My 1-Test/4AD/MDHT/M4oht/T3 cycle...

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  1. Day 44
    Worked back/bi's today, no real strength increases on back but some slight ones on my bi's. I went to the gym around 5pm and man was their a lot of people there, never going to do that again. The workout went well other than the masses of people and the fact that I was a little rushed do to a night class I have. I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday, but I felt fine today. Started the Lean Extreme, L-tyrosine, and guggl today, still feel pretty warm most of the time though. I don't think the thyroid PCT should be that difficult, but I am not looking forward to going off in 2 weeks. Tomorrow is a chest/tri workout and I should get into the gym around 2pm so their won't be that many people, I will also weigh in.

  2. Day 45
    Worked chest/tri's today, strength was up on bench, got another 10lbs. Weight is at 219lbs. Diet today was great. Haven't noticed any real changes in switching from MDHT to M40ht, but it is still early. Couldn't get the digital cam so I am just going to put a final pic up at the end of the cycle in a little under 2 weeks.

  3. Day 46-47
    Off days today, had to work and school. Put the leg day on Friday and shoulder/core for Saturday. Diet for these days has been excellent. Put on a pair of shorts that I haven't worn since the start of the cycle and they were pretty tight around the thighs, but waist fit great. I don't know how well you can feel thyroid suppression, but I don't think I am very suppressed. I feel pretty normal.

    Day 48
    Worked legs today and it went great. I didn't increase the weight on my squats since I barely got it last week, but the reps were easier and I could have gone another 10lbs more than likely. Weight is right at 219lbs. Diet was alright, carbs and cals were high but they were clean. Just picked up a rice cooker and had to test that baby out, so I ended up eating a lot of long grain brown rice and teriyaki chicken.

  4. Day 49
    Got into the gym for a shoulder/core workout, went well. I don't really keep track of these lifts but I was up for db shrugs. Did some cardio, moderate intensity, keeping my heart rate at ~140. This was my first time doing cardio on cycle, other than hiit. After around 8 mins I got a huge pump in my calves, it was painful. Couldn't keep running, the pump was just too much. Even walking out to my car I could feel it. I have gotten a pump from low/moderate cardio, but nothing that would keep me from continuing like today. Cycle is almost over and then its lots of clean food, lighter weights, much less volume and lots of low intensity cardio. I can't wait .

  5. Day 50
    Off day today, had dinner with the family. Diet was good until I got to my parents house, had way too much food there.

    Day 51
    Back/bi workout today, went well. Increased strength on back, stayed the same on bi's. I think the M4oht has kicked in because I got a huge pump in my bi's that made the workout much more difficult. I was even getting a pretty good pump in my back. One thing I have noticed in switching from Mdht to M4oht is that it seems my endurance has gone down and I seem to be breathing harder through my workouts. Also I felt better on Mdht, had more energy. Although I didn't get a huge amp like I thought I would it kept me alert and energetic thought the day. Maybe without it I am finally feeling the lethargy of the 1-test, had to take some caffeine to get me though my night lab. Diet today was spot on, weight is at 222lbs. I think some of the weight gain is just temporary from the Sunday meal.

  6. Day 52
    Chest/tri workout today, no real strength or endurance increases. Workout went well, got everything in using weights from last week. Pumps today weren't as bad a yesterday, but they have been stronger than before the M4oht. Diet today was great. I am getting pretty tired towards the end of the day, I could barely keep my head up for a few hours after my workout. Looks like I will have to break the EC stack out.

  7. This is an excellent log!

    Thanks for posting - it's been helping me put my own cycle together.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Day 53
    Took today off, with my school schedule it would put me in the gym right around 5pm which would be a waist of a workout with the masses of people thier. Diet has been great, I have been eating a lot of long grain brown rice, that rice cooker was well worth the $20.

    Day 54
    Couldn't make it to the gym today, so the leg workout will be tomorrow morning. It looks like I am going to run out of the transdermal either tonight or after my morning dose. I will probably stop the m4oht tomorrow as well and just start pct Saturday. I think I have a pretty good pct lined up, this is the first really suppressive cycle I have done. The mdien cycle was dosed way too low, when it first came out 1-2mgs was the recommended and thats what I did. Saw no real strength or size gains from that. For me m4ohn didn't really do anything except make my sleeping slightly more difficult, some size gains but nothing I couldn't have achieved naturally. We'll see how much of this I can hold on to, goal for pct is to not drop below 214lbs while keeping my strength on all lifts higher than my before cycle records.

