Starting cycle next week, final check/comments please

  1. Starting cycle next week, final check/comments please

    So I've decided on the following:

    Week - Supplement - dosing
    1-12 - Andropen 275 (test blend) - 1ml 2x/wk
    1-3 - Transform SD-Extreme - 10/20/20
    1-3 - AI Cycle support - 2x/day
    4-6 - AI Cycle support - 1x/day (just to help get my liver back from the SD kicker)
    12-15 - IGF-LR3 bilateraly (20mcg/20mcg)
    12-15 - MGF - 200mcg subQ (still working out the dosing schedule for these 2 peptides)
    14-17 - tamoxifen 20/20/10/10
    14-17 - exemestane 25/25/12.5/12.5
    14-17 - AI Post Cycle

    Standard daily of EFA, multi, creatine, etc.

    Other items I have on hand that could be helpful somewhere but I don't know where or even if I should use them in this cycle:
    CEL Suppress-C
    650mg of var

    I have plenty of exemestane on hand, and will be taking bloods mid-way through cycle as well as after PCT. I may start 12.5 exemestane in the later half of the cycle if bloods show elevated estro.

    training will either be a Madcow w/ more auxiliary exercises, or some variation of the hypertrophy portion of LN's power/hypertrophy routine.

    Caloric intake will be about 3500-3800 ramping up to over 4,000 within the first 3 wks.

    All products are on hand right now as well.


  2. Everything looks gtg broham.

  3. anyone else? I was wondering about the var, and if it could be used in the tail end to lean out a bit? or is that a bad idea? too complex?

  4. Idt it would b too complex, how much var do u have?

  5. only 650mg in 10mg tabs. I hear avg dose is about 50mg, so I have no idea why they even make them in 10mg... ?

  6. Yeah that's retarded. Well maybe u could do like 30 mg a day for 3 weeks just to use them up.


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