1st serious cycle input wanted

  1. Question 1st serious cycle input wanted

    Hello All,

    I am new here, I have lurked on this site and a few others for some time now just doing some research and reading. I have been lifting for 2 years. I'm posting looking for some suggestions to really step up my transformation. I just turned 34 so I'm no spring chicken, since I don't have youth on my side anymore I have been considering running a bulking stack to accomplish my goals in a reasonable time frame.

    Short back story:
    Late teens early 20's about 140+/- lbs. Average build. Let myself get crazy fat, 220lbs @ 5'7".
    Last year I got serious and got into shape at 32 - 33, lost 80lbs.
    Last winter did a failed bulk from 140 to 150-155.
    Cut back down in the spring to 135.
    Currently off training for 2 months +/-, weight 140lbs soggy but flat middle.

    Simple Plan:
    Cut clean Aug - Oct to 130lbs +/- (Just till all 8 abs are back so whatever that weight ends up being).
    Bulk Nov - March / April
    Summer cut in May, hold for summer, make new plan (Would love to hit 200 some day!)

    I can loose fat without to much trouble. The problem I am having is building decent mass. If I cut down to 130 - 135 I can have my abs back but I have loose skin from letting myself get so fat. Not as bad now 2 years after the first real big weight drop but its still there. I also end up looking painfully skinny which is not good. I feel weak and I hear crap from everyone about loosing to much weight.

    So I want to cut real lean then do a solid bulk to add 30 lbs of mass and hopefully keep at least 20 when rolling off the cycle. Is this even reasonable or am I over shooting? The reason I am shooting for this in this time frame is its during the covered up months. I don't have to hear any bitching about my weight loss for the lean ripped look and then I can add mass by the time the shirt comes back off again without to much fat. Plus the extra size will hopefully tighten up the middle or at least mask it some with wider delts.

    Solid nutrition is a given, running the MadCow 5x5 for the routine and light cardio 3x a week. I know about and understand the importance of proper PCT, and other supportive sups during a cycle. I just don't want to waste time or money buying marketing hype either. So I am here looking for experienced opinions for reliable results on a proven cycle. Like everyone else who knows where to look I can find just about anything. I'm not up for injectables as they make me very nervous, I don't know how to use them, and I have no one to show me.

  2. Abs ought not to be your 1st goal. 1st goal ought to be a healthy base to build on... you do that without gear. if you were in shape @ one time then you have sufficient muscle memory to get back there.

    Give it 2 good months of healthy eating, and 4-5 day a week workouts on 4 day splits. If you want (since you are 34) you can throw in some DAA @ 3g per day 2 weeks on 2 weeks off then then 2 weeks on 4 weeks off. After that 60th day if you're still set on a cycle you can start preloading milk thistle, hawthorn berry etc...

    Of course by that time you'll need to have all diet sups and PCT worked out
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

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