test c, anavar, equipoise stack. starting monday. give your info

  1. test c, anavar, equipoise stack. starting monday. give your info

    First inject cycle comin up this Monday. Got test c, anavar, and some eq. Gonna be running it for 8 weeks. I know its not long enough to get the full effects of equipoise but thats what I decided on. I have alwayse been leanin more towards the heavy side when it comes to lbs but I realized how this **** is gettin and it ant good. I weigh 210 with 26% body fat. Was working out but never got skinny just gained muscle. Wasn't tryin to get the toned look. I'm 24. 42 inches at the belly button. 16 inch at mid arm flexing. I'm injecting every Monday and thursday. 600 mg a week of test, 450 mg a week for equipoise. 30 mg a day for the anavar. Got my diet plan down and my workout schedule. I'll look more into which machines in the gym and the amount of reps in a little while. Finishin off the cycle with nolvadex and Clomid 2 weeks after last pin. Nolva 40, 40, 20, 20. And Clomid 50 50 25 25. Got all my supps layed out. Goin hard on cardio 3 days a week.. I got more in mind but I deffinatly want opinions and suggestions. Plan to make a huge change in the way I look starting Monday. Let me know how it sounds and what more I need.

  2. My opinion is you're going about it all wrong.

    At 26% bf, there's no reason why you need AAS, because clearly your nutrition is not in check. There's no way you're realizing your natural growth potential with a poor diet either.

    You've wasted your money if you've already purchased the gear.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  3. Add that cyp won't do you any good at 8 weeks either. Or Anavar, really.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  4. Appriciate your opinion but I'm doin it. I guess ill find out how it goes. I'll be updating frequently. Check my progress bro

  5. Agree with them, wasted money for sure especially at 8 weeks. Once the test starts to work your cycle is just about over. You asked for opinions and these are the answers your gonna get.

  6. Can you post up the diet you're using or planning to use? Additionally, what type of training template are you going to follow?
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  7. Alright yeah. I expected to hear the opposite of what I wanted to hear. It's cool bro. Next cycle ill be sure to make it 12 weeks. But as a first cycle I don't wanna go over 8. Once I see how I react then ill up it. People react diffrent I know u will agree with me on that at least. I'm not saying I'm gonna get huge rocked up massive but I'm expecting to see a change

  8. 3700 callories a day
    210 grams of protien a day
    490 carbs a day
    100 grams of fat a day.

    So per meal
    Carb 98g
    Fat 20g
    Protien 42 g

    With 5 meals a day.

    Workin out

    Monday Chest Exercise Sets Reps -Incline Barbell Press 3 6-8 -Incline Dumbbell Flye 4 6-8 -Weighted Dip 4 6-8 -Cable Crossover 4 6-8 -Bench Press 3 6-8 Triceps -Close Grip Bench Press 4 6-8 -Seated Two-Hand Overhead Extension 3 6-8 -Dumbbell Kickback 4 6-8 -Skull Crusher 3 6-8 -Rope Pressdown 4 6-8

    Tuesday Legs Exercise Sets Reps -Smith Machine Squat 3 6-8 -Leg Press 4 6-8 -Lying Leg Curl 4 6-8 -Romanian Deadlift 4 6-8 -Standing Calf Raise 3 20 Abs -Hanging Leg Raise 2 20 -Cable Crunch 2 20 -Swiss Ball Side Curl 2 20 -Extended Arm Weighted Crunch 2 20

    Thursday Shoulders Exercise Sets Reps -Overhead Dumbbell Press 3 6-8 -Arnold Press 4 6-8 -Bent-Over Lateral Raise 4 6-8 -Upright EZ-Bar Row 4 6-8 -Seated Dumbbell Lateral Rise 4 6-8 Traps -Dumbbell Shrugs 3 6-8

    Friday Back Exercise Sets Reps -Deadlift 3 6-8 -Barbell Bent-Over Row 4 6-8 -T-Bar Row 4 6-8 -Pull-Up 3 15 -Pulldown to the Front 4 6-8 Biceps -Barbell Curl 4 6-8 -Incline Dumbbell Curl 4 6-8 -Preacher Curl 3 6-8 -Standing EZ-Bar Curl 4 6-8 -Supinating Dumbbell Curl 3 6-8 Abs -Crunch 2 20 -Reverse Crunch 2 20 -V-Up 2 20 -Seated Knee Up 2 20

  9. 53% of your food intake is carbs...what's the thought process behind consuming that many calories via carbohydrate?
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  10. Base thought for a bulk. Checkin it out and will determine weather to move up or down on the carbs. What do u recommend

  11. And because everything else is up to its limits and I need to consube more calories due to my bf and weight. Not trying to get ripped just solid muscle


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