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  1. Question test supression

    not sure how to phrase this but what i want to ask is if your natural test is more likely to get suppressed during an injectable cycle (using fina) or if a transdermal cycle of fina would shut you down just the same?

    im getting ready to finish up a 4 week transdermal cycle and figure i should probably start 6-oxo anyway, but was just wondering if suppression is more likely when injecting and not with transdermals, or if that is irrelevant.

    thanks for any replies.

  2. It would shut it down just the same.... After about 3 weeks if you body see's an excess of test it will shut the nuts off...No matter what way you are taking it... Just have a good post cycle planned and you will be cool. Talk to ya....
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  3. curt2go is right. regardless of how it gets into your bloodstream (injectable, oral, transdermal) exogenous androgens (not just test, but anything that binds to and activates the androgen receptor) will shut down your endogenous test production. How long it takes to recover is dependent on the duration of the cycle, how long and how strongly the androgen binds to the receptor.

  4. thanks a lot for the help guys.

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