the revised cycle

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  1. Those be some low cals man, this is a sick cycle though..

  2. Today's weight: 275 lbs

    ****, I dunno. Screw it, I'm upping the cals back to 4000. Regardless, my lower back is starting to feel a little better. Leg's and bi's were tonight, went good. I changed my leg workout to a higher rep routine so I can control the weight better, without lifting my lower back off the seat. Got 800 for 10, very controlled. Hack squats up 2 reps. Bi's didn't improve too much, a rep or two here and there.

    I take it finishing with 275 ain't gonna happen unless I cut cals back to nil, so I figure I'll push it as far as it can go. Might be interesting to see how much weight I can gain.

  3. Good to hear the back is starting to feel better! Do you have a new goal for an ending weight or you just gonna take what comes at the end?

  4. The goal weight has already been met so anything more will just be icing on the cake. If I hit 285, I sure wouldn't be disappointed.

  5. Yesterday's weight: 275lbs

    Shoulders and back were yesterday. Military press got 265 for 7 with a spot on the last. Cable lat raises up 5lbs to 45lbs for 15 reps. Barbell rows, got 405 for 6, the last couple reps were a little sloppy, so I'll stick to that weight next week as well. Started back with T-bar rows again for something new. Had 4 plates on that for 6 reps, not great, but it'll do for the first time back at it. My lats were dead by this time and pulldowns were hard as ****, but I went a lot lighter than usual and got between 8-12 reps for each set. For some odd reason, my calves are starting to respond for a change. They're sore as **** lately, maybe they got tired of lugging around 275lbs all day.

    Lo and behold, I was able to do a little cardio afterwards without dying from lower back pain. Just to show how an extra 27lbs feels on cardio, I walked on the treadmill at 2.8 mph and my heartrate got up to 136. I stuck at that for 25 minutes and my back was hurting something awful but I'll keep to it for now after each workout and see how things go.

  6. I've got about 3 weeks left and for experimental purposes I'm dropping the letro completely. I'll deal with the bloat for the remainder of the cycle.

  7. Yesterday's weight: 275lbs (whoohoo)

    Chest and tri's went ok, nothing great, but every workout can't be a life changing experience I guess. Got 345 for 5 on incline bench with a spot on the last one. Flat dumbbells = 140's for 5. All tri lifts are up around 10lbs. Still no letro and I was able to do 20 minutes of cardio on the eliptical at a constant heartrate of 150-155 after the workout. Not too shabby, wasn't too painful either. I'll bump it up a little to around 25 minutes or so next week.

  8. keep on truckin brotha

  9. Today's weight: 279 lbs

    I'm guessing the letro has completely cleared out my system by now, hence the 4lbs gain. Surprisingly, I feel pretty good. I figured I'd be weighing the same tonight. Anywho, legs and bi's were tonight. It was a weird workout though. I got there and the leg press was taken so I started with hack squats instead. They went well, got 5 plates on each side for 8 reps pretty easy. Tried one-legged leg press for a variation then they announced that the gym was closing early for some ****ed up reason, so I had to hunt down another gym close by that was open til 2200. Finished the workout there, all bi's are up about 5lbs or so. Calves are starting to get ripped and gain a little size, but for the most part they just have better shape. Tommorrow is the 6 week mark. So far, there's been a 31lbs gain.

  10. Yesterday's weight: 275 lbs

    Since I'm able to perform cardio without problems now, I'm doing 25 minutes on the eliptical Monday-Friday first thing in the morning and an extra 20 minutes worth of light cardio after each workout. Trying to get some of this water off while continuing the gains. Anywho, last night was shoulders and back. Military press, got 265 for 7 fairly easy. Barbell rows, got 405 for 6 pretties. T-bar rows up 20lbs. Things are looking better than usual. Cardio is helping me to feel better pretty much all day now without the stiffness problems that I had been having.

  11. Today's weight: 281 lbs

    I'm a little surprised at the weight gain. I feel like I'm slimming down so I'll take it as a good thing. Chest and tri's went today. Got 345 lbs for incline for 6 with a slight spot on the last one, that's up 1 rep from last week. Got 140's on flat dumbbell for 6, up 1 rep. For tri's, I incorporated a few new exercises such as close grip bench press, elbows tucked in as tight as I can get em. The rest of the tri workout was the same, with weights alternating since the CGBP took a lot out of em.
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  12. Today's weight: 279 lbs

    Fluctuation's are not a surprise at this point. Anywho, leg's and bi's went very well this evening. Hack squat up 30lbs, one legged leg press up 20lbs. Calves were tortured. Did a backwards routine for bi's for something different. My arms don't really need a lot of focus, they just kinda grow on their own. Example: took an arm measurement this morning = 20.25". Yeah, ****ing crazy.

