SD, trans 1-test, & 1,4andro

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  1. Day 17

    Wt: 184

    I will train back tonight. I was pretty pleased with the scale reading this morning. If my weight keeps going up this week, I'll get off the SD a few days early. That way I can let the 1-test do it's thing and possibly run M5 at the end of the cycle.

  2. Day 18

    Wt: 186

    The back workout was glorious lastnight! DeadLifted 365x8 on my 2nd set and then 365x5 on my 3rd. It would be sweet if I hit that 10lb mark before day 20. Shoulders tonight.

  3. Keep up the good work zilla.
  4. Day 19

    Wt: 186

    Good arm workout today! Felt very strong and pumps were ridiculous. I think I'm feeling the increased appetite from the 1,4 now. I'm always hungry.

    I've also been getting muscle cramps in my neck and legs. Back pumps are still there too. Taurine (at least 8g a day) ain't really doing **** for any of that.

    I'll update Friday and Saturday if my weight increases. 10 in 20 would be sweet! 3 more weeks!
  5. Day 20

    Wt: 187!

    There it is, 10lbs in 20 days. I'm loving it! I'm wondering if I'd have a better chance of keeping my gains if I stop now since I'm not feeling too shutdown. I wonder what the next 3 weeks will hold.

  6. Day 22

    Weight: 185 (more water, I assume) If I end up being 190 by the end of this week, I'll poop my pants.

    I came strong as **** on todays leg workout. Set PR for squats today. The heat is on with the 1-test now.

    These last 3 weeks I'll be going much heavier. Chest tomorrow!
  7. Day 23

    Wt: 185

    Today was my 1st heavy chest workout for this cycle. I really feel like I'm "on"! I'm pushing all sorts of weights that I never thought I'd be able to do at this stage.

    So far the side effects aren't that bad this cycle. My balls feel okay; no aches really. But then again I have 2 1/2 weeks left so we'll see then.

    I train back tomorrow. I hope the lower back pumps won't be as bad, now that I'm off of SD.
  8. Day 24

    Wt: 186

    Twas a glorious back day. Deadlifted 385 x 6 and then 405 (former 1 rep max) x 3.

    I haven't gotten too many zits on this cycle. Sides are definitely too a minimum.

    Not much else to report other than monster stength.

  9. Get ready to start pooping??
  10. Day 25

    Wt: 186 (patiently waiting...)

    Man I'm looking lean, full, and hard. I'm not too worried about my weight shooting up b/c I don't want those easy come easy go gains. I want what I'll be able to retain.

    Delt pumps were kinda painful today working shoulders. Strength continues to increase.

    Dinner time! Hmmm, what am I gonna eat me...
  11. Day 27

    Wt: back to 187

    I better have gained something by this morning with all the meat I ate yesterday.

    Good arm workout lastnight. I wasn't as strong as I thought I'd be on close-grip bench though.

    Hopefully I eat enough to not lose anything this weekend.
  12. Day 29

    Wt: 185

    I know this 2lb loss is definitely water, since I'm drinking way more on days that I workout. I also notice myself pissin more on my off days. I drank a casein shake before I went out lastnight and when I got in. So I know I wasn't catabolic for those few hours or when I was sleeping.

    Either way, I'm still getting stronger on leg days. I saw unbelievable bursts of strength and endurance today. I had 8 plates (on each side) on the sled, and repped that out 12 times. I've never done that. I sat there after my set thinking " where the fyuck did that come from?!"

    This is a very lean cycle. I'm not sure if I'm noticing anything off of the 1,4 other than the increased appetite and the effects it has on keeping my gains pretty dry.
  13. Day 30

    Wt: 186 and lean

    I trained chest today and strength is still climbing on each lift. This 1,4 has me hungry all the time. I just ate dinner and I'm ready to eat again. I had trouble training abs today due to muscle cramping in that area, even though I've been taking a lot of taurine. I'm sure this is from the 1-test.
  14. Day 31

    Wt: 187

    I have a feeling I'll break this 187 tomorrow morning. I know I ate a ****load today. If not then this 1,4 must be something serious.

    Another intense back workout today. Deadlift was the same as last week although I bet I could've upped it 10 pounds each set and hit the same number of reps. Next week I'm going for a max.

  15. Are you taking the 1,4 in two doses? Is it diol or dione?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    Are you taking the 1,4 in two doses? Is it diol or dione?
    I'm actually taking the dione from 1-fast in four doses (200mg each). 1 at breakfast, 1 at lunch, 1 a few hours before my workout and 1 right before my workout or right after.

  17. Nice work Hand. I'm contemplating a similar cycle this fall if SD is around...4AD/19Nor/1test and SD.

    Good luck with 190++ bro!
  18. Day 32

    Thanks, bioman!

    Wt: 187

    If my scale used a decimal, I wonder what would be on the right side of it.

    Another shoulder day. Strength has increased on every lift. I loved gripping those 120lb dumbbells and shruggin 'em!
  19. Day 34

    Wt: 188!

    I didn't see that one coming. I guess canning that extras protein shake might have done something, who knows?!

    Lastnights arm workout was about the same as last week. Not as strong as I thought I'd be on close grip bench.

    Hopefully I can hang on to these pounds over the weekend and gain some more in my last week. 6 more days 'til PCT/NHA cycle.

  20. Day 36

    Wt: 185

    Got up this morning and noticed I was looking more ripped than I did during the week, so I lost a few pounds of water again.

    This was my last leg day of the cycle. I maxed out on squats with 320, and did a couple more sets afterwards. I felt like my legs were done for the day after 7 heavy sets of squats. I planned on hitting leg curls then calves and calling it a day but, after leg curls I went ahead and did 3 sets of leg press. I went all out and got 1000lbs for a good controlled 3 reps.

    4 days left!

  21. during the cycle im sure youre going hard in the gym to get the most out of your cycle and get the most gains. my question is what is it you do during the PCT? you keep going hard in the gym or are you going to lighten up and maybe even take a week off from going to the gym once PCT has started?
  22. Day 37

    Wt: 186

    The last chest workout of the cycle! How sweet it was! Maxed out on bench today for the 1st time in about a year. Let's just say I achieved my goal. Now back to focusing on that upper chest.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Pioneer
    during the cycle im sure youre going hard in the gym to get the most out of your cycle and get the most gains. my question is what is it you do during the PCT? you keep going hard in the gym or are you going to lighten up and maybe even take a week off from going to the gym once PCT has started?
    I will start my HST based training next week.
  24. Day 38

    Wt: 187

    The last back day of the cycle. Set a new PR for deadlift. Nothing much more to report other than the usual:

    -Increased strength
    -Increased endurance
    -Increased appetite
    -1-test itches when I start to sweat
    -no acne
    -slight aches in my boys as of the last couple days; possibly due to an increase in shutdown this week from being on for a while (thank goodness it's the last week)

    The rest of the week isn't too tough, compared to the days that I train the largest musclese groups. Now that the 1,4 is completely kicked in, it'll be interesting to see what happens on the scale for throughout this last week.
  25. Day 39

    Wt: 188

    Good shoulder workout today. Tomorrow is it!


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