BARBELL ROWS 275- 6 reps 320lb 6 reps
    PULL-UPS (bodyweight+35) - 6 reps bodyweight + 55 ( i weigh alot more now)
    DEADLIFT 455- 3reps 515lb 5 reps
    DUMBELL PRESS (Incline) 95-7,8 reps 115lb 6 reps
    DUMBELL SHOULDER PRESS 85-9 reps 105lb 6 reps
    SQUATS 275- 10 reps 405lb 5 reps ( i know i am shocked too)
    BARBELL CURLS- 135 7 reps 165lb 8 reps
    SHRUG 620lbs-15 reps 780lb 10 reps (another shocker, but thanks to deadlifts)

    biceps 18.50 inches 19.15 inches
    shoulders 54 inches 56 inches
    thigh 26 inches 27 inches
    chest 47 inches 48..25 inches
    waist 36 inches 36.50 inches
    calves 17 inches 17.5 inches

    bodyweight is 207 227lbs
    bodyfat- don't know but can see my abs still see abs but a bit bloated right now.

    This is the my sucessful bulking cycle to date. I crushed most of my goals. Now its on to pct, i hope on to keep majority of the gains. We shall see.....I am still here if anybody has any questions i will gladly answer .

    I want to thank everybody that contributed to this thread, i am very greatful and i appreciate all you respondse.

  2. Great gains.
    Have you posted what your PCT will be?

  3. Ultra-hot, lean xtreme, zma, 5ht.

    thanks men

  4. those are some great gains

  5. You are a beast!

  6. very nice, sounds like you had your diet and training straight.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by intv
    very nice, sounds like you had your diet and training straight.
    that is the key before you ever go on a cycle, make sure you diet and training is in check.


  8. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    You are a beast!
    Thank. I am trying eventhough i did not break the 230lb, next time around i will.

    thanks again

  9. Just wondering which ph do you think you got most gains from and which least

  10. Finigenx was the main reason of the strength when it kicked in on the third week i just started blowing up
    superdrol dried me out and then gave me about 6 pounds lbms
    M14ADD and 1-test did what ever it is they did, oh M14add also helped with the strength gains.


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