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  1. DAY 7:

    INCLINE DUMBELL PRESS- is up from 95lbs for 8, 9 reps to 105 for 4 reps

    bodyweight is thesame. I will be upping the superdrol from 10mg to 20mg tonight. Tomorrow is rest day. My calories intake is between 4000 to 4500, will also be upping to 5000.

  2. Day 8:

    Bodyweight: 214 up from 207

    Today is off day from the gym. I upped the dose of the superdrol to 20mg yesterday. And the finigenx from 8cc ED to 12cc ED, same as the 1-TEST.
    I am goind to start doing 5000 calories tomorrow as well.

  3. DAY 9:

    Bodyweight: 216

    YEAHHHHHH BUDDYYYYY, The gains in mass are starting to roll in. I have not yet increased my calories, still floating around 4500-4600 cal daily.
    I will be hitting the gym later today. Its back day, will see what happens

  4. Hey dip can't wait to see how this will turn out!

    I have a quick question what version of finigenx are you using?

    The one on sale at the compound is 19-norandrosta-4 9-diene-3, 17-dione: 25mg
    but i heard there is one called Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione which one are u using? are they both the same?

    I read your last log and you gained alot from finigenx but which one did you use?

  5. I am using the old version the one called 19-norandrosta-4 9-diene-3, 17-dione: 25mg. But from what i heard they just removed the 19-nor from the product in order for it to still be sold after the ban. The Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione which is the active in Finigenx is still legal. It should work thesame way, because people that are using the new version are still gaining like crazy.

    Yeah i gained alot on my last run of the finigenx, thats why it is my favorite compound. And i used the old version durning that cycle.

    dude just get the newer version its same ****. I am going to order some more because after this cycle i will be out.

  6. I worked out back yesterday. nothing really excting to report about the workout, except the PUMPS, jeez the pumps were just toomuch i had to work with lighter poundages because of that. And i am still pumped right now. I did not get enough calories yesterday, because i had to go stand in line to purchase the starwars movie tickets(which was BADASS by the way). The shake i took with me was not enough.
    I was like an alien standing on that line with my girlfriend because every guy and his girlfriend were looking at me like i came from a different planent. This one guy's girl came and asked me if i competed. Me and my girlfriend had a good laugh at the way people were looking at us. I am not trying to brag or anything, because there are alot of guys here that are bigger and leaner than me. Its just a good feeling when all eyes are on you.

  7. DAY 10:

    -skull crushers are up 10 pounds from 125 for 8 reps to 135 for 6 reps.
    -barbell curls are up 10 pounds 135 to 145 for 6 reps
    -Also i feel hard and pumped all the time


  8. I got my Finigenx just a couple of weeks ago and it still had the 19-nor in it. Boy do I feel lucky..

  9. Yeah but at it still saids 19-nor and it's saying it's still legal.

    Zero where did you buy your finigenx?

  10. yeah i guess they still have a **** load of the finigenx back stock! the gains should be thesame bros

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Changing
    Yeah but at it still saids 19-nor and it's saying it's still legal.
    It might say 19-nor but not have it as an active ingredient.

  12. Just thought ill post this

    they seem to have 19-nor they even took a pic of it. i'm ordering soon seems like this stuff is the **** how i could i possibly have missed this!

    HOw many 240ML bottles do you need for a 2 month cycle?
    Last edited by Changing; 05-21-2005 at 02:27 AM.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Changing
    Just thought ill post this

    they seem to have 19-nor they even took a pic of it. i'm ordering soon seems like this stuff is the **** how i could i possibly have missed this!

    HOw many 240ML bottles do you need for a 2 month cycle?
    The reson why people missed out on the finigenx is because when it first came out, it cost alot, about 100 bucks per 240ml,
    and you have to dose quite high to see really good results.

    I have 6 240cc bottles for my 8 weeks cycle that i am running right now.
    that website is a good website that was were i first ordered the finigenx from.

  14. DAY 11:

    Bodyweight: 217 up from 207

    today is off day from the gym. I am still pumped from yesterdays bics and tris workout.
    Also i seem to be leaning out, have veins everywere.

