Post Cycle bloodwork w/ letro, help

  1. Post Cycle bloodwork w/ letro, help

    i can't post links yet but i uploaded my BW to imageshack

    I recently ran a cycle of H-drol had some good solid gains that I have kept.

    I ran triazole as an AI and also ran nolva.
    halfway through my nolva I got a lump under my left nipple and the right one was really puffy.
    the only thing I could think was that the nolva was not legit. I had some Torem on hand and
    immediately started that. The lump didn't get any larger but didn't go away.
    I ordered some letro and have been using it at 2.5mg a day for nearly a month and the lump is still
    there. I got some blood work done and my test levels seem fine.

    I'm not sure where the estrogen levels should be at while running letro this high. I would expect them to be lower.
    Any insight into this would be great and i'm hoping that this letro is legit.

    Testosterone, Serum 1129ng/dL (348-1197)

    Luteinizing Hormone(LH), S
    LH 10.4mIU/mL HIGH (1.7-8.6)

    FSH, Serum
    FSH 5.3mIU/mL (1.5-12.4)

    Estradiol 23.8pg/mL (7.6-42.6)

    Full Panel is in the link at the top

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