My 1-Test/4AD/MDHT/M4oht/T3 cycle...

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  1. Talking My 1-Test/4AD/MDHT/M4oht/T3 cycle...

    Started the Cycle today 12-12-04.

    From my other thread:

    First a little background, I have run two previous cycles one using Mdien and one M4ohn. Gains from these cycles were decent, the dosages were probably a little on the low side. Current stats 5' 10" 205lbs ~13% bf. 7 years weight training experience. Just spent the past 5 weeks getting back into shape after a motorcycle accident that left me out of the gym for just under 2 months.


    weeks 1-8 300mgs 1-test & 300mgs 4AD trans.
    weeks 1-6 MDHT 100mgs.

    weeks 4-6 T3 starting at 25mcg, up to 50mcg, and back down.

    weeks 7-8 M4OHT 50mgs.

    PCT will be 4 weeks of Novla.

    Goals for the first 3 weeks will be a lean bulk, next 3 will be recomp and the last 2 will be to prevent fat gain while the thyroid recovers.

    Diet for the first three weeks 3500cals 40/40/20 (p/c/f). Next three 3000cals 50/30/20. Last two 3000cals 30/50/20, upped the carbs to help with thyroid recovery.

    Monday Back/bi
    Tuesday Chest/Tri
    Wednesday legs
    Thursday Sholders/core

    Other supps: CEE, Glucophase, multi, nac, milk thistle.

    I may go higher on the T3 to 75mcg, but I'll wait and see until the end of week 3. I am going to try to get some blood work done in the next week or 2, right now being a college student and with Christmas my funds are a little low. I will also get some done at the end of the cycle. On off days cardio will vary between hit sprinting and moderate intensity cardio. So any comments/suggestions?

  2. Looks like a good cycle. Interested to see how well your MDHT works. Maybe one thing I'd add would be some 7 keto or guggulbolic to help your thyroid after the T3.

    Good luck!

  3. I have some Lean Extreme (7-oxo product) from Designer Supps that I was going to run along with some l-tyrosine. I'll look into picking up some guggul, 1fast sells it in bulk powder so I think I will do that.

    First day reports:
    I need to get over my phobia of needles, because these transdermals are messy. So far haven't noticed anything, maybe some increased focus but that could be just in my head. I don't expect anything to really kick in until the end of this coming week

  4. Day 2

    Diet was great, although I did not hit my goal of 350g of protein. Looks Like I will end the day with right around 300g, 3500 cals clean is so much food. Back/bi workout went great, hit 13 sets for back and 9 for bi's (more than I usually do). Felt like I had some extra energy, but I have also significantly raised my cals from last week. Nothing else to really note, so far so good.

  5. Day 3

    Today was a chest/tri workout did 12 sets for chest and 9 for tri's, again more than I normally do. Didn't notice any change in energy or strength. I am noticing a stimulant effect right around 30-40 mins after taking the MDHT, feels very similar to an EC stack. Diet today was pretty good, should be right around 300g of protein for today. Leg day tomorrow should be brutal with the increased volume.

  6. Day 4

    Well the leg day today was pretty tough, I added some weight on squats and was able to complete all sets, barely. Ended up doing 12 sets for legs and 6 for calves. Diet was pretty good today, co-worker brought in some cookies she baked and I had two. Other than that spot on. I am noticing that my recovery time between sets seems to be decreasing. My starting weight was actually 200lbs not 205lbs as originally noted, seems that my roommates scale is off by about 5 pounds. I will be using the scale at my gym to keep track of weight changes from now on. Weight today was 204lbs so that is +4lbs in 4 days. If I could go into week 4 at 215lbs that would be sweet.

  7. Day 5

    Had a good Shoulders/core workout today. Diet wasn't the greatest today do to all the errands I had to run, protein was a little low and carbs a little high but I got in enough cals. I am defiantly noticing increased vascularity pretty much all over, probably from the MDHT. Veins have become much more noticeable in my quads, calfs and shoulders. The stimulant effect is still not as great as I would have thought. Tomorrow is an off day, and then Saturday I will probably do some light cardio or sprints.

  8. Sorry for the lack of updates, been so busy.

    Day 6
    Today was an off day, diet was good. I have noticed that my face seems to get a little oilier. Couldn't get out to do any cardio, I had to cover someone’s shift at work, no big deal though as I am trying to gain weight.

    Day 7
    Today was also an off day. Diet suffered due to a full day of work, then getting the bulk of my Christmas shopping done. I have decided to break up the MDHT dosing on off days into 4 25mg does, then on workout days half preworkout half postworkout.

    Day 8 (12/19/04)
    Another off day. I think I am going to add a workout Friday, just some rehab exercise that I was doing after my motorcycle accident. With all that I have invested and the fact that I was out of the gym for 2 months I don't want to risk an injury. Looking forward to my workout tomorrow.

