Trenavar/hcg/letro cycle

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by jack_black View Post
    You are spending more eating out than on gear. Nice!

    Lol, smh I know. I know if I didn't have the job I have. This cycle would sherd some one up and build serious muscle I'm up 19lbs of lean dry muscle. According to my doctor I went to on Monday. Body fat is down 3%

    Eating with clients is how I make my deals. If you wanna eat mc Donald's while we talk money, ill eat mc Donald's

  2. Thursday

    6am took humapro, trenavar all my sups went back to sleep

    7am espresso 5 truvias

    9am gym back shoulder I will add a few things today not in a rush.

    9:05 double humapro
    Dead lift 225lbs 10x5
    Dead lift 275lbs 10x4
    Dead lift 315lbs 10x4
    Dead lift 365lbs 6x3

    Bench press 315lbs 6x5
    Shrugs 275lbs 10x4

    Front pull down 90lbs 10x4.
    Fromt pull down100lbs 10x4
    Shoulder press 100lbs 10x6

    Row machine 150lbs 10x2
    row machine 170lbs 10x6
    Smith machine row 135lbs 10x3
    smith machine row 185lbs 10x2
    Row 70lbs 10.
    Row90lbs 10x6.
    Row110lbs 10.
    Row 150lbs 8

    Seated leg press 210lbs 10x2.
    Seated leg press 250lbs 10x2.
    Seated leg press 310lbs 10x2
    seated leg press 400lbs 10x2

    1:30pm humapro

    Skull crusher 60lbs 10x4
    Hammer curls 50lbs 10x5

    Incline dumbbell press 60lbs 10x5
    Conventional seated curl 50lbs 10x4

    12:40pm Allegra 180mg and levaquin 500mg

    Cable triceps extension 50lbs 10x6
    Elliptical 25min

    2pm red apple protein shake trenavar and sups

    2:05pm two fists of salted roasted cashews

    3pm chicken breast sandwich frys and a black coffee 5 Splenda.

    5pm i feel like blood sugar is in the floor. coffee two donuts

    6:55pm humapro

    7:10pm Greek yougurt 6oz

    9:10pm extremely hungry half a cup of rice black beans and 8 oz of roasted chicken. Trenavar and all my sups

  3. Friday

    5:30am woke up late, took all my sups, trenavar

    5:44am gym

    Incline bench press 225lbs 10x5
    Dead lift 315lbs 10x5
    Dead lift 405lbs 9

    Squats 365lbs 10x5
    Calf extension 70lbs 10x6

    Leg curl 90lbs 10x6
    Leg extension 70lbs 10x5

    Sit ups 200
    Dips 90

    Row 190lbs 10x6

    7:10am humapro

    8am two fist full of almonds

    11:30am humapro

    12:30pm (Mudville 9) buffalo buger with blue cheese, sweet mash potatoe, seltzer water with a lime x3

    1:40pm Allegra 180mg, levaquin 500mg

    3pm trenavar all my sups

    3:20pm monster energy drink

    6pm protein shake

    6:40pm tangerine

    8pm yellow and red vine tomatoe. A whole celery, 8 red radish and 8 oz of baked chicken.

    10:40pm letro 2.5mg, trenavar and my sups, hcg 1000iu

  4. Saturday

    6:30am protein shake, trenavar and all my sups.

    9am Greek omelette with a coffee 5 truvias, 5 creamers.

    11:20am coffee and a muffin, levaquin 500mg and Allegra 180mg

    12:30pm grape juice, trenavar, humapro an all my sups

    1pm fist of nuts

    4pm protein shake

    6:10pm panini forest ham American cheese. Lays chip. Humapro

    8:20pm pita chip

    9pm humapro trenavar all my sups.

  5. Sunday

    7:10am toasted bagel lightly butter. humapro, trenavar and sups

    9:20am Irish omelette, home fry black coffee 5 Splenda and 4 creamers.

    11:00am black coffee, grape juice, half a Danish

    12:34pm black coffee 5 truvia. Chicken breast and potatoes.

