the revised cycle

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  1. Today's weight: 281 lbs

    I'm a little surprised at the weight gain. I feel like I'm slimming down so I'll take it as a good thing. Chest and tri's went today. Got 345 lbs for incline for 6 with a slight spot on the last one, that's up 1 rep from last week. Got 140's on flat dumbbell for 6, up 1 rep. For tri's, I incorporated a few new exercises such as close grip bench press, elbows tucked in as tight as I can get em. The rest of the tri workout was the same, with weights alternating since the CGBP took a lot out of em.
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  2. Today's weight: 279 lbs

    Fluctuation's are not a surprise at this point. Anywho, leg's and bi's went very well this evening. Hack squat up 30lbs, one legged leg press up 20lbs. Calves were tortured. Did a backwards routine for bi's for something different. My arms don't really need a lot of focus, they just kinda grow on their own. Example: took an arm measurement this morning = 20.25". Yeah, ****ing crazy.

    Oh, and today marks 7 weeks complete.
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  3. Yesterday's weight: 277 lbs

    I've cut sodium back dramatically to help get rid of any water weight I had accumulated. Shoulders and back were yesterday. Military press up 10lbs to 275lbs for 4 good reps. Lat raises up 10lbs. Bent over barbell rows up to 415lbs for 5 pretties, 1 ****ty. T-bar up 20lbs. Lat pulldowns are starting to climb back up to where the weights are running out again. It's a good problem though. Feel great, the low sodium plan is working nicely. I feel a lot better than I did last week. I've decided to run the IGF a little differently than planned before. I'm starting it next Tuesday which will give me about a week and half with the current dosing scheme and about 2 weeks with 50mg of winstrol to harden everything up before PCT starts.

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  5. beelze, so you won't be running the IGF-1 into and partly through PCT?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    beelze, so you won't be running the IGF-1 into and partly through PCT?
    that was the original idea, but after some reading here and there, i've decided on a different plan. sounds like the IGF will help bring my nuts back so when the actual PCT starts, i won't be shut down as hard as i would have been. also, from the other thread a while back, winstrol slightly aids in recovery as well when closing out a cycle, so i should be covered on all angles. what do you think about it?

  7. i thought that since IGF-1 wasn't suppressive it would be a good idea to run it for 4 weeks with 2 of those weeks being the first 2 of PCT in order to aid in recovery and anti-catabolism

    i think the winny will help based on that thread both you and I were a part of a few weeks ago

    i don't think it would be bad to run the IGF prior to pct i was just curious why the change, i haven't run IGF so this is based on what i have learned and i thought running it for 2 weeks during PCT might help prevent losses of these lovely gains you have made

  8. with a little calculating, it looks like the IGF will run about a week into PCT, so I'll still get some of that effect as well. like i mentioned earlier in the thread, this is my first experiment so i'm kinda guessing on a lot of it. might be a totally different plan next time.

  9. Yesterday's weight: 281 lbs

    I switched to flat bench yesterday and I'll be sticking to that for a month or two. Got 365 for 5 reps extra slow, and I mean retard slow. Each rep took about 8 seconds or so. For those who remember, I had a partially torn pec a little over a year ago from doing flat bench so I'm taking it extra easy this time around. Incline dumbbells, got 115's for 8 extra slow reps. Not bad for the first time back on both of those. Tri's are all up. CGBP up 20lbs. Skull crushers up 5lbs. Overhead rope maxed out for weight at 200lbs. Finished up with some one-handed behind the head dumbbell raises, 30's for 3 burnout sets. Followed by 25 minutes of cardio on the eliptical at a heartrate of between 145-156.

  10. what do you use to measure your heart rate during cardio?

  11. the gym has the eliptical machines with the hand pads on the handle. and by hand pads, i mean those little silver plates that keep keep your heartrate while your hands are on them.

  12. Today's weight: 279 lbs

    I think I've reached the weight gaining potential. It seems to be fluctuating in this area, which is fine by me, I'm starting to get used to the weight now. Anywho, leg's and bi's were today. I returned to squats once again to try and get used to it before PCT starts and all I gotta say is goddamn. First off, let me say that all my mobility and flexibility has gone out the window. It took me almost 15 minutes to be able to hold the bar on my traps. My arms wouldn't stretch back far enough, and whenever they did, I would get a cramp in my shoulder. It was probably pretty hilarious for the other guys in there watching me struggle with the bar, picking it up, putting it back down, sweating already, looking in pain. I felt pretty pathetic. A 280 lbs **** having problems holding the bar on his back. Eventually, I got it for a few warmups and the rest fell into place. Those mofo's hurt. But it was in a good way. I was able to go deeper than parallel with no problems, got 365 for 6 easily. The weight wasn't even really heavy there, but my legs were starting to give out. I don't care what some may say, there just ain't no replacement for squats. Those sons of bitches are one of a kind.

