Poobah's Winter Wonderland.

  1. Poobah's Winter Wonderland.

    I have this up on bb4U, but thought it would be a good idea to hear what more people think.. Obviously the length of cycle is in the longish area... but Still let it rip, I do listen from time to time.

    My up coming cycle has gone through many changes and alterations over the last few months.
    Lately I have been considering A mostly prop only cycle

    01 - (08-12) weeks... 150 mg EOD Test Propionate
    01 - (08-12) weeks... 75 mg Eod Tren Acetate
    01 - (08-12) weeks... 400 - 600mg 5aa cypionate EW (2 - 3 shots a week)

    But, I do have some common sence.. and finally realized that perhaps tren can wait. (although it would be killer for a recomp.. bulk or cutting).

    I thought okay.. no Tren.... How about I take tren out and Add Boldenolone Prop in its place.

    01 - (08-12) weeks... 150 mg EOD Test Propionate
    01 - (08-12) weeks... 100-150 mg Eod Boldernolone Prop
    01 - (08-12) weeks... 400 - 600mg 5aa cypionate EW (2 - 3 shots a week)

    But now I find myself thinking, It's coming into winter... I have a number of things I would like to try, for varies reasons. It's a good time to run an extended cycle (might as well run through the winter ). And do I really want to be pinning prop eod for my first gear cycle?

    So now.. I've come pretty near full circle, and my thoughts have returned to the cycle I originally planned out for myself many months ago.. with a slight modification.

    Current plans:

    01 - 04 weeks 40mg DBOL ED (10mg four times a day)
    01 - 03 weeks 100mg Test propionate EOD
    01 - 03 weeks 150mg EOD Boldernolone Prop
    01 - 18 weeks 500mg Test Enanthate EW (250mg twice a week)
    01 - 17 weeks 400mg Boldernolone Undecylenate
    17 - 20 weeks 100mg Test propionate EOD
    16 - 20 weeks 100mg EOD Boldernolone Prop

    I wasn't going to use Dbol of late, but opinions vary greatly by respected members on whether its overkill to start a cycle with both Dbol and Test Prop. I understand Dbol has a high conversion to Test.. thus I'm only starting test Prop at 100mg EOD instead of 150mg. Also they are different compounds and function differently... at least that's the way I see it... then again I go for blood tests tomorrow. And if my liver values are high, Obviously the Dbol has to come out.

    The use of Both Boldenlone and Test prop at the start of the cycle, isn't extreme in my mind. I have plenty of both on hand. and why wait 3 weeks to get you levels up, when you can jump in with both feet right off the bat. (assuming I don't go beserk and murder my block or some **** like that. :P) And I feel much the same way with the use of Test and Bolderone Prop on the way out, with a slightly lowered dose to take me directly to Pct.

    Basically... the cycle is quite normal... and I certainly think it could be argued that dbol is overkill. But the props, are a smart choice for anyone I think.

    The cycle length might be a tad bit longish. But I'm well prepared for that. I Will use HCG, either in the middle and on the end. Or 3 times through out the cycle to bring the boys back.

    Anti-e, will be mostly taken care off with Letro dosed at .75mg eod.
    Nolva will be on Standby mode incase of tender Nipples.

    Clomid will be my choice of PCT.

    If I do end up using Dbol... Then I will be injecting Tationil 300mg in Week 5, and probably again in Week 10 or so. If I don't, I don't see much need for such a heavy duty liver support... Unless I end up throwing in some winny in on the last 6 weeks.. then I might end my cycle with Tationil.

    SLIN will be used PWO and possibly after morning Cardio sessions or twice a day and once a day on non-workout days. I already have a very good experience using it while being able to cut well. I think it will be a key factor in allowing me to hit my protein and calorie goals... Allowing me to more easily achieve good muscle mass development, while still being able to be quite successful at cutting fat. WHy? Well meals while on slin are streamlined for making muscles happy... The sugar you consume on slin doesnt sit in your liver to be metabolised into fat.. instead its all shoved into your cells along with the everything else you eat. Once in the cells it isn't metabolized into fat (that is the function of the liver).. Instead It is used for energy.. energy for your muscles and energy for protein synthesis etc.. not to mention the positive effects on coritsol(sp) levels pwo. The food you eat while on slin, is essentially all Utilized for a very positive muscle building atmosphere.. The key is, while on slin. YOU MUST EAT VERY LEAN.. typically, I eat about 3-4% fat, while under its effects. So basically all that means, I should be able to eat 3500 cals a day, cut fat well.. and build muscle very well to boot. Or at least that is my plan.
    Cardio... since I'm still big on cutting and developing what is getting to be a pretty good cardio vascular conditon :P. I will cut my Cardio back to 3 - 4 days a week. But remember slin, afterwards should counter to an extent much of the catabolic effects.. and don't forget I'm been doing cardio like a nut since the beginning.. and it hasn't stopped my building progress bye any means.

    Diet will be bang on. I never break down. I never succumb to the dark side foods. My only meal where I Allow myself some occasionaly extra fatty meats is supper. But the rest of the time, its quite lean and healthy. 1 cottage cheese, cups or more Oat meal, Raw egg whites, Flax meal, Whey protein, being eaten daily... With a simple lunch, greens and fish or chicken wraps... I'll work out a typical day in Fitday soon, and try to work out something to 3500 calories a day.. minimum 400 grams of protein. About 50%+ Protein 35%+ Carbs 15%- Fat. (most of which comes from Flax meal, and my supper selection).

    Training. My training will remain much the same as it is now. For the most part, cause my partner is my brother and I don't want to put him out. I will however increase my working sets to 4 sets instead of 3. And perhaps on days that I'm not doing cardio at the YMCA I can still go to the Ymca and hit certain muscles twice a week (with a exercise I can't really manage at home) IF I feel that, over training isn't an issue.
    Well that's about it?

    Please absorb it all.. and then feel free to rip me apart, ask questions.. make suggestions... Whatever. It's not set and stone yet, (I have 75ml of 5aa 200mg cyp and I will probably throw that in somewhere.. last 10 - 12 weeks )

    Let it Rip. Me too hopefully. :mrgreen:


    p.s. I wonder what my before and after will look like in the spring?
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  2. damn i love it
    should work out great for ya
    if you've got the cash why not throw in some igf-1 r3 for 2 cycles during it?

    oh yeah i personally would ditch the dbol if you're using the 2 props
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    damn i love it
    i think you'll it too
    if you've got the cash why not throw in some igf-1 r3 for 2 cycles during it?

    oh yeah i personally would ditch the dbol if you're using the 2 props
    Yea.. I still may drop the Dbol. Just like the effect of it... hmm

    and yes I have IGF on my mind... specially for pct help. and somewhere else in there perhaps...

    IGF.. damn you...

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