Use clen/T to finish "bulk" or just cut old-fashioned way

  1. Use clen/T to finish "bulk" or just cut old-fashioned way

    Preface: On TRT for ~ 7 years - had never taken AAS when diagnosed.

    So I went to the gym today, full of anticipation as to my BF% and was measured at 28% on the Average setting and 21% on
    the Athletic setting. The personal trainer there told me to average the 2 to get a rough estimate on my real BF, sometimes the machine is calibrated incorrectly and could be off by as much as 3% and also mentioned I may want to try another day for consistency. I was hoping I was at 18% BF as my goal has been to put on some additional size to my upper chest (yes, obsessed) as well as strength to my incline DB press. My goal in the long term is to be about 14% BF perhaps. Aesthetically, my fiance likes my body; so it's not for the chicks...well, mostly not.

    Where the rubber meets the road or something like that - I have clen and plenty of available T - as in, I have enough
    to frontload it and do 300 mg weekly for 8ish weeks. I don't particularly like using dietary supp's, mainly because most are garbage or just don't work well with me, but I've never used clen.

    My ideas:
    1.) Diet with or without clen and swallow my ego on my "strength in the gym" fetish.
    2.) Diet with clen and add T to at least maintain as much as strength as I can.
    3.) Say screw it and just "blast", as the kids say, the T I have for 6-8 weeks (the mg of T I use could go up a bit and the duration could shorten to as little as 5ish weeks (frontload).

    I've seen out there in the Internets that there seems to be those who follow the school of diet or bulk and never the twain shall meet and those whose thinking is, I am Johnny Redbone and I WILL gain muscle WHILE I lose fat.

    Opinions and experience appreciated.

  2. If you can add tren to that, you can do a triad of test/tren/clen and cut like a monster for a month or two.

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