    Anywho, calves were toasted once again, they're starting to hurt constantly now, all day even. So, I'm thinking of backing off some.

    Bi's are up, got 65lbs dumbbells for standing alternated curls for 7 controlled reps. The rest of the bi workout varied, doing **** in a different order for the hell of it.

    Tommorrow marks end of week 8.

  13. Over 30 lbs. in 8 weeks, which i at 4 lbs. a week. Looks like you had a nice cycle. Even if you were to only keep half of it after all is said and done. Good job!

  14. Nice weight gain dude. Sounds like you had one helluva cycle. How's civilian life treatin' ya? lates

  15. cuffs,
    yeah, if i can manage to keep half my gains, it will still be a success. but, i still have high hopes for closing with IGF and winny. i may be able to keep a lot more.

    civilian life begins on monday bro. well, that's terminal leave anyway, 60 days worth.

  16. Today's weight: 278 lbs

    Got to thinking about it last night and decided to start the winny. Reason being is I highly doubt winny will start working the day I come off the cycle so I'm attempting to get it up and running before the regular cycle ends. Also, I'm curious as to how it feels on cycle as well. Anywho, shoulders and back were today. Military press up 1 rep, got 275 for 5 solo, and a spot on 6. Cable lat raises up 2 reps. Did back a tad different today. Got close grip cable rows, the stack of 300 for 6. Then, to T-bar, which is up 5lbs. And finally lat pulldowns, did a higher rep routine for a change so weight can't be assessed appropriately. Followed by 30 minutes of cardio on the eliptical (damn, i love that thing), heartrate between 155-165. Cardio was easy as hell today, felt good.

    Other stuff: I'm starting to feel slightly run down. Possibly from the cycle. Feels like I just need to rest or something. It doesn't feel like overtraining, just feels like the cycle should end soon. There's about 1 week left of the main cycle then IGF will start.

  17. I feel like ****. Might be attributed to winstrol, might be something else. Whatever it is, it sucks. Can't eat without throwing up. Tired as hell, can't lay down, chest gets real tight. Very lethargic, VERY. There's been a flu going around here lately, so it could very well be that. It couldn't come at a worse time if that's what it is. It's almost the end of the cycle. In any case, I'm dropping the winny to 25mg in the morning only just to see if it's related.

    Blood pressure is high but not more than usual, 150/92
    Resting heart rate was high at 100.

  18. Damn that sucks. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Have you had this sort of a reaction before using androgens? It could very well be a flu, but the resting heart rate looks pretty darn high. Might want to get it checked out if it doesn't clear up quickly.

  19. man that sucks start popping vitamin C like a mad man, i bet you've got the flu i wouldn't think it would be the winny

    good luck man feel better
  20. well, that was interesting

    Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    man that sucks start popping vitamin C like a mad man, i bet you've got the flu i wouldn't think it would be the winny

    good luck man feel better
    As it turns out, it was little more than suspected. I'll start where I left off. Still couldn't eat anything but I decided to force some saltine crackers down with a diet coke. It's probably around 8:00pm at this time on Tuesday evening. I force 5 crackers down and I'm sitting there feeling about ready to burst at the seams. Felt like I almost wanted to throw up, so I head to the bathroom, mostly expecting a false alarm. This is where things take a turn.

    I lean down at the toilet and I feel my stomach churn and here comes the ****. I puke a tad bit but much to my surprise, the puke is dark red, pure blood. I remember thinking "****, that can't be good". Then, then puking really starts. I puked a massive amount of dark red blood up, felt myself starting to pass out a little, so I ran to the phone, called my wife (a registered nurse at work). While I was on the phone, I puked again, this time more blood, guesstimated at about a quart total at this point.

    My wife called a friend to come pick me up and to the Emergency Room we go. We walked in, sweating profusely at this point, skin turning very pale, very fast. Eventually, the desk nurse comes up and they sit me down in the chair to get some stats. This is where I black out the first time, almost knocking over the entire room, ppl included, as 280lbs stumbles around the room. They eventually got me in a bed, hook up an IV, and the blackout sensation immediately goes away.

    Skip 4 hours ahead, it's around midnight, I'm feeling pretty good at this point. The blackout feeling has not came back, I'm getting rehydrated from the 3 bags of IV so far. My head starts to swim a little and I puke around another quart of blood, almost pass out again, more IV, back to normal. Then, the fun (sarcasm) begins. They jam this gigantic tube through my nose all the way down to my stomach to pump out the blood. For those of you that have experienced this, I now sympathize, that **** sucks. 2 additional quarts are pumped out at this point.

    Anywho, fast forward 6 hours, I'm now being transferred to a different hospital that has a gastrointestinal doctor that will be in shortly. 2 more bags of IV and they decided that I've gotta be scoped. Actually, this part was kinda fun, they finally took that friggin anal probe out my nose, sprayed the back of my throat with litacain (sp?), shot me up full of demerol, and began their probe. Their discovery was an esophagus (sp?) tear with a hiatal hernia to boot. They basically blamed it on heavy weightlifting, straining, and excessive heartburn. I've had the heartburn for over a year at this point, it had been reported, to which the invaluable military doctors recommend TUMS and motrin. thanks again ****ers.