  9. This log is great! Keep it up. By the way, where can I get one of those rice cookers? I have a hard time cooking long brown rice, haha

  10. Thanks, at least I know some people are reading it. I got the rice cooker from Amazon, its the Panasonic SR-W06PA @ $19.95. It is well worth the investment.
    Day 55

    Worked legs today, hit 455lbs for 7 reps on my last set of squats. Last week I was only able to get 6. After that I went to work hams and they started to cramp up on me so I finished with 4 sets of calves and left. Today was the last day of the cycle, took the final dose of m4oht this morning and the trans ran out last night. Weight was 221lbs. Diet today was excellent, ended up eating a lot of egg whites. Tomorrow I start PCT here is the plan:

    novla 60ml->40ml->40ml->20ml
    Avena Sativa 2g->2g->2g->2g
    tribulus 2g->2g->2g->2g
    Fenugreek 3g->3g->3g->3g
    lean extreme 150mg->150mg

    Diet is going to be ~3000cals, 40p/40c/20f, as clean as possible.

    Training is going to be moderate weight, reps in the 8-12 range with a slower rep tempo, nothing goes to failure (got this from Bobo). Volume is going to be cut from 12-16 sets for large muscles to around 6-8 sets. Smaller muscles from 10-12 to 4-6 sets. I haven't decided exactly what my cardio routine is going to look like yet. I was thinking of some low intensity cardio, heart rate around 140bpm, for 30min 3 times a week. I still want to do some more research on this though.

    Sunday I should have an updated pic up, I will also post a cycle recap. I am going to post what I would have done differently knowing what I know now, my opinions on the androgens and their effects, diet changes, ect. For the post cycle I don't think I will be updating quite as often, 1-2 times a week.

  11. Update:

    So far 1 week into pct weight is at 220lbs, I would have thought I would have lost ~3 in the first week but nothing so far. Strength I have no clue on, I know my endurance is noticeably down. I have been keeping the weight light with reps at 10-12 with a slow tempo. This has been much more difficult than I though it was going to be, but seems to be working very well to maintain muscle. As far as sets its around 6 for large muscle groups and 2-4 for smaller. PCt or not I think I needed to take a break from the heavy weights, I have been working out heavy for 16 weeks with no breaks. So this has been good for me.

    Diet for this week has been excellent, ~3000 cals 40p/40c/20f. Most of my carbs come from long grain brown rice. Primary protein sources have been chicken, milk, milk protein isolate, whey isolate, eggs, and egg white protein. Fat sources have been mainly peanut butter and fish oil. Thats pretty much it for the diet.

    For the pct, I feel pretty good. Aside from the decrease in endurance I haven't noticed much. This being my first real pct I was expecting it to suck a lot more. Haven't noticed any emotional sides, libido is unchanged (elevated slightly with the mdht but back to normal when I went off it). With all the reading about people have trouble getting hard it had me a little worried, but I have had no problems (knock on wood ). Testicles are at ~80% normal up from ~40%, I seem to be bouncing back pretty well. I just started taking the trib and avena sativa, just got the pill capper this week. I tried to just put these powders in some water and drink it, no way that was going to happen more than once. They are extremely bitter, by far the worst tasting supp, I chased it with CEE to get the taste out of my mouth. The fenugreek makes my urine smell like maple syrup some times, not sure if it is really helping but for $4 a bottle I would still use it. I have really been liking the lean extreme, if you can swing the cash I think its a good thing to have.

    Now I am just going to post some of my thoughts on the androgens I used and what I would have done differently.

    1-test: In my opinion this was the best thing in the stack I feel that almost all of my size gains are attributed to it. Using the 4ad I was able to knock out most of the sides, so I never got a true taste of the lethargy it can cause. The last two weeks when I switched from the mdht to the m4oht I became mildly lethargic. As far as dosage transdermally I think that anywhere from 300-350mg would be the dosage I would use again.

