My cycle, input appreciated

  1. My cycle, input appreciated

    Ok, here goes:

    Week 1: AndroSportsCreme(Medlean) 1ml/day
    NorAndroSportsCreme(Medlean) 2ml/day

    Week2: ASC 2ml/day
    NASC 2ml/day

    Week 3: T-4(BDC) 6 squirts a day
    NASC 3ml/day
    Sauce(Syntrax) 6 caps a day

    Week 4: T-4 6 squirts a day
    NASC 3ml/day
    Sauce 6 caps a day
    Pentabol Extreme(Syntrax) 6 caps a day

    Week 5: T-4 10 squirts a day
    NASC 3ml/day
    Sauce 8 caps a day
    PE 6 caps a day

    Week 6: T-4 6 squirts a day
    NASC 2ml/day
    Sauce 6 caps a day
    PE 6 caps a day

    Week 7: T-4 6 squirts a day
    NASC 2ml/day
    Sauce 6 caps a day
    PE 6 caps a day

    Week 8: T-4 6 squirts a day
    NASC 1ml/day
    Sauce 6 caps a day
    PE 6 caps a day

    Plan on taking 1-2caps of AromaZap(syntrax) from week 4 to week 8Plan on taking 6-OXO 6 caps a day for 1 bottle then 3 caps a day for 1 bottle immediately after week 8. Plan on taking FUZU 6 caps a day from week 8 to week 15.

    I just finished week 2 today. Starting weight: 180lbs. Weight after week 2: 189.2lbs. Bodyfat start 10%, Bodyfat after week 2 9%.

    Other supps. used are GNC Mega Green Multi, Prima-C, Nat. Vit. E., Yeast derived Selenium, Isomatrix, EAS Myoplex Deluxe(occasionally), various proteins from Protein Factory

    Height 5'8"
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  2. Wow its really confusing seeing all of these supps interchanging... I dont see the point of these sports creams at the beginning. Why are they there?

  3. Agreed. Could you please explain what all that stuff is and why you're taking it?

  4. What are the "ASC" and "NASC"?? I have never heard of those?

    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  5. ASC = Andro Sports Cream Abbr.
    NASC = Nor Andro Sports Cream

    And that confused the holy **** out of me too.

  6. NASC=NorAndroSportsCreme(Medle an) 2ml=90mg 19-norandrostenediol, 60mg 19-norandrostenedione

    ASC=AndroSportsCreme(Medlean) 2ml=120mg 4-androstenediol, 30mg 4-androstenedione

    These are transdermals(the orginals I think) albeit weak ones. I bought these last August, before I knew about Avant and BDC, so I figured I would use them up. Notice that tomorrow I will stop the ASC and switch to T-4.

    Medlean calls them cremes now due to exactly what happened to Avant. They are not bad, just weak. As a matter of fact of would love to hear one of you gurus critique the transdermal formula in these cremes: purified water, alcohol(SDA), sunflower oil, sorbitan, monooleate, glyceryl monostearate, cetyl and stearyl alcohol, laureth-23, vit. e tocopherol

  7. A side note, today when I received my T-4, some had squirted out of the bottle, so I just rubbed that on my stomach and back, with no DMSO yet, within 5 minutes I could taste it. Awesome, never got that from the cremes. I'm very excited to start T-4.

  8. 8 weeks is a long time. Maybe try to condense it into a 4 week cycle. Have a 4 week post cycle, and cycle another 4 weeks. You've got enough 6oxo, and what looks like enough ph. Besides, the T4 is cheap.

  9. Do you mean that 8 weeks might be too long in the respect that it will be harder to restart my own test production again? How would you go about condensing my cycle into 4 weeks? I'm already on week 3. Or would you recommend that I break this up into two 4 week cycles with the appropiate time off in between?

  10. Ok, I'm an idiot, I reread your post and you say exactly to break it up into two 4 week cycles. Sorry, my observation skills are sometimes lacking.


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