Third Time's the Charm

  1. Third Time's the Charm

    During the past three winters, I have engaged in long keto cycles (never again by the way - next cut is Bobo style!) in an attempt to greatly reduce my waist size. I'm 42, 6'1" and "typically" weigh around 185 lbs. In 2003, I dieted down to 153 lbs, 31.25" waist and 7% BF, 2004 - 149 lbs, 30" and 5.7%, this past winter (2005) 145 lbs, 28.75" and 5%. In 03 & 04, by early winter, my waist size and BF% returned to slightly better than "normal" levels. Poor dieting seems to get me in trouble between October and New Years. No more!

    I've started my bulk cycle. After keto, I introduced carbs very slowly. First week was 40 grams PWO only. Second week was 40 pre, 40 post and 32 before bed (fat free cottage cheese). Weeks 3/3.5 included a 40/40/20 ratio at 2400 - 2800 daily calories. During the reintroduction of carbs in weeks 1&2, my weight increased to 153lbs, waist size 29" and BF remained 5% - actually calipers measured somewhat lower. Carbs are strictly steel cut oats, brown rice or from fat free cottage cheese.

    For the past 10 days I supplemented with M1T at 10 grams/day. I consumed 8 strict 400 calorie meals/day and lifted very heavy (6 rep ranges) but brief. I finished the cycle today at 166 lbs and lots of strength gain.

    Tomorrow I begin PCT. There appears to be many more PCT choices than prior stacks. The past two PCTs incorporated Nolva only. PCT for the next 4 weeks includes Nolva for wks 1-3 at 40/20/10. Morning dosage of RXT (1 cap) with 200 mgs DHEA for weeks 1-4 and Activate at the recomended dosage for weeks 1-4.

    This log will track the PCT for the next 4 weeks.

    Goal is to continue strength and weight gains.

    wt: 143.5, wst: 28.75", BF: 5%, R.arm: 13.125", Rthigh: 19.75", Chest: 40.625"

    wt: 166, wst: 29.75", BF: 5%, R.arm: 14.375", Rthigh: 21.25", Chest: 42.25"

    GOAL - 6/26/05:
    wt: 170, wst: 30.0", BF: 6%, R.arm: 14.5", Rthigh: 21.5", Chest: 42.5"

  2. m1t at 10g a day? OMFG dude, you should die in 2 days of that!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ryanbodybuilder
    m1t at 10g a day? OMFG dude, you should die in 2 days of that!
    Maybe that's why my right side has been constantly throbbing...that should have read milligrams, my bad.

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