    Oh, and today marks 7 weeks complete.
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  13. Yesterday's weight: 277 lbs

    I've cut sodium back dramatically to help get rid of any water weight I had accumulated. Shoulders and back were yesterday. Military press up 10lbs to 275lbs for 4 good reps. Lat raises up 10lbs. Bent over barbell rows up to 415lbs for 5 pretties, 1 ****ty. T-bar up 20lbs. Lat pulldowns are starting to climb back up to where the weights are running out again. It's a good problem though. Feel great, the low sodium plan is working nicely. I feel a lot better than I did last week. I've decided to run the IGF a little differently than planned before. I'm starting it next Tuesday which will give me about a week and half with the current dosing scheme and about 2 weeks with 50mg of winstrol to harden everything up before PCT starts.

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  15. beelze, so you won't be running the IGF-1 into and partly through PCT?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    beelze, so you won't be running the IGF-1 into and partly through PCT?
    that was the original idea, but after some reading here and there, i've decided on a different plan. sounds like the IGF will help bring my nuts back so when the actual PCT starts, i won't be shut down as hard as i would have been. also, from the other thread a while back, winstrol slightly aids in recovery as well when closing out a cycle, so i should be covered on all angles. what do you think about it?

  17. i thought that since IGF-1 wasn't suppressive it would be a good idea to run it for 4 weeks with 2 of those weeks being the first 2 of PCT in order to aid in recovery and anti-catabolism

    i think the winny will help based on that thread both you and I were a part of a few weeks ago

    i don't think it would be bad to run the IGF prior to pct i was just curious why the change, i haven't run IGF so this is based on what i have learned and i thought running it for 2 weeks during PCT might help prevent losses of these lovely gains you have made

  18. with a little calculating, it looks like the IGF will run about a week into PCT, so I'll still get some of that effect as well. like i mentioned earlier in the thread, this is my first experiment so i'm kinda guessing on a lot of it. might be a totally different plan next time.

  19. Yesterday's weight: 281 lbs

    I switched to flat bench yesterday and I'll be sticking to that for a month or two. Got 365 for 5 reps extra slow, and I mean retard slow. Each rep took about 8 seconds or so. For those who remember, I had a partially torn pec a little over a year ago from doing flat bench so I'm taking it extra easy this time around. Incline dumbbells, got 115's for 8 extra slow reps. Not bad for the first time back on both of those. Tri's are all up. CGBP up 20lbs. Skull crushers up 5lbs. Overhead rope maxed out for weight at 200lbs. Finished up with some one-handed behind the head dumbbell raises, 30's for 3 burnout sets. Followed by 25 minutes of cardio on the eliptical at a heartrate of between 145-156.

  20. what do you use to measure your heart rate during cardio?

  21. the gym has the eliptical machines with the hand pads on the handle. and by hand pads, i mean those little silver plates that keep keep your heartrate while your hands are on them.

  22. Today's weight: 279 lbs

    I think I've reached the weight gaining potential. It seems to be fluctuating in this area, which is fine by me, I'm starting to get used to the weight now. Anywho, leg's and bi's were today. I returned to squats once again to try and get used to it before PCT starts and all I gotta say is goddamn. First off, let me say that all my mobility and flexibility has gone out the window. It took me almost 15 minutes to be able to hold the bar on my traps. My arms wouldn't stretch back far enough, and whenever they did, I would get a cramp in my shoulder. It was probably pretty hilarious for the other guys in there watching me struggle with the bar, picking it up, putting it back down, sweating already, looking in pain. I felt pretty pathetic. A 280 lbs **** having problems holding the bar on his back. Eventually, I got it for a few warmups and the rest fell into place. Those mofo's hurt. But it was in a good way. I was able to go deeper than parallel with no problems, got 365 for 6 easily. The weight wasn't even really heavy there, but my legs were starting to give out. I don't care what some may say, there just ain't no replacement for squats. Those sons of bitches are one of a kind.

    Anywho, calves were toasted once again, they're starting to hurt constantly now, all day even. So, I'm thinking of backing off some.

    Bi's are up, got 65lbs dumbbells for standing alternated curls for 7 controlled reps. The rest of the bi workout varied, doing **** in a different order for the hell of it.

    Tommorrow marks end of week 8.

  23. Over 30 lbs. in 8 weeks, which i at 4 lbs. a week. Looks like you had a nice cycle. Even if you were to only keep half of it after all is said and done. Good job!

  24. Nice weight gain dude. Sounds like you had one helluva cycle. How's civilian life treatin' ya? lates

  25. cuffs,
    yeah, if i can manage to keep half my gains, it will still be a success. but, i still have high hopes for closing with IGF and winny. i may be able to keep a lot more.

    civilian life begins on monday bro. well, that's terminal leave anyway, 60 days worth.


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