First time using Tren A in cycle

  1. First time using Tren A in cycle

    Hm, I know I shouldn't be feeling Tren A already but I swear I feel something.

    Yesterday I shot my first doses of my cycle Tren A at 100mg was one of them. Test C at 400mg and NPP at 200mg. Was gonna pin tren EOD at 100 and changed my mind today to 50mg Ed. So pinned 50 today also... Anyways, I'm shaky and restless already, kinda have a screw it kinda attitude today also...

    Is it possible to feel tren already? Or is it maybe all in my head.... If I'm feelin it I may lower my dose so when it kicks in its not too much... My source is very very reliable so maybe 50mg Ed is too much?

    Idk, what u guys think?

  2. Some people say it a placebo the first couple of days when on tren, but I hear you feel it instantly like 2 days you'll feel more aggressive, strength prolly around 1-2 weeks considering Ed shots or EOD

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ck Black
    Some people say it a placebo the first couple of days when on tren, but I hear you feel it instantly like 2 days you'll feel more aggressive, strength prolly around 1-2 weeks considering Ed shots or EOD
    As far as he shaky feeling id say it's like having a prework drink out buzz all day... Can't and don't wanna sit still... Could be in my head, I guess. I'll tell you in a few days when I turn into the Incredible hulk lol.

  4. Haha nice let me know

  5. K so, I never dream usually, or that I can ever remember. Last night I had some awesome dreams! Not scary or nightmares, but in all my dreams I had killer confidence and felt like the king of the world. One dream I was a bad ass and got in a fight and easily beat the **** out a guy. Another was all about sex.. I dunno I it's the tren already but I'm loving the dreams... So far.

  6. That's pretty cool u should get some before an after pics up of n then cycle

  7. How's the tren treating u ?

  8. Think it was all in my head. Or I guess it could be the Dbol. Strength is WAY up! Added almost 30lbs to my flat bench and squats are higher than ever at mid 4's and broke 1000 on leg press finally! I'm a little disappointed in a strange way... No night sweats, no aggression increase except maybe a bit more in the gym, breathing feels a lot more labored, and little more sweating for no reason. It will only be 3 weeks this Thursday though so its going well I think! Might have made a mistake starting test c and tren a at the same time. Started feeling a little lethargic and low sex drive but it's all coming back now. Maybe as the test c kicks in fully? I'm honestly waiting to feel the aggression.. I was kinda looking forward to having an excuse for being a dick. Lol

  9. Wow! Exactly 3 weeks in on my cycle and the night sweats hit last night. Sucks! I would be soaked all over and when i wake up I would freeze. Happened all night. Woke up at 4 am feeling great though!!

  10. Yea man I've been getting note sweats from the first week and I get cold and Hot at the same time it's fcking weird but at least u didn't get bunk gear u feel me

  11. Oh yeah, I feel ya! My source is so awesome! All his stuff is always good and so cheap!! Probably the most annoying part is the sweating. I look like a moron at work literally dripping sweat at times and I work in ac.. My boss keeps asking what my deal is.. Lol, I think this is noticeable.. My uniform shirts and pants are tighter than **** now. Three weeks in and I gained 27 lbs and kept the same bf% according to my bf scale. Pretty sure that's the dbol though.. Looking forward to ending the dbol and start hardening up.. Tried cardio and that's not happening, feel like I have asthma. I expected this with a cycle of test at 800mg, npp at 400mg, tren at 350 and dbol at 50mg a day.. Npp kinda puffs me up too.. I feel nasty dripping all over the place at the gym but, ha! Let someone say something while I'm working out, I'd probably go nuts on them! Loving the tren now that the test have kicked in! So does my wife. well, when she isn't too sore anyways! I feel like a 15 year old again. Love it! So, anyways I'm rambling.......

  12. I'm running 50mg ED.

  13. U da mannnnnnn

  14. I wanna try tren so f ing baddd

  15. Well, it's really interesting. The tren sides just died out and now I've been sleeping like a baby and not having night sweats and strength stopped going up. Ive always had a high tolerance for aas... and never get any sides even from 1200mg test a week plus other junk. I'm bumping up the tren to 100mg Ed for a little while to see how that goes. Hope I notice.

  16. Wow didn't realize tren caused night sweats like that, no wonder my buddy told me he sleeps with a garbage bag over his pillow. :/ anyway I'll be checking in to see how it goes, been leaning towards some tren for my next cycle, so trying to get as much info as possible,


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