Avant Labs/Nutraplanet - Phenogen Log - Endomorph testing

  1. Avant Labs/Nutraplanet - Phenogen Log - Endomorph testing

    I was selected to be one of two Phenogen Log testers (Endomorph testing, Solo supp testing = Phenogen only). Thanks again to Nutraplanet as well as Avant Labs for the oppurtunity.

    5'11 - 239 holding h20(after this AM's cardio) - 13% BF

    9% bf or lower

    Training for 11 years - 8 religiously (played at MSU) - 1.5 extremely serious (IE: I figured out how serious diet is, especially for an endo) - 23% BF about 3 years ago - I have tried every method - diet wise- to get to the single digits but 40/40/20 seems to work the best for me.

    current supps + supps background:
    I have tried v12 3 times and 1 bottle of VPX Clen, EC stack for about 6 months on and off. Never tried PH/AAS Current supps are Multi-V, Vit E&C after training, Zinc+MAg at bedtime, fish oil (pills) 3xday, flax oil (pills) 2xday.

    3x per day with 1st meal (8am), 3rd meal (1PM), 6 meal (7:30pm) - this will be tested solo - EC stack was stopped Friday Nov 26th. In the 3rd week I will up the dosage to 4x per day for 1 week (want to be done by x-mas).

    As stated earlier 40/40/20 - 3000 cals a day (maint. cals till x-mas) 300G P/ 300G C/ 50-60G F - I up carbs to 400-500 on leg day and deadlift days if I feel I need it.

    1st dose was this morning - this is a non-stim so not much to report (Avant Labs forum reviews - some people report a bit of Lethargy, I'll keep an eye out for that) if I missed any pre-lim info feel free to ask.

    Thanks again for the oppurtunity Avant Labs & Nutraplanet

  2. Thanks for testing out the product!

  3. Day 1 complete on to day too

    1st day is complete - nothing special to report - felt a little nausea on my 2nd and 3rd dose but the last dose at 8:00 seemed to be not as bad - had a whole yam+chicken, compared to 1 cup of brown rice+chicken on my 2nd dose - could just be a case of the Mooonday's but I am keeping an eye out for that today. feel fine after the 1st does this morning which was taken with 16 egg whites+1cup oatmeal+1bananna.
  4. Day 4 - working through day 5

    so far so good - nothing really to report - still holding at 238 but skin is much tighter and water weight doesn't seem to be as big of an issue as I thought. Lethargy is not bad but when I sit down and relax, like lay on the couch I can fall asleep in a second, not really normal but unless I am just relaxing I don't feel tired, workouts still very good and productive. Will report back in a few days unless I notice someting special earlier. Keep reading two weeks is the mark that it takes to start doing it's thing so hopefully that will hold true.
  5. Day 7 complete - on to day 8

    Weighed in at 235 Sat., no gym yesterday and no cardio this morning. Dropping water for sure as skin is getting tighter and bottom row of abs is startign to come out. lethargy is the same - fine when I am busy but when I chill out I can easily fall asleep. I am at maint. cals. and usually have some hunger pains when it's close to meal time but that has gone away as well, really is helping at night when my body feels like it wants to eat everything in site. should start seeing what this stuff is all about in about a week or so. Will report back soon

  6. Great start. So overall, though its early, you are liking it already?

  7. So far I am liking it, being at Maintenance cals and still seeing BF drop a little (seeign the lower abs, seeing a much better definition of the three heads in my quads, back is getting tighter as well) - being at only 1 full week - I think this week then next week when I up it to 4 doses a day for a week will really show the results I am aiming for. For a 1 week review I am a fan by the way I am drinking 1.5-2 gallons of water a day so h20 weight is not fluctuating due to some days driking more or less.
  8. 12-10 Day 10

    9 days complete so far. This stuff really likes to suck the water out of you, no gym last night will weigh myself tonight. Feel much more sore this week, even while drinking 1.5-2 gallons a day I feel more thirsty every day and I think this stuff really just soaks up the water. I feel the nutrient repartioning may really be working as my muscles feel really full - more than normal (not pumped just don't feel flat). Strength has gone up but I think that's mostly due to being at maintenance for 3 weeks - but the nutrient repartioning aspects may be assiting more than I think - Give an update soon - Still to early to tell if this stuff is great but so far I am diggin it.
  9. day 14 - Two weeks in!!!

    240 as of today - measured bf% today down 1%, now at 12%. Doubt I will get to my 9% but also I have slacked big time on the cardio I got two days last week, probably the same this week. Michigan Winter=hibernation, hate getting up when it's still dark. I am very impressed with the fact that I have lost 1% of bf while being at Maintanence cals (3000)- very clean - going well over a lot too lately, an extra bowl of brown rice and chicken usually, bringing it to 3500. Strength is up as well - nutrient repartioning really working that well??? Nighttime hunger pain that occurs no matter how much I eat has subsided for now - sesathin has kicked in good - still very thirsty. Lethargy is not really present, body seems to of adjusted. Uping my dose to 4 times a day for the next 7 days.

    Twin Peak - you said this stuf really kicks at about the 14 day mark - besides what I have noticed, what else should I notice or what are the expectations you're hoping for ?

    So far the product seems legit - Will give final review around feb 1st, after I try 4 weeks at same cal. level and no phenogen.

    Will report back soon
  10. 4 weeks complete - all done

    Well... doesn't seem like to many people followed this log . I apologize for not updating the log when I first finished - dec24th. As of today I weighed 241 again, measured Bf% and still at 12%. The lethargy wasn't as horrible as predicted and once I got used to it I was fine. It did make me very thirsty no matter how much I drank. Overall I am not sure what I think of the product, after reading several other logs and more info on Sesathin, I believe that is the key ingredient. I was eating at maintanence and a little above on some days, all clean so maybe this stuff helped keep of some fat but my strength has gone up a little on all lifts. Gaining some lean mass could be the reason I dropped 1% of fat or it may be the phenogen. I am going to stay at the same calorie level for the next month, actually I will increase cals a little more till feb then the quest to 9% or lower begins. I will update this log at the end of jan. to compare my results with the phenogen results.

    Overall I think the product is a decent supplement, Sesathin has been proven to actually work so that is key to this product - any questions?

    Thank you again Nutraplanet and Avant Labs for letting me test this product - I will elaborate on any missed information that may be pertenant to others.

  11. Those sound like very good results to me. If you managed to gain a few pounds, and also concurrently drop a full percent in bodyfat, then the product must've been rather effective in my eyes.

    Based on your own experience with phenogen, would you recommend it to others?

  12. Well... my results are good but the problem i am having is determining wether or not they came from the product or the fact that I upped my cals to maintanence and a little beyond. Before I upped my cals I was at about 2500 for maybe 6 months, carb cycling every few weeks. I believe my body was at a stalemate and the extra cals was probably way over due.

    Dropping 1% bf is a + and usually not very feasible for an endo at maint. cals. I think the product is worthy and legit. Once Feb. comes I will know for sure how well I can rate the product

    I would recommend it to others but as always I would preach about diet first then add this to assist.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by max silver
    Those sound like very good results to me. If you managed to gain a few pounds, and also concurrently drop a full percent in bodyfat, then the product must've been rather effective in my eyes.

    Based on your own experience with phenogen, would you recommend it to others?
    I would agree.

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, dramatic results like those you see from androgens will not be seen with an supplements PBE.

    Any supplement with noticable results in 4 weeks, especially results as you saw, are positive.

    I am pleased with the results, thanks for playing!


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