PH kicking In

  1. PH kicking In

    how long after you take a dose of alpha mass/bulk does it start to kick in? 1, 2, 3 hours?

  2. may i ask why the massive posts on this
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  3. Dude, just stop. You keep asking questions about these products that have already been answered. Stop flooding the forum with posts in different threads. If you're scared to run these products, after all the advice and knowledge people have given you, then don't run them. I'm tired of seeing you pop up with new threads asking the same questions.
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  4. no i rather not maybe after i run it but this is the last post i promise could you just give me ur input on that?

  5. 2.637 minutes at 1202Q
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  6. but wouldnt u round that to 3?


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