the revised cycle

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  1. Smile the revised cycle

    Well, **** didn't go as planned. I found out recently that my previously planned out cycle could and most likely is underdosed. So, I had to cut to another cycle that I wasn't planning on doing til summer time, but oh well, **** happens. This is my first cycle and basically the next 3-4 months is a great time for a cycle since I have no where to go and nothing better to do than eat, sleep, and train. I'm getting out of the marine corps in less than 2 months so life couldn't be much better right now.

    As for the gear, it's a blend made by one of the newer UG labs out there and I have no doubt that it's accurately dosed.

    Weeks 1-10
    Test prop 700
    Bold prop 600
    Tren ace 350

    Weeks 11-12
    Winny 50mg ed

    Weeks 11-14
    IGF-1 30mcg ed

    Weeks 13-16
    nolva and clomid + cialis

    The first shot went today no problems into the shoulder.

    Weight: 248
    BF: @ 14% (an estimate, didn't check for sure)
    Chest : 49"
    Arms : 19"
    Waist : 39.5"
    Thighs : 24.5" (6" above the knee) 28" at the usual measuring area
    Calves : 16"
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  2. Looks like a 100mg/85mg/50mg blend, ED shots?

  3. Looks solid brother. Keep us updated i'll be running the same cycle next spring/summer.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier
    Looks like a 100mg/85mg/50mg blend, ED shots?
    damn mathematicians. and the bold is actually 86 but who's counting.

    my shoulder is sore as **** today but from what i hear, that's normal. too early to tell anything yet but i'll keep a daily log anywayz.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    damn mathematicians. and the bold is actually 86 but who's counting.

    my shoulder is sore as **** today but from what i hear, that's normal. too early to tell anything yet but i'll keep a daily log anywayz.
    I'll be keeping an eye on your log. Good luck w/the cycle.

  6. for the igf-1 i think it would be a good idea to run it the last 2 weeks of your cycle and the first 2 weeks of post cycle as it will help with recovery and bring your boys back during the end of the cycle .... this is from what i've read and what others have said from their experience so take it for what its worth maybe someone with experience would care to comment

  7. Good luck with the cycle...I will be following it.

  8. Good luck... you are now officially our human pin cushion

    Nice stats btw.

  9. thanks fellas.

    cr4ytonic, yeah, i feel like a damn pin cushion already and it's only day 2. doesn't bother me though, i'll shoot as often as needed as long as the results are up to par.

    glenihan, i was thinking something along those lines as well. starting the IGF around week 9 and take it two weeks into PCT. thanks for the suggestion.

    shot 2 went today into the opposite shoulder. figures, i have shoulders and back tommorrow. that should be fun.
  10. TD 3

    pain = doing lat raises after two consecutive days of shoulder shots.

    other than that, the workout was nothing out of the ordinary. deadlifts felt odd today, my whole body felt stiff. i'm used to doing deads in the evening and today i tried them in the morning so i think that may have contributed. also, japan is 16 hours ahead of cali, so i'm still adjusting to cali time. weight was the same at 248lbs.

    today's shot went in the arse, no problems. ED shots are fun.

  11. damn beez i forgot how big you were,

    get them calves up stick boy. hehe
    hit it hard!

    stick with it, no pun intended

  12. yeah, i know. thanks for reminding me ****er.
    i blame it on too many years of running on pavement with the marine corps. now that i'm about to get out i won't have any more excuses.

    also, do you guys think a diet split like this is good for this cycle?
    Protein 500 grams
    Carbs 500 grams
    Fat 100 grams

    It equals around 5000 cals a day. I actually think I may be eating too clean because this split isn't much different than my normal diet. Please advise.

  13. my thinking is take in 2 grams of protein for how much you WANT to weigh so maybe up that to 550 grams a day the test and bold especially should increase your appetite so i don't think that would be a problem

  14. not a bad idea glenihan, the appetite is starting to pick up slightly.

    also, to all the experienced ones out there. is it normal to actually feel yourself growing? i know it sounds kind of weird, but i woke up this morning and my ribcage felt like it had stretched or something, felt real sore. it's only day 4 but i measured anyway and my chest is almost an inch larger than it was at the start. arms are up by 1/8". chest is tommorrow so i'm a tad curious to see what happens. anywho, just wondering if that kinda **** was normal this fast?
  15. TD 5

    Well, just got back from the gym. Incline bench is up 10lbs to 295 for 5. Very wide flat dumbbell press with hands parallel to body up 20lbs. Triceps were hard to tell if they went up or not, different cables from Japan.

