Syr Summer Recomp

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  1. Syr Summer Recomp

    Time off is becoming too long
    My cholesterol levels are getting normal again
    And august is close (yay!)
    Soo... july will be the month of my (almost)NHA (almost)Legal stack.

    For the people who followed my previous plans and ideas, the difference here is that my screwed lipids made me choose to not use any methyladed AAS while various joints issues reduced other options as well (LX will not be used or used at low dose only during pct). Not a good period. I've put only 1lb of mas over the last month, but at least I kept the BF at the same level.

    Stats: Typical ectomorph with slightly low metabolism, fat deposits concentrated on abdominal area, Starting BF: 13%
    Diet: high protein, low carb, moderate fat, around 2-300 kcal below maintenance. No carb cycling.
    Training: 3-day split, with 15/20/30/30 mins cardio thereafter (cant do on separate days)
    Goal: Reduce BF% to 9-10% while keeping the same total bodyweight +/-1lb

    Cycle: 4 weeks (eventually 5)
    -Melting Point (recommended dosage, eventually 1 extra cap)*
    -Max LMG 50/75/75/100
    -Albuterol (oral, splitted into 3 doses, every 6 hours, ramped up to assest tolerance)
    -SAN Thyrocuts II
    -Lipoderm Ultra

    PCT: 3 weeks
    -Nolva 40/20/20 (I have a couple of boxes left and so, even if not needed i'm going to use it)
    -Forskolin 200mg
    -Lean Xtreme (3 caps ED, which is a low dose for me, I went up to 5 caps)

    *It is possible that I will continue to use MP for longer, depending on how I feel and on the results.

  2. Good luck, you rich bastard.
    I'm cutting right now too. Lets see what I'm using. Umm, fish oil, green tea, umm, that's it. Oh, ordered some nicotine gum. I'm broke.

  3. What's your weight, and how many cals will you be consuming?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Blown
    What's your weight, and how many cals will you be consuming?
    As i said I'll be eating 200-300 kcal below maintenance. I'm only 5'7" tall and my maintenance is 2000kcal.

  5. Do you build up immunity to Albuterol over time? I'm interested to see how this works for you.

    Why not Prostanozol?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    Do you build up immunity to Albuterol over time? I'm interested to see how this works for you.
    Why not Prostanozol?
    This is the first time I will try this substance. I will ramp up dosage to assest my tollerance during the first week.
    I've never used Clen due to the safety profile.

    Why not Prostanozol?
    Main reason is that I have one bottle of MAX already, then, it is not available from my UK dealer yet and ordering PS from overseas is too much a pain in the ass due to the bitchiness of italian Customs. Moreover, I'm not sure of the effect of a compound so close to winny on lipids.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Syr
    -Max LMG 50/75/75/100
    Looking at my supplements case, I'm thinking that I could have something to add or to use in place of max.
    Here is what should not affect lipids:

    -M4OHT: Maybe its time for this to roll It should not affect liver enxymes and lipids like m4ohn and this
    -4OHT transdermal. At 500mg for 20 days. Problem here is that my stock is too limited.
    -1T trans: I have half bottle of Big 1 and a low dose of this could help. I'm not a fan of 1T/4AD cycles.
    -1AD: Should be analog to a moderate dose of 1T transdermally but I've never tried this and one day or another I will
    -FinigenX: unfortunately I dont have and cant easily get this ATM.
  8. day 1

    I decided to start one week earlier cause of the delays on MP and Albuterol delivery.

    I havent decided which androgen if any to stack with MAX, from one part I want to evaluate how this compound effects my body, from the other I dont have in stock the two safest additions i could run... I will probably get the remaining 4oht powder I would need to run it 5 weeks but I dont have the DMSO yet, which is in the hands of USPS with Alb...

