Hey guys...thinking about doing my second cycle in the next couple weeks. Technically i shoulllllddd wait until november 20th but I am wayy to impatienttt! Anyway my last cycle i gained 26lbs of LBM and kept 16..... I could of kept more but I slacked on PCT BIG time....oh well next time I will try harder

So my first cycle looked like this

Week 1-12 Test Blend 400 600mg wk
Week 1-4 Dbol 40mg
Week 2-12 Adex .05 EoD
week 6-10 Anadrol 100mg
Week 7-12 NPP 100mg
Week 9-12 Superdrol(beastdrol) 30mg ED

Hahah I went kinda overboard for my first cycle, but i was prepared

Anyway my next cycle will look like this

Week 1-8 Test Prop 100mg EoD
Week 1-8 Tren Ace 125 EoD
Week 1-4 Superdrol 30mg ED

My questions would be, Am i going to need more then just clomid / nolva for pct?? Im not too sure as i have never done tren before....Also im still debating if i should have the tren higher then the test (not too sureee)

anddd will adex be fine to take for sides or should i get other stuff as well like caber / prami