    1pm levaquin 500mg and Allegra 180mg

    4pm protein shake, trenavar and sups

    7pm 8 hot wings and 3 pizzas Pepsi max

    10pm protein shake, skipped trenavar I felt like my bp was up to high.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MIGUEL1J View Post

    skipped trenavar I felt like my bp was up to high.
    You haven't been able to get this under control yet? Are you taking baby aspirin? Have you tried giving blood? Do you have any Celery Seed Extract? Are you drinking at least 1.5 gallons of water throughout the day? ...

  7. Quote Originally Posted by rayjay View Post

    You haven't been able to get this under control yet? Are you taking baby aspirin? Have you tried giving blood? Do you have any Celery Seed Extract? Are you drinking at least 1.5 gallons of water throughout the day? ...
    Sorry brother I haven't been able to controlled it yet. I'm going to run to g** and buy some extra celery seed extract.

    I have notice that I usually feel it after my two rest day

    Im Taking organ shild at recommended and cel cycle assist at double dose, drinking upwards to about 2 and a half gallon sometimes 3. I drink one gallon at the gym alone.

    Not taking aspirin it would interact with the levaquin which today's my last day. Take that Anthrax and respiratory infection.

    I have about 5 days left on this cycle, I got an appointment with my endocrinologist on Wednesday to do labs. I have had decent gains and recomp. I will post up the stats on Saturday my doctor told me on Friday I gained 19.7 lbs of dry solid muscle.

    He is worried about my BP,he want me to discontinue trenavar, I have seen him 5 times this month at his request.

  8. I hate g n c. Went in to buy extra celery seed extract to see if I can get my bp stable. What looks like a teenage 110lbs kid is trying to school me on other stuff I don't want and know for fact that its garbage and does not work.

    Then after I told him look kid I'm only buying one thing here and only because I need it ASAP after that he tells me they don't sell celery seed extract .
    I wanted to choke him.

  9. Monday

    4:50am Protein shake, trenavar and all my sups


    Incline bench press 135lbs 10
    Flat bench 315lbs 10x4
    Flat bench 270lbs 10x2
    Flat bench 225lbs 10x2

    Decline bench 275lbs 10x4
    Decline bench press 225lbs 10x2

    Alternating deltoid raises 10lbs 10x6
    Smith machine shrugs 225lbs 10x5
    Shrugs 45 lbs 10x5

    Sit ups 200

    Elliptical 20minutes

    Cable triceps extension 50lbs 10x6
    Cable curls 50lbs 10x6

    7:20am protein shake

    8am crumbs cupcake. Water

    11:50am trenavar and my sups, humapro

    12:20pm Tuscan spaghetti tomatoes sauces eggplant Parnassians.

    2pm 8oz grape juice

    3:46pm humapro

    7 pm humapro, trenavar and sups

    7:30pm hcg 1000iu and letrozole 2.5mg

    8pm 4spoons on peanut butter, added almonds 2oz, pistachio 2oz. And a whole celery head

  10. Tuesday

    5:40am protein shake, trenavar and all my sups

    6:35 am gym sip BCAA

    Dead lift 225lbs 10x6
    Dead lift 275lbs 10x4
    Dead lift 135lbs 10

    Barbell row 135lbs 10x6
    Barbell row 185lbs 10
    Alternating deltoid raises10lbs 10x6

    Sit ups 300

    Hammer curls 40lbs 10x5
    Dumbbell shrugs 40lbs 10x6

    Smith machine shrugs 225lbs 10x6
    smith machine shrugs 275lbs 10x4

    Elliptical 20min

    Triceps cable extension 50lbs 10x6
    Cable row 170lbs 10x4

    7:20am protein shake.

    9am coffee with hazel nut coffee mate 4 Splenda

    9:25am black coffee 5 Splenda

    10:20am Greek omelette with feta cheese.

    11:50am trenavar, humapro and sups

    12:10pm fish sandwich double fish patties, beef chili with (what I think) cheddar. Coke zero cherry vanilla.

    3pm humapro and sups

    4:28pm protein shake

    6pm. Took double organ shild and double cycle assist.