    So for I'll run this stack for 5 weeks -I will add Melting Point and Albuterol as soon as I get em:
    -Max LMG (50/75/75/100/100)
    -SAN Thyrocuts II (4 weeks total: 1/2/3---3---3/2/1 caps)
    -Lean Xtreme (3 caps): I decided to start this immediately due to the lack of MP for about 10 days
    -Sesathin (1.25ml, 3 times a day)
    -Lipoderm Ultra (5 pumps, 2 times a day)

    Along with my all-year round protocol:
    -Milk Thristle (1g)
    -NAC (1200mg)
    -Organic Multi (1 teaspoon)
    -Vit.C (1g)
    -Celadrin (3 caps, NOW brand)
    -Saw Palmetto (3-5 caps, Holland & Barrett brand)
    -Udo's Oil (1-2 tablespoons)

    And my cholesterol-reducing course, which will last other 3 weeks, overlapping this cycle (but this shouldnt be a problem except for the number of pills i'm taking each day ) (i got lazy, check other posts about cholesterol for dosage):
    -Red Yeast Rice

    I'll be doing cardio tomorrow morning (20 mins elliptical) and if time permits normal weight training in the PM.

    I'm considering using Cissus right after this cycle.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    Thanks, bro!
  10. day 4

    I'm starting to see some results worth posting and so here it is.

    Training: I did cardio on day 2 and today. I lifted yesterday (chest and tris + little abs). I'm stopping direct Abs excercises this month to avoid hypertrophy. Ths split will be chest/tri, shoulders/back and legs/bi. After a short night sleep (cause of the temperature not of the stimulants) I was dead tired yesterday and I had to work out in the PM... so I decided that I needed a real boost do not drop weights. So I popped 25mg of MDHT ecactly 45 mins before training... and it worked. I went 5 lbs on weighted crunches (yesterday was the last day of doing direct abs work, as i stated above) and felt less hard to the the last series on the bench.

    Weight: Usually my weight flucutates around +-0.5kg , but there is a positive tendence today. Usually i'm 0.3-0.5 lighter after a hard gym day, but instead the scale told me the opposite this morning: +0.3Kg. Bad? No, good! Last night I had the feeling that my underwear was looser and this morning i got the confirmation: stomach (at belly) measurement is -1cm. I think both MAX and the cutting supps are working. The plan is to have agents to work concurrently and sinergically from different angles and it seems to be going the right way.
    My goal is to maintain the same weight or to gain a couple of kilos (1k=2.2lb), while noticeably getting lean. Ah, if i only had already MP and Alb in my hands.

    Sides: None. Stimulants are not able to stop me falling asleep For the rest, with my current schedule I'm not experiencing stomach disconfort or other digestive problems so far.

    Supplementation: After re-reading Nandi tyrocut/sblaze cycle, I decided to add one cap of thyrocuts in the morning (4 total) and stick to 4 LX caps a day (+1 over my initial plan). I will probably switch to Blaze in 2 weeks when my LX bottle finish, just to compare.
    Next week I will add EAA (i'm a fan of EAA over BCAA), with 2-3 servings of All In One no carb a day.
    About androgens, I dont think I will add anything with MAX. It seems that its doing his job and I want to evaluate MAX its effectiveness. But Prostanozol is tempting me a lot... I dont feel like running a second transdermal, so the 4oht is delayed to a future cycle of this kind.
  11. day 10

    Note: I dont update the log everyday, but the informations are referred to the day i put in the title and the ones before.

    Training: I had a great workout last saturday! I went up on most of the lifts I were doing (back, shoulders and abs, the last session with direct abs work). It was 2 months that for various reasons i couldnt raise the bar. I was extremely happy. I'm in a very low carb diet and this means only one thing to me: that MAX is working, and its working good. I upped my cardio to 35 mins today. I will go up to 45mins, but I cant do it more than 3 times a week, MAYBE 4. Ah and this without taking any stimulant pre-workout. I'll try again tomorrow (chest/tri day) taking 50mg of MDHT. i really want to reach a new personal best on the bench!

    Weight: Stable, very stable. The fluctuation is less than usual (100/200g), which means also that some androgen is in my body. Today weight is exactly the same as when i started the cycle, but I definitely look and feel fuller. Unfortunately the waist measurement didnt go down further. Thats why I decided to be stricter on carbs (the bad ones are totally forbidden and no cheat meal is allowed) and upped the cardio. I thought that with 30mins I would be fine. Thats not enough instead.
    Also, I ordered a new caliper and I hope to get more consistent measures, having a friend measure me (and vice versa, he's cutting natural).

