I made it!!!!(200lbs)

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  1. I made it!!!!(200lbs)

    Well since no one reads my other thread i will do another one.. hehehe...

    This weekend I hit my goal.. I weighed in at 201 with clothes on.. That was my goal with clothes on but it looks like I may hit that with clothes off in the mornig...

    I have been wighting in at 194 in the morning but this morning I was 197lbs... This stack is starting to kick in well. The BF and water is up but not too bad... The one thing i don't like is the not so strength gains.. I think maybe a nor-4-ad-1-test stack may be very cool.. Well there you go I will keep you posted.. I have 1 week left...... Talk to ya....

  2. Congrats bro!

  3. Curt, what you're saying is your strength has not improved?

  4. Strength is up only a little..... Not near as good as from 1-test.. Thats all. Talk to ya...

  5. Congrats on the 200 mark bro, I'm closing in on it fast (from the other side though, LoL) as well, what a ****in feelin man, keep up the hard work!

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  6. Rock on dude, big congrats

  7. Congrats Curt. Way to go.

  8. Big props, Curt!

  9. Welcome to the 200lb club! Sounds like your making good gains. Are you keeping your diet clean or eating whatever you want?

  10. good **** curt!

  11. Oh ****, sorry ****, congrats.

  12. damn it curt! you beat me to it (ha) we were the same mold and this guy finally got there. Congrats....you can official say you a bigger man than I. Sage

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  14. Nice work Curt! Next time around you can get some strength gains. 200 is good for skinny Canadians, eh !

  15. wo yaah, hees a mooch theecker hoser, eh?

  16. Originally posted by Biggin
    wo yaah, hees a mooch theecker hoser, eh?
    take off! Curt, drinking beers isn't what bulking is all aboot, hoser.

  17. Hahaha losers.. Thanx for the encouragement. i was still 197 in the morning so I may make it 200 that way as well... Also I did find out that my strength IS up. I did a new max bench press.. Only 250 but its still cool for me.. Talk to ya...

  18. Awesome dude.

    I just hit 200lb. myself today for the first time. That makes 20lbs in 5 weeks on my PH cycle.

    What is your overall goal as far as weight goes? Mine is 225lb, at 5'8" with between 6-8% BF. Probably will take me the rest of this year to make it.

  19. Right now I am too big.. That sounds weird. But I lived most of my life at 145 so I think I will end up being 185 7-8%.. I an never going to compete or anything... I just find it very awkward to sleep, move, walk and scratch. I think 185 will be just fine... Or maybe 190 hehehehe.. Talk to ya...

  20. Too Big?????? Damn bro, theres no such thing. BOOOOOO Curt!!! lol. Nice job anyway my fellow Canadian



  21. i know there is no such thing as too big but i like to play alot of other sports and my hugeness would get in the way.. hehehe... My legs and stuff hurt at this weight... I will see where it goes after this.. Talk to ya

  22. Originally posted by curt2go
    i know there is no such thing as too big but i like to play alot of other sports and my hugeness would get in the way.. hehehe... My legs and stuff hurt at this weight... I will see where it goes after this.. Talk to ya
    I only put on 10 lbs or so, but I do noticed that often the front parts of my calves gets extrememly tense which makes it hard to run.  Shin splints but I never had this problem much at all.  Also when my arms are pumped I had trouble reaching my back.  I am gonna do my post cycle (1AD), and then start doing sprints in a few weeks to get ready for ultimate, football, and slow-pitch.  Got to work on the flexibility cuz I like to get into grappling...

  23. congrats. bro, nothing like reaching a goal, welcome to the 200lbs club bigguy.

  24. Thumbs up congrats curt

    i will join u there soon brother (maybe even tomorrow ) i hit 199 today.

  25. Well thats it. thats as big as it gets. i hit 203 with clothes on and 197 in the morning.... I am going to be doing nolva for post cycle.. I will keep you posted on how it goes... Im hopeing anly to go to 190 and hold it there.. Then cut and end up around 180-185 by june..... Six pack here i come.. hehehe. Talk to ya


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