  9. ....subscribing....

    Good luck w/ the cycle

  10. Day 9

    Well I stepped on the scale and it looks like I am up 10lbs in 9 days. I know most of this is water, looks like I am holding a little around my waist, but it is still very encouraging. I think everything is starting to kick in. Today was back/bi and strength was up but endurance was way up, I ended up doing 16 sets for back and 10 for bi's. Prior to starting this cycle 12 sets for back and 6 for bi's was my usual routine and that would leave me pretty drained. All the sets on back had added weight, on bi's all I really added was the volume. Mentally all I have notice is the slight stim effect after taking the MDHT, no increases in aggression. So far I really like the 1-Test/4AD/MDHT combo.

  11. Day 10

    Today was chest/tri's, I did 14 sets chest and 10 sets tri's. Increased weight on all chest sets, on the tri's weight stayed the same as last week for the most part. The strength and stamina increases today were not as dramatic as the back/bi day, but still pretty good. I forgot my mp3 player today, that’s probably why . So far I am not noticing an real sides, maybe a little water from the 4AD but other than that I feel pretty good. Makes me wonder why people even bother with M1T.

  12. Haven't been able to get to the computer in a while.

    Day 11

    Legs/calves to day. 13 sets on legs increased weight on all sets, mainly my last two sets on squats. Calves had slight weight increases. Diet was pretty good today. Energy and recovery time between sets is great and no sides so far.

    Day 12

    Stayed out late last night and had to make a long drive to pick up one of those hard to find Christmas gifts so I did not make it to the gym. Diet was alright, cals were probably a little high, damn home made cookies.

    Day 13

    Off day, I have noticed recovery time from workouts has been greatly decreased. My legs feel pretty much fully recovered from the last workout, as well as the rest of my body. Usually I need at least 3 days of rest after a hard leg day to recover enough to walk normally. Diet today sucked, I got the cals and a good amount of protein but it was not clean. I don't know if this is from the 1-test/4ad/mdht but I have been waking up a lot at night over the past few nights. Maybe its just stress, holidays and working in retail.

    Day 14
    off day, diet was pretty bad today as well. Its hard to break out the canned tuna and oats at the family Christmas dinner. So I stuffed myself like everyone else, this lean bulk is turning into an all out bulk. Starting tomorrow though its back to the strict diet. ds

  13. Day 15

    Scale weight 219lbs, so thats 19lbs in 15 days. Looks like I hit my goal for 215 for the end of week 3. My body fat % looks like it has gone up just a little my abs are more difficult to see than when I started, however I may just be holding some water. Pants fit a little tighter than before. Vascularity has been noticeably increased in fore arms, shoulders, quads and calves. Today was a back/bi workout, my gym was closed so I had to go to a back up gym. Pumps today were to the point I thought my skin was going to split on my bi's. I was using different machines/lifts so I could not tell if strength was up on back. It was slightly up on bi's but I think the pump I got kind of hindered my workout. Cals in the previous weeks were probably closer to 4000 a day than to 3500, I only keep track of protein intake when bulking. I think I am going to lower the cal intake some for this week, weight seems to becoming on a little fast. So far this stack seems to be almost side free. On a side note I went out with a close friend that I have not seen for around 4 years last night, the last time he saw me I was around 230lbs ~30% body fat, his reaction was " wholly ****". That felt good.

  14. Holy **** batman, 19lbs in 15 days is insane! There's no doubt in my mind that you're holding a pile of water, has blood pressure been as issue at all with the rapid weight gain?

  15. Thanks for the great logs. They are very helpful to me since we are close to the same size.

  16. Just got back from the gym, will post a more through update later, but it looks like my sunday all you can eat did cause some pretty good water retention. Scale weight this morning was just slightly over 216.

  17. Day 16

    Well as posted previously weight is at 216. Today was a chest/ti workout, strength was up endurance was same as last week. Increased weight on bench, db incline and tricep kick backs while getting in all reps. Haven't checked my blood pressure, the electric one I have always gives me wacky readings. It usually takes me 3-4 tries to get one that seems accurate, but I'll play around with it tomorrow and get one.

  18. Day 17

    Couldn't make it to the gym today, so I will just bump my leg workout over a day. Recovery from workouts has been very quick 1-2 days, normally its 3-4. Diet today was good, protein was a little low but cals were there. I think I may be slightly allergic to the 1-test, I have read that it can make people itch. It has not been bad, just of an annoyance.

    Day 18
    Weight is back to 219, next time I step on the scale is Monday. Leg workout today went great, increased weight while maintaining the same number of reps and sets. Right now for legs and back I am as strong as I have ever been, chest is not quite there yet. Should see some personal bests next week for reps, I may max just to see what it is at.