    6:10pm bp is up took baby aspirin, chewed and let it dissolve under the tongue. 20oz of cranberry juice.

    6:15pm texted my doctor and let him know about my bp. He said its the levaquin clearing my system. To pop aspirin and Allegra

    7:20pm 8oz steak with vine tomatoes.

    8pm my bp is under control.

  11. Bp stable 135/75. He sent me to do labs tommorow at 10am to compare with the last labs, also to see what damage tvar did. he did say I dropped a decent amount of body fat.

  12. Wednesday
    Busy day will take naps today. Don't have time to sleep.

    12am beef stick, aspirin humapro

    1:20-1:50am nap

    2am humapro, an apple

    3:14am gym legs

    Squats 225lbs 10x6
    Squats 315lbs 10x4
    Leg press 225lbs 10x4
    Leg press 315lbs 10x4
    Leg press 365lbs 10x3

    Sit ups 350

    Leg curls 70lbs 10x5
    Leg extension 90lbs 10x3
    Alternating deltoid raises 20lbs 10x6

    Pull ups 40

    Seated leg press 210lbs 10x4
    Seated leg press 270lbs 10x3
    Shoulder press 90lbs 10x4

    Elliptical 15 minutes
    Lat pull downs 170lbs 10x4

    Triceps extension 50lbs 10x4

    4:30am protein shake

    7am humapro

    8:10Am trenavar, sups

    10:40am 4 egg whites 1 whole egg. Peppers onion tomatoes,

    12pm doctor said I'm down to 235.4lbs, my bp is stable and good I have to come back Thursday to do labs.

    2pm trenavar and sups

    3pm orange steak with real Chinese rice. Oolong Tea, 6 steamed wantons and 1 spring roll.

    6pm humapro

    7pm diet vitamin water 4 crackers.

    9pm humapro and sups, ate 5 Oreos .

  13. Thursday

    It's sad that today is my last day on Lgi tvar -15 I enjoyed the ride. Impressed with the strength and muscle gains. I will rate this product an 8 out of a 10.

    The only thing I did not like was the dosage they should make them in an optimal 50mg caps.

    No physical side effects I went up to 120mg the last 3 weeks. I did a full physical and a full blood panel, waiting on the results.

    In my opinion Tvar at 60,75mg is a waste of money. Good gains start at 90mg and I'm impressed with 120mg.

    If my diet would of been clean defiantly would off lost more body fat, regardless my diet was decent at best and fat loss experienced while on tvar are impressing.

    8am Went to the doctor for blood work and a physical. My blood pressure is stable and normal. The doctor did an X-ray he said my legs look swollen. He thought there was blood clot. It turned out to be normal.

    He's going to do extra blood work to look into why they swollen. Guys if you use Hcg be careful the doctor told me hcg can cause blood clots.

    10:40am sesame bagel two cheese and 4 eggs. Black coffee 5 truvia

    11:10am took trenavar and all my sups

    Gym (back, shoulders, abs) sip BCAA

    Dead lift 405lbs 10,10,8,4
    Dead lift 365lbs 8,8,6,5
    Dead lift 315lbs 10x5
    Dead lift 225lbs 10x4
    Dead lift 135lbs 10

    Smith machine shoulder shrugs 225lbs 10x5 Smith machine decline bench 315lbs 8x5
    Smith machine flat 315lbs 8x5

    Pull ups 100
    Sit ups 300
    Dips 100

    Elliptical 40 min Cable rows 260lbs 10x5
    Triceps cable extension 60lbs 10x8
    Rope triceps extension 60lbs

    Dual pulley row 90lbs 10x4
    Lat pull down 190lbs 10x5
    Standing lat pull downs 60lbs 10x6

    Protein shake

    One arm Dumbbell rows 50lbs 10x7
    Dumbbell behind head extension 60lbs 10x5 Hammer curls 50lbs 10x2
    Hammer curls 60lbs 10x3

    Conventional curls 45lbs 10x3
    Dumbbell chest press 50lbs 10x6

    Shoulder press machine 90lbs 10x8
    Machine chest flys 190lbs 10x6
    Cable curls 60lbs 10x4

    4:10pm trenavar and all my sups, humapro

    4:30pm protein shake

    7pm small papa John pepperoni pie with a diet coke.

