Need Advice: Helladrol Cycle

  1. Need Advice: Helladrol Cycle

    Alright so I am running a 8 week cycle with AMS Mass Drops and EPI-1 Test , both of which are non methyl PH's. After reading up I have found that stacking a Methylated DS or PH into this mix yields great results. My question is if you all think it would be worth it to throw into the cycle for the last 4 weeks, going to have forma stanzol and forged liver support with AI Post Cycle Support and Ligavar(joint supp.) as well as AROM-x from AMS. Basically going to continue to run the regular dosing of my AMS products and when I get the Helladrol run at 50/75/75/75 maybe even 75 at the first week .********* got a example cycle on the stack section for the helladrol so thats how I will run the forma and liver support. I am looking to add strength and mass and will cut it down as of now I am 180 lbs. 24 years old and 6''9. I want to hit 200 and will be training 4 on 1 off for the whole cycle.

  2. CYCLE
    1-4 Helladrol - 1 capsule 3 times a day spread out morning, noon, and night.
    1-4 Forged Liver Support - 1 capsule 2 times a day morning and night.
    1-4 HCGenerate - 5 capsules a day split up
    1-4 N2Guard - 7 capsules a day 4 in am 4 in pm * (4 hours after Helladrol dosing )
    2-4 Forma Stanzol - 5 pumps rubbed on chest 2 times a day morning and night.

    4-8 Forma Stanzol - 5 pumps rubbed on chest 2 times a day morning and night.
    4-8 Post Cycle Support by AI - 2 capsules 2 times a day morning and night.
    4-8 AROM-X liquid by AMS - 2 doses a day 8 hours apart.
    Testo Fuel (natural test boost) will be started at beginning of PCT as well.

    Ligavar (joint supplement) , Multi Vitamin, Whey and Casein also PCT will Have Super Charge Extreme 4.0 Pre workout added into it to keep up with intensity and get some creatine in there.

    ****This is going to go into my current cycle of AMS Mass Drops and EPI 1 Test , both non methyl PH's. I would like to start the helladrol the last 4 weeks and get maximum gains out of this cycle, just hope everything will get here in time.

  3. to jman370:
    This is from another board: "...I just hate it how they prey on people. A guy will join the site looking for advice for his first cycle. He's done some research but still doesn't know much of anything.. then here comes all the **** reps.

    "Where the **** is your n2guard bro"

    "You really need HCGenerate on this cycle"

    "Your PCT is very incomplete.. here is a link to $400 worth of test booster and supplements that you have to have. Use my name for a 10% discount"

    "If you don't use these supplements, your cycle and PCT will be a disaster!"

    and the person doesn't know any better.. so they go out and drop $500 on supplements that he really doesn't need..."

    Do you really need to take products from needto
    This is the entire thread, read it if you have time, old but still valid and quite entertaining...
    HAHAHAHAHA Needto [updated]
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