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  1. I'm planning on going off cold turkey. My reasoning is that because i'm using long acting test cyp it is going to take a few weeks for the blood levels to come down.

  2. I am glad to see some feedback using the DC training techniques. You mentioned that this protocol has been effective for you on and off cycle. Given that you are pretty much running a bread and butter AAS cycle, how much have the AAS increased your rate of strength progression? On a weekly basis, I can hit roughly a 10lb PR each week on squats and other heavy lifts consistently on M1T. Some lifts even more. Just wondering how much of an increase you have experienced in comparison compared to normal DC style work.

  3. I'm usually your typical "hardgainer". off cycle i can usually add 5 pounds a week to my core lifts when i'm making decent progress. Given that I'm also a long time lifter (about 9 years total off and on) this is great progress for me. On cycle i've been using 10 pound increments and usually getting extra reps as well. So the rate is a little more than double, on average.

  4. Great progress so far bro. I have the same problem as you when it comes to eating. I think we all have trouble stuffing down 3500 to 4000 cals a day, day in day out, week after long grueling week. If I ever step over to the dark side I'd like to try a similar cycle but with 400 mg EQ cause it's supposed to make ya wanna eat like horse (no pun intended).

  5. i've heard and read the same thing about EQ and I personally think it's the best steroid available as far as risk to benefit is concerned. On the other hand I can honestly say that once the test kicked in appetite was not an issue any more. I'm always hungry, just have to control what i eat and not pig out on everything in sight.

  6. Had a bit of a problem. Rubber from the top of my vial fell into my solution contaminating it. Therefore I missed an inject last week waiting for a new vial to arrive.

    I also have had a surge of side-effects. My back has an enormous breakout of small pimples all over. On the other side of the coin i've stopped taking nolva and haven't had any return gyno. It seems that d-bol causes gyno for me but test doesn't seem to aggrivate it....weird.

  7. hah, i hate hitting nerves in my quads. i can see most of them branching off the femoral artery, but everynow and than i'll hit one that's deeper. it kind of feels like your pushing into a different material, very strange but i'm use to it now. the acne can be avoided with a medicated facewash. my favorite is clean and clear medicated. also, hit up the tanning bed 2x week and don't be afraid to get a little red. it always clears up my acne.

  8. bump for some updates

  9. Quote Originally Posted by snakebyte05
    bump for some updates

  10. goes it?

  11. Sorry about the long period there guys....been crazy busy here. Training and nutrition have been lax over the past week, work has me going nuts. Anyways dispite that I"m still climbing up the 194 pounds but have some obvious fat loss. It seems my laziness on diet lately has caused some fat loss while still gaining some muscle mass.....a good thing for now.

    Since the squat has been the hallmark of my training thus far I'll give everyone that update....

    345 x 10 followed by 270 x 15.

    Need opinions here.....i was going to run a 12 week cycle but some of the things i've read indicate that longer cycles often equate to better retaining of gains post-cycle. Therefore I was thinking of going the full 16 weeks. Thoughts? Maybe I"m losing my head and getting to hung up on the gains of the cycle. Input always appreciated.

  12. Hey G, did you decide to extend your cycle to 16? Give us an update. I'm a bit curious, as I was planning a 12-14 week first timer cycle.

  13. Yes i did. I'm going to go the full 16 weeks which will take me through christmas and I'll stop at new years.

    I feel i need to really. Some crap here lately have really gotten in the way of my planning and implementation of training/nutrition. The extra time gives me a bit more of a safety net to get things straightened away before cycles end.

  14. Sounds like a really great beginner cycle.....Since you planned to keep it going, I would make sure you have a really good PCT ready...IE: HCG-Clomid-Nolvadex etc......I also recommend a good anti-catabolic supplement (see in my cycle thread).....Id also take Nolvadex or Adex EOD or so, because the sides are really gonna start there toll, and can get even worse once you come off and your hormones go nuts.....In any case good luck, and make sure your diet and training is on track....juice is just the icing to your cake----Cheers---JT

  15. Quote Originally Posted by JTrans
    Sounds like a really great beginner cycle.....Since you planned to keep it going, I would make sure you have a really good PCT ready...IE: HCG-Clomid-Nolvadex etc......I also recommend a good anti-catabolic supplement (see in my cycle thread)
    Done and done. I haven't really had anything in the way of sides thus far. A little acne on my upper back is basically it.

  16. Just a final update for those who may have followed the thread.

    End of cycle weight = 196 pounds
    Current weight = 189 pounds

    Cycle went really well. Lost some bodyfat in the process which was a nice bonus, and yet still had a net gain of 15 pounds. Still have some residual acne on my shoulders and upper back. "The boys" have gotten back into full function again with no problems and my training poundages are stable, minimal strength loss post cycle.....awesome!!!!

    Thanks go out to everyone who helped along the way and in the prep before hand.


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