Halo cycle - beginner - LOG

  1. Halo cycle - beginner - LOG

    So this is my first PH cycle. Well I did do OstaRX before but that's a SARM. Anyway, my stats:

    28 years old
    5'8" short
    14% bf
    164 pounds (I used to weigh 215 lbs three years ago)

    Cycle info:

    First six weeks:
    Halo Extreme 6 weeks - 50/75/75/75/75/75
    Anabolic Matrix RX - 2 caps daily
    Ultra Male RX - 1 cap daily
    Advanced Cycle Support RX - 2 caps daily
    Super Cissus - 4 caps daily
    Multivitamin - 1 cap daily

    E-Control RX - 3 caps daily for 20 days
    Liquid Torem

    Monday: back / triceps
    Tuesday: shoulders / abs
    Wednesday: rest
    Thursday: legs
    Friday: core / abs / biceps
    Saturday: rest
    Sunday: chest

    GOAL: gain 8 to 10 pounds muscle mass and keep it, lose some body fat

    So anyway I started on October 13th with the 50 mg. I'm on Week 2 now, with 75 mg daily. I'm doing 25mg at 8AM; 25mg at 2PM; and 25mg at 8PM.

    First week I felt a change in vascularity. More of a pump feeling. Now on the second week I will sometimes feel a tingling in the fellas down there but I'm not sure if it's the Halo or what. I actually felt weaker in all my lifts until yesterday when I finally was able to lift as much as I usually do. I felt more focused in the gym and didn't feel tired.

    For diet I have been consuming at least 160g of protein a day, caloric intake is around 2500. Drinking a lot of water too. The wierd part is my weight has been dropping. I started at 164, I was at 160 pounds the other day, this morning at 162. Body fat does seem to be dropping because when I worked out yesterday I could sort of see my abs if I flexed.

    Side effects as of beginning of week 2: Knee joint pain and slight elbow joint pain. The Super Cissus does not seem to be working that well yet. I had terrible joint pain on Osta RX so I hope with Super Cissus it won't be as bad with the Halo cycle.

  2. Day 11: I worked out last night, back and triceps and reached a new high on the seated row. Knees are still bothering me a bit. I've been waking up with more energy than usual though. I'm using one of those scales that estimates bodyfat and body water % and I'll be posting those numbers. Probably not super accurate but I guess it will have to do:

    Weight: 162.6 lbs
    BF%: 14.6%
    BW: 50.6%

  3. Day 13: Yesterday was the first day I can say I felt any significant effects of Halo since the cycle started. I had to do my arms yesterday because I won't be able to go to the gym today. At the gym my arm pumps were insane and I actually stopped early because I pussed out thinking my skin was going to tear or something. I am now starting to show a ton of vascularity through my arms when I work out and even a big vein going down my bicep. Knees aren't bothering me as much, maybe the Super Cissus is working. I've noticed my appetite is stronger at times and last night I was lying in bed and got really hungry, even my stomach was growling. I've been drinking two protein shakes a day (44g total) and going through a gallon of skim milk every 3 days. I wonder if I'm still not getting enough calories. Morning weight seems to be staying fairly flat so far.

    Weight: 161.8 lbs
    BF%: 14.4%
    BW%: 50.6%

  4. If you want to gain all that mass I would up the calories pretty signifcantly. At 165 I'd have you around 3200-3500 AT LEAST to put on the mass you want.

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