed. If gains are coming will continue with 1 cap for the second week.
    Also, if I'm feeling ok I will continue another week of 2 caps (a 4th week).
    Wk 6/7-10:Nolva-3ml/2ml/1.5ml
    Pro Liver-3 caps ed
    RYR w/CoQ10-2 caps ed
    Lean Extreme-6 caps ed first week/3 caps ed rest of pct
    Cre-Ethyl Thunder-8 caps ed
    Fenugreek-2/4/6 caps ed
    DHEA-2 caps ed

    I will be taking thoughout the cycle:
    MultiVitamin-1 cap ed
    ZMA-3 caps ed
    Fish Oil-8 caps ed
    Sesamin-2 caps ed (maybe change to 1 cap if gains aren't as expected)
    Added Cissus RX-4 caps ed

    I also will be taking before and with Superdrol:
    LIV 52-4 caps ed
    Hawthorne Berry-2 caps ed
    Taurine-1 cap ed (more if needed)
    Policosanol-2 caps ed

  2. Stats

    Again I started Monday and I'm 31 yo 5'9" 164 lbs. I've been lifting off and on for about 9 years, mostly unproductively because of believing hype and marketing bullcrap. I got serious again and started a diet January 10, 2005 when I was 195 lbs. I lost 35 lbs. and I'm making my way up to my goal of 200 lbs @ around 9% bf.
    I'm doing Chad Waterbury's Quattro Dynamo (twice back to back) and Perfect 10 for back and chest for the whole time I'm on cycle.
    I'm averaging 3400 calories with Mag10, which I might increase with Superdrol.
    I have all my measurements at home and will probably update before I start Superdrol.

  3. Day 10

    My weight is up to 175 lbs. this morning. I was surprised to see it that high, although I know some of that is fat because I noticed a little more fat around my belly. I'm bulking, so that is expected. I'm averaging around 3700 calories a day and 300 grams of protein. Workouts have all been good and energy is staying high. Recovery is better than normal. I've noticed a little tightness in the mornings, but that goes away by mid-day and little to no soreness. I didn't expect much from the Mag10, but so far I am happy with my results. When I have taken Mag10 in the past I wasn't strict on my diet or was on a cut, so I didn't take full advantage of it. I start 1 cap Superdrol with 5 caps Mag10 Oct. 10th. When I'm finished with this cycle I will be comparing it with a cycle of Max LMG/Superdrol.

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