    Anywho, to wrap this story up, I'm at home, recovering from the extreme bloat of a total of 10 IV bags pumped into me, trying to eat anything. I'm still determined to finish this cycle out, but it'll definately be with lighter weights, eating smaller meals, and taking 25mg winstrol vice the original 50mg.

    I'll be back in the gym tommorrow with a new philosophy on lifting. For those of you that have frequent heartburn, get that **** checked out, it could be ****ing serious. I was eating TUMS like candy thinking everything was cool til now.
    No, I didn't tell any of the docs about this cycle or anything AAS related, but if any of you know something that I don't about winstrol, let me know. If I get another anal probe shoved up my nose, I'm going to lose my ****ing mind.
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  21. Man, that sucks. I hope everything works out and you can keep most of your gains. I've heard more stories of military doctors giving bad diagnosises and screwing stuff up than I can count. I think its because they can't be sued so they don't care. Good luck man.

  22. man that's terrible i'm really sorry to hear that
    hope you recover shortly and well
    good luck with everything my man

  23. Military docs suck in general, at birth I was diagnosed down syndrome. Of course I am not scored four points shy of genius on IQ test. And got diagnosed with sprained knee, more like tore everything loose, it required reconstruction to fix it. Just make sure that gets in your record for disability and make sure you get well especially. Good luck and quick recovery.
    Lift heavy and eat lots of dead animals! Yes, that's me in my avatar.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by bad rad
    Military docs suck in general, at birth I was diagnosed down syndrome. Of course I am not scored four points shy of genius on IQ test. And got diagnosed with sprained knee, more like tore everything loose, it required reconstruction to fix it. Just make sure that gets in your record for disability and make sure you get well especially. Good luck and quick recovery.
    well, since i'm on terminal leave now, my medical record is on the way to some concentration camp thing in the U.S. somewhere. i'm more concerned getting this to the VA, so they can prescribe the meds indefinately. anywho,

    yesterday's weight: 274 lbs

    The weight was expected due to 2 days of not eating stuck in the hospital. Felt ok though. Didn't want to push it too hard so I did a different workout for chest, everything in different orders with different exercises for a different feel. Worked pretty good, felt an awesome pump. Tri's were similar. Elbows are starting to hurt a little, could be winny. Bumped it to 50mg again to see how it feels, I plan on keeping it there for a few weeks. Cardio was excellent, 30 minutes of eliptical, 160-174 heartrate. I'm starting to slim down quite nicely. Measurements are starting to dwindle but it was expected, the water weight is shedding off fast. Go winny!

  25. Wow, thats a rude awakening. Im glad to hear your feeling well enough to be back in the gym. Good luck finishing out B!

  26. Yesterday's weight: 274.5 lbs

    Leg's and bi's went good. Once again, I didn't want to go too heavy so I tortured them with high reps instead, and that was pretty damn painful. Leg press had a rep scheme of 20-30 per set. Hack squat, 10-12. Bi's weren't anything crazy, up a few reps here and there. Went home and took the first IGF shot, had a problem, which was already addressed in the IGF/GH/Slin forum. Goldylight had a good idea how to fix it so I'll try it again today. I didn't feel anything weird from the IGF, maybe a little tired 30 minutes later, but that's about it. Did 30 minutes of cardio last night as well at home.

  27. Today's weight: 278 lbs

    I don't think IGF is attributed to the weight gain but who knows. I've been doing more cardio and kept the same calorie intake so..........Anywho, shoulders and back today. Went back to dumbbell presses for a change, got 100's for 11 reps no problem. Started noticing an incredible pump at this point, got pretty painful with back, couldn't bend my arms fully to get complete reps on some of the exercises. Forearms were incredibly pumped as well, made it hard to grip stuff (weights, that is ). 30 minutes of cardio afterwards, 150 heartrate average. Took IGF #2 injection when I got home into the right bicep. It took a bit of shaking and moving to the get the IGF mixed with the BAW, but it looked ok after a while. That was an hour ago and my bicep feels ready to explode. Right forearm is getting a workout by typing.

    Moral: IGF hits quick. I like it though.

  28. Today isn't a workout day but I just wanted to comment on the IGF so far. I've got the injecting part down no problem now and the effects are already starting to show. As of last night, it's starting to feel as if the cycle has started over. The best way I can think of how to describe it is like a run down battery that got a recharge. Measurments are starting to climb again, and not in just the injection sites. I can definately feel where I injected though, feels like I just got done with a super bi workout.

  29. oh man that's awesome ... i wish it wasn't so damn expensive
  30. Thumbs up crazy?

    dam I'd be scared even to work out at the same gym with you. Good Luck man


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