  15. This stuff seems to be taking effect on you already! i need to get on this.

    I"m planning to do a 2 month cycle how many 240cc liquid bottles do i need to get full affect?

    Or how many bottles for a 1 month cycle?

  16. to get a really good effect you will to dose from 12cc upward everyday. The stuff is the **** bro i kidd you not.

    I think you should cycle it for 6-8 weeks. I dont think you will maximize your gains in only 4 weeks. But if you want to go ahead and do a 4 week cycle, you will need about 3 240cc bottles. do the math and see what it comes out to because i am not 100 percent sure. 12cc-21cc daily for 7days a week, for one month.

  17. DAY 12:

    Nothing to report today. Today is off day from the gym also. Monday is the day to really see what this stack is about. keep posted

  18. DAY 13:

    Today was chest day and i was able to put up the 110lbs dumbell for 5 reps on the incline bench. Thats a 15lb gain per dumbell since the start of the cycle. The pumps are INTENSE, INTENSE, but i love it. Everybody is starting to ask questions. I just got of work and need to go and eat my last meal for the day which is 12 eggs white and 4 slices of wheat bread. Tomorrow is shoulder day ( i know what yall are saying shoulder day after chest day, well thats how i have trained for years and it works for me so....) we will see what happens.

  19. I have alot of people viewing my thread but no one is dropping any lines, common guys chime in if you want. Its kind of boreing for me to just keep writing and nobody is saying anything.

  20. We're amazed that you're still alive

  21. dude when was the last time ur Liver spit out a smoke signal for help

  22. thanks for the kind words guys.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by diplomats
    thanks for the kind words guys.
    you guys crack me up.

    Nice looking gains there diplomats, hope all continues to go well.

  24. Gains appear impressive thus far. However, what exactly are you currently using?

  25. Quote Originally Posted by size
    Gains appear impressive thus far. However, what exactly are you currently using?
    right now i am using the following

    20mg of superdrol on my last weeks of it
    12cc finigenx ED
    12cc (100mg) VPX 1-test ED

    I will start the M14ADD in the last 3 days of the first run of superdrol and run it for the rest of the cycle. I will stop the 1-test about three weeks before the end of the whole cycle, and add superdrol again for an extra 2 weeks. this is what i mean

    week 1 to 8 finigenx
    week 1 to 6 1-test
    week 1,2,3 superdrol
    week 7 and 8 superdrol
    week 3,4,5,6,7 M14ADD

  26. DAY 14:

    I did shoulders today and was able to put up the 95lb dumbells on shoulder press for 5 easy reps, NOT, five heavy-ass reps. But it aint nutin but peanuts!!!

  27. DAY 15:
    Today was off day from the gym. I am going to be upping my calories to 4800-5000 tomorrow. yeahhhhh buddy.

  28. I just checked this thread. Good job and good plan so far. I'd still suggest that you run SD 1-3, and then kick the M 1,4 in for weeks 4-8. You don't need the overlap, and if you look around, most people find that SD's gains maximize in 3 weeks, then taper considerably. That's why it was so popular for a time to do 3 on, 3 off, 3 on w/ SD. See how you feel as it goes along. JMO, of course.

  29. You know the M1,4add been ran for only 4 weeks really is not going to do that much so i will do it for 5 weeks. And as for the superdrol i might go along with what you suggested, but i will see for my self at what point the gains start to diminish, then go from there.
  30. Talking

    DAY 16:

    Today was back day and these are the gains thus far. The lifts in bold is what i am doing right now, the one in brackets are my old lifts. My strength is waaayyy uppppp.

    -pullups bodyweight + 55lbs 5 reps ( up from bodyweight + 35 )
    -Barbell Rows 295lbs for 5 reps (up from 275 lbs)
    -Pulldowns 240lbs for 7 reps (up from 220 lbs)
    -One arm dumbell rows 140lb for 11 reps (used to do 7 reps)

    I could have done more on the one arm dumbell rows but my gym only goes up to 140s.
    I got a **** load of stares when i was doing this workout today. I am starting to get scared because the strength gains are coming on hard as hell. Some guy works up to me and asked if i could be his guide in training and nutrition, that he would pay me.

    My next back workout section will include deadlift, i do them every other week. I will be going for five plates. Will see till then.


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