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  1. Hey I did take your advice on the fatman shakes! I decided to go back to those bad boys to sooth my spirits 2 cups of chocolate ice cream, some milk, and I was going to put just a little olive oil in there, but accidentally dumped a ton in there, probably like a 1/4 cup that was alot of calories there. Must...maintain....weight....

  2. On top of being sick, I cant chew my beloved copenhagen, it dries out my throat making it more sore, so that is chapping my ass at the moment too..I still sneak in a few dips until it hurts too bad. Can you say addicted?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Nate Dawg
    On top of being sick, I cant chew my beloved copenhagen, it dries out my throat making it more sore, so that is chapping my ass at the moment too..I still sneak in a few dips until it hurts too bad. Can you say addicted?
    Good time to drop it I quit smoking, great decision for that I quit, I take the risks seriously. </preaching>

  4. Well, I dont feel that much better, but I have seemed to get my temperature under control, so I am planning on giving it a shot in the gym tonight. I just need to get some blood moving. I only lifted 3 times last week, once the week before, and not yet at all this week, so I am really flat right now. I feel sooo small, I think lifting will make me feel a bit better. I went ahead and started the N-Gorge yesterday even though I am sick, I learned in biochem last week that nitric oxide helps support your immune system, so that was enough reasoning for me to start.

    Weighed 197.5 this morning, not as bad as I expected. When I finished the cycle I was weighing between 200-199, so really I havent even lost 3 lbs since the end of my cycle, which I would think is quite good especially considering Im sick. Another note, today my libido was up pretty good, between being post cycle and also being sick I think that is a positive sign also. The way I am looking at being sick right now is, probably being sick in post cycle will be about as ****ty as you can feel, so when I get better I will actually think I feel quite good even though I am in post cycle lol...just trying to be optimistic

    Planning on doing chest today, probably just my 5x5 of bench and that will be it, I feel kinda weak, but I think I can get fired up enough to fight through it, hoping so at least.

    On the N-Gorge, I have only taken 3 doses so far, but to tell you the truth my vascularity has already seemed to increase some. Genetically my vascularity sucks, it doesnt matter how lean I am, if I am not on a hormone based supplement my vascularity sucks. Again considering that I am sick and being in post cycle noticing an increase in vascularity I think could be a good sign the N-Gorge is a good product. I have noticed also that I think I am still leaning out a bit, in my lower abdomen a vein is starting to appear and becoming more pronounced each day, and I didnt have that at the end of my cycle.

  5. The workout wasnt too bad really, I still felt kind of weak during it from being sick, but the difficulty of this weeks 5x5 was pretty much the same as last weeks, but I am added 10lbs this week, so thats good. The plan is 10lbs per week and around week 5 will be at 315x5x5, I can hit 315x5 for one set pretty easy, but 5 sets of that will be tough. When I fail at completing all 25 reps unassisted, I am moving into a 3x3 phase for a few weeks, then a 1x3, then possibly a new max, thats several weeks down the road though. I actually felt like my endurance is up some from last weeks 5x5 sets, not quite as tired. Noticed a good pump today, so most likely I will attribute that to the N-Gorge. Workout:

    Flat Bench:
    barx10, barx10, 135x8, 185x5, 225x4, 255x1, 285x5, 285x5, 285x5, 285x5, 285x5

    Dips: 3x15 (bodyweight) focused on TUT with these 4-5 second eccentric and 2 second concentric (written 4/2 tempo? Not for sure if which number is first, but I think it is eccentric)

    Really wasnt a hard workout, my tris were still fatigued from last week, so they were starting to tire on my last couple sets of bench. Also hit 5 sets of bis, just tried to pump em up a bit, havent worked them in a few weeks. Biceps are the one muscle I always neglect, such the opposite of most people lol. I always make sure I never miss bench or squat. The workout did seem to make me feel much better, spirits are up now Plan on squatting tomorrow as long as I dont feel too wore out from today, but actually I feel pretty good at the moment so that is the plan for now.

  6. Still not 100%, but do feel much better today, was kinda wore out from yesterdays workout. Today was actually pretty rough, didnt actually do all 5x5, just did 4x5. My first work set was a killer and I didnt know if I was going to be able to do anymore, but I just got really pissed and kept going lol Ready to be back to all good from this little bug. I did notice a better pump in my legs than I have been getting, so I think that N-Gorge could be doing a little something. Next weeks 10lb jump is going to be a bitch, but maybe once I am all better it wont seem so bad... anyways here it is:

    Box squat: barx15, 135x8, 225x5, 275x4, 315x4, 365x5, 365x5, 365x5, 365x5

    Weighted situps: 130lb DBx15

    I was pretty much spent after that, it took alot of psyching up to get through the squats. Going to sleep well tonight.

  7. This week's workout schedule has been all screwed up due to being sick and finals. Today worked back/bis/shoulders. No tris this week, benching in two days and they wont be recovered by then so I decided to skip them. Here was the workout:

    Rack chins:
    +90lbs RP 13/7/5

    JS Bent rows: 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 245x5, 225x5, 225x5, 225x5 (was going to try 5x5 with 245 but my form wasnt as good as I wanted)

    EZ Bar curls: 1 warmup, 2 sets at set weight

    Rope Cable Hammer Curls: 3 sets at set weight

    Preacher curls: 30x10

    Two-arm Side Raises: 15x10, 20x10, 25x10, 30x10, 35x10

    Bent over raises: 45x10, 45x10, 45x10

    Didnt go too bad, had a hard time getting into it mentally. My right shoulder is still tender, but feels slightly better, any overhead pressing is still out for now, next week I am thinking of trying some push presses to see how that feels. Got a good pump, vascularity was actually pretty good, for me at least, during the workout. Really I dont feel bad at all, I figured I would feel like total crap coming off, but actually feel good. Libido still good. Something absolutely crazy happened to my weight this week, yesterday I weighed in at 192.5!!! WTF!! This morning I was back up to 194, I dont know what happened. My measurements really havent dropped much, maybe 1/8 on small body parts and 1/4 on larger ones, but wow I feel skinny lol. My diet is still going good, so I dont know if being sick I just lost some glycogen or what, I hope I can get some of that weight back though!! I might say screw the scale for awhile lol. Noticed a couple new veins emerging in my lower abdomen these past couple days, so I guess I am still leaning out. Adding 10lbs to next weeks squat is going to be rough I think, bench will be tougher too, but completing all 5x5 should be doable.


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