Mdrol cycle

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  1. I love superdrol =)

    DB incline
    last week 65x9
    This week, was going for 70x9 and I got....70x12! lol I love this ****!

    machine military

    75x8,7 (+10lbs lol)

    leg press
    none, hams are TOAST from deads.

    weight one week ago, 182. Weight today 194.5! lololololol

    Superdrol is the ****ing ****! Glad I snagged 3 bottles before the ban!

  2. What you dosing sd at bro?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by howwedo107 View Post
    What you dosing sd at bro?
    20mg. I should also note I am on 350mg test e, but I have been on for awhile so estro has been pretty stable for awhile and the strength gains tapered off awhile back. This is also actual mdrol. I know some people complained of some of the clones being under dosed, but Mdrol seems to be one of the better ones.

  4. Was not feeling recovered today, but I just attributed it to the lethargy of the mdrol. Went to lift and found out that you're still human when on superdrol.


    Called it a day after that. Knew I needed more time to recover. Might lift again Monday depending on how I'm feeling. Stressing out over this test Monday is definitely not helping my recovery either.

  5. Tried to finish my back workout from yesterday and strength is still in the ****ter. One intense set of deads = ****ty training for the next five days. I'm sure the adderall is no help.

  6. Could not sleep and I'm assuming that's a combination of the superdrol and my CNS recovering or something. I've been up since 7 yesterday (22.5 hours ago) and I was lying in bed wide awake. For 6 hours. So I said **** it and tried to finish that back workout. MUCH better luck this time.

    neutral cable row
    195x8,5,4,3 (+15lbs)

    HS row
    265x10,7, blah blah

    120? 2x12

    machine curl
    135x9,7 (+10lbs, +1 rep on the first set)

    I hate elbows out rows for traps. Traps don't seem to respond to anything other than heavy **** and thats a problem when you can't use your lower back. Won't be deadlifting for awhile again, inflammation out the ass.

    Coming down with something. Flat as hell and I cannot quench my thirst despite two gallons of green tea.

  7. At my home gym for the holidays so the weights and lifts are a bit different.

    db incline
    80x9 and no more. Couldn't get it up for the second set because my shoulder, but still awesome progress in a couple weeks! Want to hit the 90s for a set of 8-10 by the end.

    did some HS incline to make up for it and that **** hurt! Love that machine.

    overhead tri extensions
    don't care, but I'm sore as ****

    machine lat raise
    don't remember

    leg press
    405x8 (+2 reps) This hurt my back like hell so I guess I'm going to have to use some high volume low weights for legs.


    close grip neutral row
    190x8 (sloppy), 170x7, 5, 4

    HS row
    305x9,5,3 I hate these

    DB shrugs
    80 2x12 or something

    machine curl
    95x9, blah blah blah

    Basically everything is still going up. Weighed in at 198.5 today which is +16.5lbs =)

  8. weight 202 (+20lbs) =)

    incline db
    85x8, started at 65x8 or so

    hammer strength incline (can't get the weight up for the second set so I have to use this for subsequent sets)

    overhead extensions

    Short on time, but am going to try and get back to the gym tonight to do legs and calves. May even do back and Bi's if I'm feeling up to it. Weight is still going up and I'm only 2.5 weeks in.

  9. close grip neutral cable rows
    195x8,5,4,3 sloppy

    wide grip neutral cable rows
    105x12, 8

    machine curls

    Starting to drag a bit. Joints are hurting and I don't have any motivation to train right now. Gonna take a few days off and get loads of sleep and will reassess from there. If I start feeling better I may run another week. Otherwise, I'll stop Thursday.

  10. Couldn't even go three weeks on this stuff. Strength was absolutely out-****ing-rageous though. If anyone is still following, take my advice and just pick a few lifts that will target most of your body, train them hard, train them often in the right rep ranges and you will get strong as a mother ****er very quickly. I'm still dragging ass so I am overreaching for sure. Yeah, that's right, overreaching on the most powerful **** out there in just a few weeks. It is definitely possible guys, so don't think you're superman. In retrospect, I may have been able to keep training longer if I reduced the intensiveness (vs. intensity which is % of your 1rm. I'm talking about perceived effort) of the smaller lifts or less volume, but I don't think gains would have been as great. Adding 20lbs per DB on a pressing movement for the same reps in 2.5 weeks is about the best damn progress I've ever seen for anyone and I'm lucky enough to have experienced it myself. I'm still up 17lbs with just a little bit more bf, barely noticeable.

    As far as diet, carbs are your friend. Consider that a pound of muscle contains about 137g of protein in it. I was eating about 180-220g protein on any given day, 30-50g fat and 500-600 carbs a day and reached a max weight of 204lbs = +21lbs overall. You don't need all that ****ing protein to get big. You need carbs fellas. Starchy carbs will jack up your TSH levels too. I was losing about .5lbs a week on 2000cals before this and my weight started to stall eating ~3400 cals a day by the end!

    Cliff notes to mdrol success:

    1. Lift heavy but controlled in the rep range you grow best in.
    2. You can train to failure often when you are going "heavy" (intensiveness, not intensity), as long as volume is low.
    3. Keep fat low, protein moderate and fill the rest in with enough carbs to get you gaining weight.
    4. Even though this **** is potent, you are not superman and may need to deload if you are training hard and heavy (again, intensiveness, not intensity).
    5. Expect metabolism to get jacked up if carbs are high and adjust diet as the weeks go on.


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