TB500 log 6 weeks to infinite!!!

  1. TB500 log 6 weeks to infinite!!!

    I just received my order of TB500 (thymosin beta-4) and as soon as my needles/sterile water come in I will be logging my experience with the peptide!
    All who are interested/intrigued in this peptide should jump on board! 2mg/week 6 weeks to start.

  2. Basic info: currently finishing pct of test e.
    have had 3 knee surgeries and 1 shoulder surgery and tons of pulled/torn muscles.
    Hoping to get my body back to normal through running this. Some lean gains and possible hair re-growth is just a side effect I'm willing to risk!

    22 y.o.
    Running a variation of WS4SB III currently

    Have had lots of knee/shoulder/quad/hamstring pain all the time and want to feel normal again so within a few days "hopefully" when the rest shows up I will start this

  3. In to see how this treats you

  4. It begins tonight!

  5. First injection was today, dissolved 2mg powder in .4mL of sterile water and did a sub-q injection of the abdomen. Used a .5cc 30gauge insulin syringe to perform it.
    After the injection it got red around the area really fast for about 5-10 minutes then went back to normal looking.
    Slightly sore for about 45 minutes but other then that all is good.
    Going to be pinning every Friday.
    From what I have seen by day 3 it is strongest after each injection

  6. Nothing too exciting to report. Been training hard and have not noticed a difference in skin/hair/soreness/recovery yet.
    I have been getting some increased redness around ingrown hairs/cuts which I'm pretty sure is an inflammatory response to the tb500.

    Next injection is Friday so we will see if any effects start kicking in

  7. Always interested in peptide logs. Gl

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  8. Next pin is tomorrow. Still have increased redness on sores around body. Been a bit lethargic; which I hear is common adjusting to it.
    Worked our extremely hard this week. Switched to 5/3/1 and have had tons of sprints/intervals and legs are very sore. So I would say I have not noticed any recovery benefit as of yet.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Hcc5881
    This died quickly...
    Was traveling and didn't update again yet!

    Played a tournament this weekend and my bad hammy felt great. Hit some hard sprints with not even a cramp. Twisted my knee up pretty good feels like mcl strain/partial meniscus tear popped multiple times during hit.
    Feeling better and after 2 days no swelling left but still sore.

    Other notes: the first week cuts/sores were really red and ***** now going through week 2 cuts are not ***** and healing much quicker then Pre-tb500. It's a noticeable effect.

    Hairline looks thicker but can't really see any hair regrowth at this time.

    Had my bench day on 5/3/1 program yesterday and hit it hard. 275x5 285x5 295x3 305x2 and not even very sore today!

    Next pin is Friday as usual excited for week 3 which has more noticeable effects as I have researched

  10. So hamstring has felt good. Did some all out sprints today and didn't feel a thing in them.
    My knee that I hurt is still sore but it has gotten better. Swelling is mostly gone but still cannot sit all the way back on my ankles.
    Recovery is up for sure. All but no soreness the day after lifting. Did a massive upper body workout this morning and at practice this afternoon felt great. Endurance seems to be a bit up too.
    So far no regrets with running this.
    3 more weeks of 2mg a week then will switch to 2-5 mg a month maintenance.

  11. In the middle of week 4. Repulled my hamstring... It was feeling great then during a sprint damaged it again. Recovery is still faster. Also something popped in my bicep during lat pull downs. Not super sore but gonna take a couple days off.
    Finished pct from cycle so could have something to do with being off everything else but hairline not quite as bad.
    Need these damn injuries to go away though


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