    Sides: Libido is up, I'm feeling pumps, particularly in arms, up to 2 days after training. Nothing painful, thanks god, very different than the pumps that SD gave me. This is more in the mirror. The feeling of warmth is absolutely normal since I'm taking and doing towards an increase in metabolic level.

    Supplementation: Maybe I should raise the dosage of Thyrocuts of another cap even, but i'm sticking with this protocol for now. I should get MP and Albuterol by the end of this week, so in time to start em on week 3. Thansk god. I'm going to add also Prostanozol to my cycle. My plan is to run max and prostan for 4 weeks each, covering a 6 weeks period. I firmly believe in the need of an androgen when stopping a thyroid stimulant of any sort.
  12. day 13

    Training: Yes, I did that: PR for 2 sets of 5 on the bench Felt extremely good. Started to notice reduced soreness. I believe recovery time is reduced (thats always been one of my weak points). I think its MAX, since MSM shouldt be so fast acting. Anyeay, I'm continuing with this protocol (see below in the supps section).
    Today is back and bis day and I hope to keep the pace. I'm testing a higher dosage MDHT for today. 25mg in the morning and 50mg pre-workout. If this doesnt work, I will stop considering this stuff as a workout strenght booster.

    Weight/Measurements: Stable, with a tendency to go up. We're still talking about 100-200g a day, which transaltes to less than 1lb since the beginning. very stable. The fluctuation is less than usual (100/200g). The caliper arrived and the measurement said i'm at 14% BF and that obviously sucks. Belly is about 0.5 cm less than the previous measurement. Its going down too slowly for my tastes. I really hope I'll have Alb and MP this week.

    Sides: Better recovery is the most noticeable "side" for me. And that's not a bad thing.

    Supplementation: I got All in One and I started yesterday with one daily serving. I'd like to find some data to compare this to BCAA, but I believe 18g EAA to be equivalent to 25g BCAA, which should be my daily intake. I'm thinking to get a good deal and buy a few cans of this, so I can take 2 servings a day and evaluate it for at least one month. Finished LX yesterday and took one cap of Blaze at night in place of 2 LX caps. i'm dosing blaze at 3 caps a day, morning, noon and evening (recommended dosage is 2 caps). I'm still at 4 caps of Thyrocuts and i will stay there. As planned, i'm going to stack Prostanozol from this saturday (2 weeks mark).
  13. day 16

    Time for another update.

    Training: Neen overall good, ont stellar like the last session but OK. I have some pain in my left elbow, which appeared yesterday from nowhere. I have to go to the gym today anyway and let's see...
    The second experiment with MDHT was a failure. It's definitely NOT a good pre-workout stimulant. If i can get my hands on some M5aa i'll try this route again, for now, MDHT goes back in the locker.

    Weight/Measurements: Up, up, up! The gains are moderate (of course considering my sub-maintenance diet) but steady. Waist and BF% are stable, so the additional LBM wouldnt hurt. I had a 2-3 lbs goal for the ENTIRE cycle, but I'm already 2.5 lbs up now!

    Sides: I experienced a sort of lethargy 2 nights ago but it went away yesterday. I think it was from intense training and lack of enough high-quality sleep (a few hours across the week, not more). I'm sleeping constantly 8 hours and I feel better.

    Supplementation: I dont know if is MAX alone the cause of the gains, but I strongly believe in the role of EAA when on a calorie-restricted diet. So here goes, my daily serving of AIO + the preworkout one. I hope to get the missing stuff very soon since I dont want to extend they cycle more than 6 weeks. Anyway, i'm already thinking of an active PCT/bridge.

  14. What active PCT bridge are you thinking of?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    What active PCT bridge are you thinking of?
    hexatropin and cissus for 2 month straight.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Syr
    hexatropin and cissus for 2 month straight.

    OH baby!!! I'm stoked to try the Hex. You may want to plan it for 6 months if you can afford it. I'm thinking about it as well.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    OH baby!!! I'm stoked to try the Hex. You may want to plan it for 6 months if you can afford it. I'm thinking about it as well.
    Ah and maybe ActivaTe too for first the 4 weeks.
    If i like it, i can go for more months. Shipping/customs is the biggest problem for me.