    Oh yeah, and I'm 254lbs now. Not bad for gaining 6lbs in 2 days.

  16. What are you doing in Japan ? I've got a thing for Asian chicks too, but I thought there was plenty when I took my vacation to San Diego back in January.

  17. Monster in the making.

    Best of luck with this cycle Beelz. Ya freakin' animal!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier
    What are you doing in Japan ? I've got a thing for Asian chicks too, but I thought there was plenty when I took my vacation to San Diego back in January.
    I got back from Japan last Saturday. It wasn't my choice going, one of those mandatory Westpac thingy's for 6 months.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Cuffs
    Monster in the making.

    Best of luck with this cycle Beelz. Ya freakin' animal!
    thanks brudda. i'm doing what i can with what i got.
  20. TD 7

    Today's weight : 256 lbs

    Well, just back from the gym a little bit ago. Legs and bi's went quite well. My intensity is going up tremendously, got 940 for 6 on leg press, and 450 on hack squat for 6. For calves I'm doing them every workout alternating between heavy days with low reps and vice versa.

    For bi's, I changed my form to be a completely strict now and I got 115 on the barbell for 8 slow controlled reps. The rest of the bi workout consisted of dumbbell preacher's and double hammer curls, the pump was awesome.

    I took my diet down to 4000 calories a day because the bloat was interferring with my workouts. I feel a lot better and I can workout a lot harder. I'm still getting 500+ grams of protein with about 300 carbs and 100 fats. If I feel things going awry, I'll bump the cals back up. The knots from the ED shots were getting downright painful the day after even after massaging the area thoroughly. I found that when I "rabbit punch" the area for a couple minutes that the pain isn't as bad the next day (got that idea from the old anthrax shots the marines used to give me). Anywho, I feel great, happy as a pig in **** all day long, which is surprising considering the stories I'd heard about the ever so popular "roid rage". That's it for now, I'll post measurements tommorrow if things go my way.

  21. Workout on Monday went great. Deadlifts are above and beyond where they have ever been before. I started doing deadlifts from the ground last month and I got up to 475 for 3 reps on Monday fairly easy. Rest of the workout was good, all weights went up about 10lbs. Weight is still 256lbs, measurements are up 1/4" everywhere. The most noticeable side effect is my fuse has shortened to almost non-existent. It's not out of control or anything, but I go from zero to pissed off in about 0.7 seconds. Anywho, today is chest and tris, I'll report any oddities that may occur.

  22. whats a rabbit punch? good luck with your cycle...get that food in ya and become a MONSTER!

  23. Today's weight: 260

    Chest and tris went awesome. Got 315 for 4 on incline, I'll stick to that weight next week. Dumbbell press up 15lbs. Tris are maxed out on cables and dumbbells, so I'll have to move to other exercises. Got 150lbs on behind the neck dumbbell presses for 8 reps. So far, so good. I'm killing my calves every workout now in hopes that they will catch up with the rest.

  24. Today's weight : 261lbs

    Legs and bi's went good today. Leg press up 20lbs to 960 for 6. Hack squats up 2 reps from the weight last week. My calves are still screaming in pain from around 500 reps today, involving seated, donkey, standing, and 3-pointer's. Trust me, they're not overtrained, if anything they've been undertrained for way too long.

    Barbell curls, got 135 for 7 reps fairly easy which is a definate improvement considering I'm doing them very strict now. Dumbbell preacher's up 5lbs. Did a burnout with cables afterwards. I'll measure in a couple days. I'm positive measurements are up, I've been feeling pretty swole lately.

    Picked up cardio again a few days ago to keep the bloat off. Trying to avoid the letro at all costs.

  25. Today's weight: 265lbs
    Arms: 19.5"
    Calves: 16.5" (a tad above but close enough)
    Thighs: 25.25" (6" above the knee)
    Chest: 50.5" (nipple level)

    Shoulders and back went good. No monstrous gains, but consistent ones. 245 for 6 on military. No deadlifts today, those are EOW now. The rest of back went up around 10lbs and a few reps. So far, so good, the adventure continues.


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