My gear is as follows

    Test cyp - 40ml @ 200mg/ml injected bi-weekly (Monday/Thursday) 400mg/p.w

    RWR Stanazol - 50ml @ 50mg/ml injected eod @ 100mg

    Tren Acetate - 30ml @ 75mg/ml injected eod @ 75mg

    I'll also be running as an A.I 0.5mg arimidex for the full length of the cycle and 25mg proviron for the last 10 weeks


    Test Cyp weeks 1-20
    RWR Stanazol weeks 10-16
    Tren Acetate weeks 13-20

    PCT Start 4 weeks after last shot of Test Cyp Nolvadex and clomid - standard pct

    My Current Stats

    Age - 26
    Height - 6'1
    Weight - 220lbs / 100kg
    Body fat - 9%

    Cycle history - 3

    1. 10 weeks Test Enanthate
    2. 8 weeks Test prop with 10ml of Tren Ace thrown in at the end
    3. 8 weeks Test prop & RWR Stanazol

    I'm currently into week 12 of my cycle, I've been using the first 10 weeks to cut back to how lean I was before my Bali holiday. I have been eating in a calorie deficit of 500 and have been doing cardio 3 times a week on top of my usual training and diet is perfect, in the last 10 weeks dropped two belt sizes and back to my old self which I'm rather happy with how quickly the turn around has taken.

    Started my RWR and was feeling rather flat from cutting out almost all of my daily carb intake, I'm about to hit end second week of RWR Stanazol and the strength is definitely kicking in, muscles filling back out and have thrown in a mass gainer protein first thing when I wake up, 1000 cals on top of my diet so I will be hitting roughly 4000 cals daily.

    Tren Ace arrives today so I dare say ill kick that off a few days early since I have enough to last me right the way through til week 20.

  2. My last Recomp cycle results of Test Prop & RWR Stanazol for 8 weeks - 2012

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  3. Leg day today which is my weak point that I really want to concentrate on this run..

    Didn't do any 1 rep max for any exercises as my back was feeling a little tender but still managed to squat out 130kg which is a p.b for me and managed to get 6 reps unassisted.

    Strength is still coming on shoulders tomorrow which I'm excited about as on chest day yesterday they blew up so it'll be interesting just how pumped up they'll get.

    Body weight is sitting around 97/98kg which I'm happy with considering how cut I'm starting to get, tren should arrive on my first day off (Thursday) which I'll then start the overlap.

    If anyone has ran these three compounds before it'd be nice to get some feedback on how they ran it or how they enjoyed or didn't enjoy the experience..?

  4. So my tren has arrived today and my guy I get it off I recall told me about 10-12 months ago he has a mate who competes and has been running his new stronger tren ace.

    Since the tren ace I received today is stronger than the 75mg/ml I was expecting Im thinking I might drink the rwr I'm on instead of shooting it since it'll be 10% weaker and one less needle I need to do e2d

    Split the dose and drink it so it's 0.5ml in the morning and the same in the evening, more stable levels since I'll be ingesting every day instead of pinning e2d I dunno what do you guys think?

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