    Day 19
    Off day today, legs are sore but not as much as I thought they would be after yesterday’s workout. New-years eve, so I will be out late tonight, won't be doing much drinking like all my friends .

    Day 20
    Off day today. Diet today was pretty bad. I slept in pretty late, got home just after 4:30am slept to 10 then went and played a round of golf with some friends. Legs seem to be completely recovered though. I defiantly look like I have put some size on, especially in the legs. Prior to the cycle this I what I felt to be my most lagging area. Pants have gotten tighter around the quads, but waist seems to be remaining around the same size.

    Day 21
    Well today marks three weeks, I am pretty happy with the bulk portion of my cycle. Diet was not as clean as I would have liked it to be, but with the holidays and how busy I was I think I did pretty good. I start the T3 tomorrow at 25mcg, will also get a week three starting weight tomorrow morning. I have been thinking about upping the 4AD dose to 400mg a day, I haven't noticed much bloat at the current dose. Also I might switch the MDHT for 3-Apha, I will have to look up the effective dose for that. I just don't like the idea of running a methyl for so long. What do you guys think?

  19. Day 22

    Weight is at 220.5lbs I haven't been this heavy in 4 years. Today’s back/bi workout went great, new personal best on adv. lateral pull downs (lift I use to gauge back strength). Got all the sets in, slight weight increases from last week. The pumps in my bi's were pretty intense. Diet today was spot on, dropping the cals down left me slightly hungry between meals but nothing major. I think that this stack is stimulating my appetite, the first week I had to force the food down and the following weeks it was easier to hit my cal goals. Eating 3000 cals doesn't normally leave me hungry. Today was the first day of T3 at 25mcg, felt no changes from that, don't expect it to really affect me until the beginning of next week.

  20. Day 23

    Did chest/tri's today, strength was up but my endurance wasn't as good as it has been. I worked out in the evening today, I usually workout in the morning 1 hour after my first meal so that could account for being a little off. My tri's are as strong as they have ever been but I missed my old personal best for reps by 1 rep on bench. Should be able to get it next week. Diet was excellent today, since everyone is now on some diet or healthy eating plan for their new years resolution staying on the diet seems much easier. Another 25mcg of T3, noticed no affects from that. This stack so far has exceeded even my expectations, my previous cycles of m4ohn and mdien did not come close to the body comp changes and strength increases I am seeing now. Not since I first started lifting have I been able to increase strength week to week like I am now.

  21. Day 24

    Leg day today, new personal best on squat for reps. Increased my last set of 6 by 10lbs, so 10lbs more than I have ever done at 6 reps. Probably could have done 15lbs but didn't want to push it. It has been a little difficult with the strength increases to select the correct weight for each set, don't want to be too heavy and burn out before the last set, but want to be too light either. Diet today is so far spot on. Weight is holding at 220lbs. Another 25mcg of T3 today tomorrow I go to 50mcg. Still not feeling anything from the T3. Sides so far: increased facial hair grow, usually shave every 2-3 days now I really need to shave after 1-2 days, slight difficulty sleeping taking melatonin I have no problems, last some slight itching. These sides aren't anything major, just something I have noticed. Other than that I feel normal.

  22. Day 25

    Sholders/core work today. Strength increases on shrugs, also grip is getting stronger. Diet today was pretty good 1 meal wasn't as clean as I normally eat, but cals and protein was spot on. Today was the first dose of 50 mcg for the T3 and I got a little lethargic towards the end of the day. Also it felt like I was warmer and it took less to get me sweating, but it could be just in my head. We'll see how tomorrow goes, I didn't expect to notice the T3 for at least 5 or so days. On a side note, I ran out of caps of MDHT so I have switched powder in a Bacardi 151 solution. The first dose in the morning is harsh, I think I will make an olive oil solution after this one runs out.

  23. Day 26

    Off day today, not much to report. Played some golf that was about it. Diet was pretty good today. I did manage to get a hold of a digital cam so I got a pic, not the best of quality. Couldn't figure out how to turn the flash off, so I set it to the lowest flash setting. Thats why its so dark. I wanted to get a bulked pic up so I could get a good view of the changes after the T3 cycle. In the pic I am holding a little more water than normal.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  24. Day 27

    No weights today, but I did do some HIIT. Man am I out of shape, haven't done any hiit or cardio in a few months. Got a good pump during the sprints, did more than I thought I could. Afterward my lungs were on fire. I am going to try in get in 3 hiit sessions a week and maybe some very low intensity cardio. High/moderate intensity cardio just makes me smaller, not leaner. Diet today was excellent. Another 50mcg dose of T3 today tomorrow I will up it to 75mcg. I think that is were I am going to peak, might go to 100mcg.
  25. An inspiration

    You log is inspiring me. Keep it up!



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