    If you werent already sure to try it, read here: ewpost

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Syr
    Ah and maybe ActivaTe too for first the 4 weeks.
    If i like it, i can go for more months. Shipping/customs is the biggest problem for me.

    If you werent already sure to try it, read here: ewpost

    HAHAHA.....I'd hate to be that guy's liver. GEEZUS...."im a couple of months in on a stack of M1T,SD,M1P and (i bump it with 3mgs MDien off and on as well).."

    Is he kidding? I'm going to watch Lozgod's journal closely.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    HAHAHA.....I'd hate to be that guy's liver. GEEZUS...."im a couple of months in on a stack of M1T,SD,M1P and (i bump it with 3mgs MDien off and on as well).."

    Is he kidding? I'm going to watch Lozgod's journal closely.
    Yeah but thats, isnt it? but somewhere else he said to have used hexa alone. Whatever I believe the science behind ghrp and hexarelin in particular. And studies on GH in general on the ability to significantly alter body composition.
  20. day 17

    Finally got my MP. I'm dosing 2 caps with lunch and 2 with dinner.

    I plan to raise to 3+3 saturday if I dont feel anything.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Syr
    Ah and maybe ActivaTe too for first the 4 weeks.
    If i like it, i can go for more months. Shipping/customs is the biggest problem for me.

    If you werent already sure to try it, read here:
    Seems like this guy is an idiot, read a few other of his posts, so I woudn't trust him too much.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by DmitryWI
    Seems like this guy is an idiot, read a few other of his posts, so I woudn't trust him too much.
    Yes, he probably is. Whatever, GH has proved to help with the most stubborn fat loss.
  23. day 20

    Training: Nothing remarkable to say. No new personal bests. It seems I can get my hands on M5AA and I will try it as pre-wo stimulant @30mg from next week.

    Weight/Measurements: I had an unplanned night off at a friend place and I've been screwed for night missed doses of everything, 2 skipped meals and lack of sleep (but lot of sex...). I recovered yesterday, but this definitely put a hit on the scale. It will take another day or two to go back to the same weight.

    Sides: Overall mild lethargy. But sleep DOES help me, particularly naps. I start feeling some muscle hardness today that should be from the Prostan. I give it 2 full weeks before upping the dosage. Also I felt more dehydrated the last 2 days. I'm expecting some strenght gains from this stack.

    Supplementation: As I posted on another thread i jumped MP dosage right to 3 caps, twice a day, after the first day. I'm also raising fish oil to 10g now and I plan to peak at 12g. Sesathin is also at double dosage. Finally I felt some warm sensation after taking my first MP dose today with lunch.
    I'm going to discontinue SAN thyrocuts and Lipoderm when i finish the bottles, since their contribution is basically none. I will start using forskolin immediately (200mg of 20% extract, USP Labs).

  24. Nice log Syr
  25. day 22 - 3 weeks mark

    Well, the duration so far seems long but i hadnt my best supps available during the first 2 weeks. BTW this helped me decide what likely doesnt work for me.

    Training: Good, but not exceptional. I think Prostan needs a few more days to give strenght.

    Weight/Measurements: Back up to near the max i reached. Measurement at belly is the same and the caliper too is fixed. BUT in the mirror this morning I saw some loose skin in the upper abs area (which i DONT measure with tape nor caliper). Maybe its just water loss, but i think is some SAT.

    Sides: Very mild lethargy, more than sustainable. Absolutely no sides from the 3 doses of Albuterol I already took. Good.

    Supplementation: Got Albuterol yesterday and started in the PM. I'll go with 3 doses a day: morning, afternoon and night, with the mid one being 1h before workout on training days. I had a great sleep tonight, but got up one hour earlier than usual. No change to my previous plans. I will finish a bottle of guggul which i stopped after reading controversial studies about cholesterol effect. I'm getting blood drawn next week to evaluate the cholesterol-fighting protocol i'm still following.
  26. day 24

    Training: Nothing to report, slight weight increase on pulldowns..

    Weight/Measurements: Down 1lb. Diet has been consistent and sleep good. This means that either MP or Albuterol kicked in.

    Sides: None.

    Supplementation: No change.
  27. day 26

    Training: The low carb is testing my strengh. I'm just trying to keep the same weights. Anyway training has been good and intense.