    4ad: At 300mg I think it was just enough to knock out most of the 1-test sides. I noticed no real boost in libido and no bloating. I was only able to notice the 1-test lethargy when I dropped the mdht. As far as dosage transdermally I would have gone to 400mg in this cycle, 500 if I was only going to go with the 1T and 4AD.

    MDHT: For me this compound was overrated and underrated. As far as its being an aggression producing pre workout stimulant if fails. I get a similar boost from ~200mg of caffeine. It did however give me more of a lasting energy throughout the day, no huge surge but kept me alert and energetic. Also it improved my endurance in the gym, I needed less rest between sets and wasn't breathing as hard throughout my workouts. As far as strength gains I really can't tell as my strength progressed fairly linearly though the cycle. Dosage, 100mg a day divided into two doses worked well for me and I would keep it at that.

    M4oht: I don't know if you just have to run this compound longer to see an effect or if it just wasn't strong enough to notice along side the others. The only thing that I noticed in switching from the mdht to the m4oht is some slight lethargy. I couldn't find much info on it, maybe this is why. Running the cycle again I would not have incorporated this.

    T3: If I were going for a pure mass cycle I would probably leave this out, or run a low dose of it. In the three weeks that I ran it my weight stayed the same but I gained strength and got a little leaner. Doing it again I would have gone to up to 100mcg instead of 75mcg. In a cutting cycle I would also have just gone to 100mcg and just run it longer 4-5 weeks. The research I have done most people suggest that you run it for three weeks, which is good advice for someone on their first T3 cycle. However looking at studies people seem to rebound ok using this stuff for months straight. Coming off the T3 for me I noticed no real signs of thyroid shutdown, although I didn't get a blood test.

    Man that was log, my longest post. Next update will be next Sunday. I will still respond to questions though.

  12. Lots of good info here. We all appreciate you keeping up such a good log.

  13. Just trying to contribute.

    I got an updated pic, was finally able to get a hold of a digital cam. In the pic I am the same weight as the first pic. I didn't get a before pic, wish I had but I looked the same as far as bf% as I did in the first pic. Just 20lbs lighter.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  14. Thought I would give a little update, probably one more then that will be it.

    As of Monday, (17days into PCT), I am down to ~217.5lbs. That’s down 2.5lbs since the end of the cycle. With the amount of low intensity cardio I am doing, I believe most of this weight is fat. Still keeping the 3000 cal 40/40/20 diet, and since I am leaning out nicely I will probably keep it the same for the next few weeks. Endurance last week was improved from the first week PCT. This week I have started to up the weights and cut down on reps Doing reps in the 8-10 range with slightly increased rep temp from last week and it seems that I have retained my strength pretty well, but we’ll see when I get back to the heavy stuff. Libido seems to be slightly up, although it never really took a hit. The only problem I have been having is with cramps, my hamstrings, quads, pecs, bi’s, and lats cramp pretty easy. They are not debilitating craps, but still are an annoyance. Been getting plenty of water and vitamins/minerals, if anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.

  15. I take 5mEq potassium gluconate 3x/d. On w/o days, I take 5 more before and 5 more after. On days I still cramp, I'll take 5 or 10 more and it always works with the extra dose. That can be up to 14 pills of 99mg K eq, so it sounds like alot, but it's only about 40-50% of what one needs. Other than that, you can take extra magnesium and muscle relaxers.

  16. Sorry if you already mentioned this, Did you have any hair problems with the mdht?

    I was thinking about running it the first 8 weeks of my cutting cycle.

  17. A few weeks prior to starting this cycle is started using Minoxidil 5% and Azelaic Acid 5%. My hair actually became thicker on cycle, so I must respond pretty well to the stuff. I don't know how prone I am to male pattern baldness, but my freshman year in college my hair thinned a lot. To the point that when I came home that was one of the first things my mom noticed. Now I am pretty close to the thickness I had in high school.

  18. Def. a great log bro. Lookin thick and lean i might add. Right now im running cAMPHIBOLIC and 1-ad on my 3rd week going into 4th week on friday. Ur log is for sure helpful because im wanting to run a 1-Test/4-ad trans if i can and ur dosages seems to have helped with me wondering.

    Will be following ur log man and good luck retaining ur weight!


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