My First PH Cycle. Havoc

  1. My First PH Cycle. Havoc

    Hey everyone, I am in the process of gathering products for my first cycle of Havoc. I am a 19-year-old 6'3" 234lbs male. I just recently lost 66 pounds and am looking to put back on my lost muscle. From the research I have done I have come up with a cycle/post-cycle that resembles this:

    4-week Cycle
    Havoc 20/30/30/30
    Now Foods Fish Oil (recommended dose)
    Himalaya Liv.52 (recommended dose)
    Competitive Edge Labs Cycle Assist
    Now Foods Taurine (5-10g depending on needs)

    I will pre-load the Cycle Assist, Fish Oil, Liv.52, and Taurine a week before the cycle begins.

    Post Cycle
    Now Foods Fish Oil
    Himalaya Liv.52
    Competitive Edge Labs P.C.T. Assist

    I have been reading many things that say Nolva is a MUST for P.C.T. I am simply wondering if this is true? Also, I will not be starting this cycle until I reach my goal weight of 220lbs. This will give me plenty of time to do more research and prepare myself physically. Is there anything you think would be a must-add to this list? I am all ears since this will be my first cycle, and I appreciate all input.

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    I appreciate the quick reply, and I do understand the necessity. I don't like being looked at as some inexperienced youngling. I am a Biology (Pre-Med) Major and I know how the body works. I also know that by 19 years old, over 75% of males' bodies have matured, which means whether I do it now, or wait two years is of no consequence. Unless, of course, you are simply giving two years for me to maximize my gains naturally, in which case you are spot-on. I appreciate you looking out for my well-being Mitch, but I already know a SERM is "needed." I also know this is not always true. I have a friend who has done three cycles of Havoc without taking a SERM post-cycle. He retained all of his gains and his estrogen levels remained stable. I am not trying to come across as rude, I just hate when people insult my intelligence. So, does anyone have any comments about the products I have listed or any products you would suggest? Thanks again for looking out for me, Mitch.
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