    11pm Italian breaded tilapia with a cinnamon bun and a mineral water. Trenavar, hcg 1000iu and all my sups

  14. Friday

    5am sups and a protein shake

    5:30am gym free for all Friday sip BCAA. Im Short on time today.

    Decline bench press 315lbs 10x5
    Decline bench press 275lbs 10x4
    Decline bench press 225lbs 10

    Flat bench 225lbs 10x5
    Flat bench 275lbs 10x4
    Flat bench 315lbs 10x4

    Sit up 350
    Pull ups 50
    Elliptical 10min

    7:30am protein shake

    11am half a pink lady apple, humapro and sups

    12pm chicken cutlet sandwich with 2oz Doritos and a cranberry lime soda.

    3pm a chocolate cookie from Billy's

    4pm protein shake

    7:30pm protein shake,all my sups

    8:20pm oduals 12oz.

    9pm 8oz of tilapia

  15. Tommorow I will put up my measurement and gains and pic of my recomp. I will put up the labs when I get them. Know let's see how long I keep my gains

  16. Quote Originally Posted by MIGUEL1J View Post
    Tommorow I will put up my measurement and gains and pic of my recomp. I will put up the labs when I get them. Know let's see how long I keep my gains

  17. Ok guys this cycle is officially over and her are my stats and update pics. I will post up blood work when I get them in from the doc, know is when the show begins.

    Question 1. How long will I keep my gains? With out a pct.

    Question 2. How long will hcg help me keep these gains?

    I will continue the hcg and letro, I will post up weekly reviews on any changes. I feel good strong and healthy. Lgi tvar15 is a great product. I am impressed with this compound and will most likely run it in the future


    Weight 239.4----237.6
    Body fat. 16%----12%
    Chest 43----44
    Arms 15.4----16
    Hips. 41-----40
    Waist 38----38
    Thighs. 21.5----26
    Calves. 15.5----17
    Forearms 12.5-----13
    Shoulders 54----54
    Neck 16.5----16

    One of the guys asked about hair loss. I kept a full set of hair and it actually stronger, shiner and softer.
    Attached Images Attached Images    

  18. Labs are in both I and the doctor are shocked. These labs were take a day after my last tvar dose, my letro and hcg shot was skipped to after the test

    Tvar had a higher conversion rate then what i thought, and suppressed test production, smacked my lipid panel, liver and rdw

    Start --------------------------finish
    CBC rdw 15 normal high 15.3 High
    LH .2 Low. .2Low
    Fsh.7 Low. .7Low
    Estradiol 62 high. 15 normal
    Alkaline phosphate normal. 36 Low
    Ast 43 High. 56 High
    Hdl cholesterol normal. 16 Low
    Cholesterol /gdl ratio normal. 10.9 high.
    LDL chol/ cal normal. 143 High
    Vitamin d normal Took the beating of its life
    Test 905 high normal. 306 low normal
    Free test 110.8 normal high. 86.5
    SHBG 42 5 extremely low

    Muscle actually gained 23.4lbs, tvar is stronger than what I thought.

  19. Update down to 235lbs lost some more body fat. I have a doctors appointment Tommorow to retake the labs

  20. Update weight stable 235lbs test up 359. Stop taking letro, continue hcg no muscle loss.

  21. My doc wants me to take testosterone 75mg a day and he wrote me a script to arimidex so I guess I'm going to start it next week. He said he wants my test levels back to normal ASAP

  22. How's your strength and do you feel ok?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by jack_black View Post
    How's your strength and do you feel ok?
    My strength has gone up, bench is up 20lbs dead lift is up by 50lbs and curls are up by 5lbs. I have gotten more vascular. Weight is holding steady. I feel good but my cholesterol is out of whack, bp is normal, visiting the barber more often, my sex drive is through the roof.


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