    Weight/Measurements: Weight basically stable. Waist measurement: -0.5cm.

    Sides: Nothing noticeable to report.

    Supplementation: Finished Thyrocuts yesterday and started forskolin (20%) @100mg in the morning and 100 before bed.
    I'm thinking to raise the dosage of MP again to 8 caps. Saturday will be the 4 weeks mark and I will evaluate the situation to make corrective measures if needed.
    I'm not sure if i posted here, but i raised the Albuterol dosage to 4mg, 3day.
  28. day 28

    Training: I'll update this part tonight when i get back from the gym. I want to see how the impact of the "paindul pumps" (see below) affect training.

    Weight/Measurements: Down, down, down! Dropped 1lb a day in the past 2 days. This is surely due in part of the appetite loss that Albuterol caused. Besides this, Alb and eventually also MP are definitely working. Waist measurement: another 0.5cm down. Oh yea.

    Sides: Yesterday was definitely a bad day. I did the mistake to take a double dose of Prostan at night for the past 2 days, since I wasnt feeling much from it and it was more than one week. Instead it kicked in exactly yesterday, whith a plasma concentration higher than it should have been. Result: I had painful pumps all over the body, particularly on the muscles which were still recovering (tri and delts). First i skipped the mid day dose of Prostan, reducing the daily dose to 50mg. Then I raised my taurine intake, took 1g of potassium and magnesium (which would help with Albuterol effects too btw), 2 caps of an OTC muscle relaxant that my doc prescribed me for a tendon strain 2 months ago, went to the movie and then to bed. Had a long night sleep and this morning i'm NOTICEABLY better. We'll see how today workout will impact this.

    Supplementation: Forskolin gives me diarhea. I dont know why, but after a couple of days of usage, poof. I decided to take it only in the morning, the bedtime dose is the one mostly related to morning ****s. I dont plan any change in supps until i finish 3 weeks of Alb.
  29. day 34

    Training: The last workout was not particularly good but i was very tired due to lack of sleep (damn those night sweats @35°+C)

    Weight/Measurements: Weight down more than 1lb since the last update. Waist measurement down JUST 0.5cm (not too good), but the other measurements (chest, arms and legs) are stable or slightly up, so the LBM is holding. I dont know from where the fat is going since i see it only on my stomach. Anyway, the single spot caliper doesnt help either. I'm going to take 3 different measurements of the belly. I can guess that Prostan is at least anti-catabolic.

    Sides: Besides the forskolin ****s, none. Slight tiredness, but thats mostly from the lack of sleep than from Prostan. Also the stomach disconfort disappeared when I discontinued
    MAX LMG.

    Supplementation: I stopped MP when I read of possible interactions with thyroid hormones * la sesathin. I started Dicana after 3 days of forskolin only and I'm taking both right now, altough I'm dosing forskolin 200mg in the morning EOD, restarting tomorrow (today **** was still a bit bad).This friday I'll stop Albuterol being 3 weeks (one bottle FYI) and I'll take AMP. I want to try this instead of EC (I was NOT going to take aspirin anyway). I'm not sure if to start MP again or hold it for later during PCT, when i'll not be taking any thyroid med. To sum up the cycle that can appear confusing to most:

    The fatloss plan is:
    weeks 1-2 Thyrocuts 4 caps, LX 5caps (switched to Blaze 3 caps), sesathin (normal then double dose)
    weeks 2-3 Thyrocuts 4 caps, Albuterol 4mg x3, Blaze, Melting Point (4 then 6 caps)
    weeks 3-4 Dicana 3 caps, Albuterol 4mg x3, Forskolin 200mg EOD,
    weeks 5-6 Dicana 4 caps, AMP, LX @ 3 caps (should arrive tomorrow, i'm without cortisol suppressor ATM, but Prostan seems to do something on that)
    weeks 7-9 Albuterol 4mg x3, Melting Point (8 caps), Forskolin 200mg EOD, LX 5caps

    The PS plan is:
    weeks 1-2 MAX @75
    weeks 3-4 MAX @75, Prostan @75
    weeks 5-6: Prostan @75 (i'll bump to 100 again next week)
    weeks 7-9 PCT RXT + CEE


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